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Trinity College Foundation

During 2005, the College Board approved the establishment of the Trinity College Foundation to raise funds for the benefit of Trinity College.

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The main objective of the Foundation is to ensure that they assist the College’s efforts to support the poor and the marginalised. This parallels so well the philosophy that Blessed Edmund Rice had and which has continued for over a hundred years through the work of the Christian Brothers, both at the Terrace and at Trinity College.

The Foundation has made the decision to support students to attend the College rather than using the money to build facilities, as they believe this is their chance to help shape the future.

Headmasters’ Bursary

The Headmasters’ Bursary is the Foundation’s way of ensuring that students that would not normally be able to access a Trinity education have this opportunity.

Initially we have chosen three of our iconic Headmasters, each of whom encapsulates the spirit of Trinity College, highlighting our commitment to service and our alignment with the poor and the marginalised.

Maybe you remember one of these Headmasters and you would like to honour their work. You have the opportunity to offer a once off donation or support a young man through his entire education at the College.

For full details click here to download the Headmasters’ Bursary Brochure

Karrik Bursary

The Karrik Bursary has been created to empower Indigenous students to build a future through quality education and career pathways in unison with a private or corporate sponsor. In sponsoring an Indigenous student, you will not only give him the opportunity to achieve his highest potential, but also be involved with his progress every step of the way.

We hope that you will consider this opportunity to stimulate and enrich the options offered to Indigenous students at Trinity College.

Refugee Bursary

In 2014 the Foundation determined that they should support Refugee Scholars in a similar way to the Indigenous Bursary. Together with the College it was agreed to support one new student each year. In 2016 the Trinity College Foundation and Trinity College agreed to partner with the Sudanese Australian Integrated Learning (SAIL) Program. SAIL is a volunteer-run, non-profit, secular organisation which provides free English support and community services to the Sudanese Australian community. The Foundation has agreed to support one Year 7 student each year.

Donations to Capital Projects

Building Fund

The Building Fund enables the community to make a direct contribution to the refurbishment, maintenance and development of infrastructure at the College. All families are asked to voluntarily donate to the Building Fund a gift of $1,500 per family per year while their son(s) attends the College. Members of the community are also welcome to donate. Payment is voluntary and donations are fully tax deductible.

Library Fund

The Library fund supports the ongoing development of the College Libraries. Funds are used for resources, technology, and building

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