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Teaching & Learning at Trinity College

At Trinity College, we believe learning is a lifelong process. Our teaching staff are committed to a process of continual professional development in the pursuit of excellence in the education of our boys.

In 2015, a Director of Teaching and Learning was appointed to facilitate this process, highlighting professional growth and teacher-led innovation as a priority for the College. A new teaching staff development program, Sharing our Growth and Expertise (SURGE), that encourages the sharing of professional growth and expertise between staff members, was recently launched. We recognise the wealth of expertise represented throughout the teaching body at Trinity College and draw upon this to enhance teacher capacity. In this process, teachers invite feedback from their colleagues and their students, working collaboratively and engaging in self-reflection to optimise their teaching practice.


Working together, Trinity College staff and students aim to set the standard in effective teaching and learning partnerships.

teacher sitting at table with students


Our teachers undertake extensive professional learning, keeping informed of the latest developments in educational research, new pedagogies, curriculum change and further subject knowledge. Our Early Career Teachers are also supported in their transition from teacher training to everyday practice. They are mentored by experienced teachers and continue to undertake post-graduate training.

Our students are engaged in extracurricular experiences that are designed to enhance their skills as learners. These include being explicitly taught study and homework skills by visiting experts, the Year 10 ‘Personal Development Workshops’ program designed to teach life skills, the establishment of a creative ‘Makerspace’ within the Library and a program of visiting guest speakers to facilitate students’ personal and academic growth. These examples and many more make Trinity College a vibrant and successful learning environment.


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