The student-led “Get on the Team” campaign urges students to get on the team with their words and actions, reminding each of them what they stand for as a Trinity College student. Head Prefect Jeremy Hansen said, “It is no secret that bullying is an ever-present feature of high school life across Australia and we as Prefects believe a different approach must be taken to try and reduce this massive issue.”

The Prefect body will first be speaking to all the younger year groups about bullying, with a goal of raising awareness and giving students a new understanding on how they can deal with bullying behaviour.

The second part of the campaign gets to the core of the “Get on the Team” slogan, with posters going up around campus of the Prefects dressed in their different “team” attire- sport, drama, dance, music, Christian Service, etc. -  reminding students that bullying will not be tolerated in any aspect of school life at Trinity.

The final, and most important part of this campaign relates to the actions of Prefects and all the other student leaders in the school. These student leaders have vowed to stop any bullying behaviour they see, encouraging students to realise that what they are doing goes against the school and against the “team”. The Prefects believe that this student-led approach, in conjunction with anti-bullying stance of the College, will be most effective in discouraging any bullying behaviours at Trinity College.