A little bit of history...

It was in 1967, after many years of meetings and commitment by the Christian Brothers, Parents and Old Boys of CBC Perth and Trinity College that Trinity was invited to join the PSA. It was suggested to the College that they use a special PSA sporting event as their introduction into the competition, and the 1968 Athletics carnival was chosen.

From the first gun-shot, Trinity’s very first PSA athlete, Geoff Myer, hurdling at his best, led the field and finished first. It was said by all in attendance that the Trinity supporters were loudly excited and were even more excited when our second competitor came second, our third competitor led the field in the 200m dash to once again claim first for Trinity, and by the end of that PSA competition Trinity College had claimed over all second place. Trinity College was a school not be underestimated. In 1972, just four years later, Trinity went on to win their first PSA Athletics competition.

During yesterday’s Athletics Assembly, to commemorate the achievements of our past College sportsmen, we took great pride in unveiling a banner of our 1972 inaugural winning PSA Athletics team. We also unveiled a banner of our 2007 Swimming team; the first Trinity team to win the PSA Swimming competition. 

2018 Athletics Team

Yesterday’s assembly was also a chance to acknowledge and congratulate our 2018 Athletics team and the Age Champions. The Athletics Team Captain, Thomas Trossell, gave an inspiring speech and urged the team to do their absolute best at the PSA Athletics Carnival this coming Friday. Congratulations to the 2018 Athletics Age Champions:

Under 13  
 1st Place  Dan Lutula
 Runner Up  Caden Barnett
 3rd Place  Harrison Rogers
 Under 14  
 1st Place  Kerry Barney
 Runner Up  Adam Pearce
 3rd Place  Lachlan Spencer 
 Under 15  
 1st Place  Jeffrey Farrell
 Runner Up  Thomas Tranter
 3rd Place  Rory Charles
 Under 16  
 1st Place  Jojo Parise
 Runner Up  Ethan Regan
 3rd Place  Brendan Bin Omar
 Under 17  
 1st Place  Victor Le Tessier
 Runner Up  Eric Bonney
 Runner Up  Alex Rossi
 1st Place  Thomas Throssell
 Runner Up  Nick Deleonardis
 3rd Place  Michael Le