Today we gathered together as a College to reflect on the sacrifice and pay tribute to the Australian and New Zealand men and women who have served our country. 

At today's ANZAC Assembly, Mr O'Neill spoke to students about the courage, endurance and mateship demonstrated by the ANZACs. He urged students to embody these traits, and carry on the spirit of the men and women who have served, and continue to serve our country. Following his address, Mr O'Neill and the Head Prefects of the Junior School and Secondary School laid wreathes in front of the Memorial Stone in Centenary Park to pay tribute to our Old Boys who gave their lives in defence of our country.

We were honoured to have Lieutenant Commander Andrew Forster ('84) of the RAN Reserve speak to the staff and students about what ANZAC Day means to him. He spoke about the history of the ANZACs, the wars that our defence force were called to serve in, and how the ANZAC Day ceremonies have changed over the years. When speaking about what ANZAC Day means to him, Lt Forster said, "For me it is a time to reflect, and to pay respect for the sacrifice that has been made, not just by those who have answered their country's call, but by those who have been left behind, the mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, the uncles, aunts and children whom have to deal with the loss of someone who is most precious to them." He concluded by reminding the audience that for their sacrifice, we all owe a debt which we can never repay.