To conclude the year-long Year 9 Becoming Men program for 2018, an informal affirmation ceremony was held on Wednesday, 28 November, to celebrate the Becoming Men of Trinity 2018.

Held in the Braham Auditorium, the ceremony was kept low-key as the boys certainly aren’t graduating into ‘manhood’ just yet but are taking positive steps in the right direction towards being ‘Men for Others’, who are the pinnacle of our community.

As well as enjoying a breakfast consisting of croissants, muffins and fruit, the morning was spent acknowledging students demonstrating high levels of self-responsibility, character and resilience – key components of the Becoming Men program.

Students heavily involved in the program, who had made significant progress within the key component areas, were encouraged to invite to the ceremony up to two positive role models in their life. These role models were intended to be great examples of people close to them who display great character and resilience.

This was directly linked to one our key themes this year, in the boys evolving their role model type behaviours. For one period a week, over the course of the year, they have been working through understanding the benefits of having a mentor and how they can develop the skills to mentor others.

The ceremony was largely directed by the Year 9 students, who elaborated to their role models that the year-long program was running in its newly refined format for the first time this year and that their attainment of the badges was due to fulfilling key criteria in three ways:

  • Being a Becoming Men group leader who was responsible for communicating and discussing key ideas with small peer groups, supporting others in enhancing their role model traits.
  • Being a Primary School (Year 5) Mentor where they supported younger students with strategies to overcome difficulty and teaching them the importance of team-work.
  • Completing the Goal setting and attainment task on the ‘Drive-to-Rise’ online program. This involved students learning and accomplishing something new such as a musical piece or new language. Some of these were then performed during the ceremony. Listening to Domenico Germano sing Oasis’ Wonderwall and Lachlan Moroney playing the Didgeridoo was a highlight for many.

However, without doubt, the most remarkable part of the morning was that in attaining their badges, each student came up the front with one or both of their chosen role models who presented them with their award. This essentially recognised the student for demonstrating like-type behaviours such as consistently showing ‘greatness of heart’, ‘self-worth’, ‘compassion’ and ‘leadership’.

Seeing countless students and role models up front on stage was a truly touching and memorable moment and the sharing of affirmations in both directions was fantastic to see and an incredibly beneficial experience for all.

Over the course of the year, with the help of Senior School students, staff and guest speakers, students were encouraged to take charge of their personal growth through taking OAR – ownership, acceptance and responsibility. Using various avenues of support to make positive changes for the long term was explained as being integral to them understanding what it is to be a ‘man’ and the importance that mental health has on sustained growth was emphasised repeatedly.

Following a recent talk from two recent graduates on ‘Planning to Get Ahead’, the program has successfully incorporated a coming of age experience for many, and by having positive role models on their side such as fathers, mothers, siblings, grandparents, teachers and family friends, it will hopefully assist them to counter the cynical movement towards dominant, destructive and indifferent behaviours amongst some men in modern society.

Can I extend a special thanks to Mr Phil Jurjevich, Becoming Men Staff Leader, as well as Mr Corey Miskiewicz and Ms Lisa Laurino, Leader Coordinators, for their passion and incredible work with the boys of the Class of 2021. It’s been a pleasure to work with you all and I have no doubt the cohort will continue to show their gratitude and justify your efforts in the many years to come. 

Mr Andrew Jenkin
Head of Year 9