On 7 May 2019, Trinity College celebrated Edmund Rice Day. Edmund Rice Day brings the school community together to commemorate and celebrate our history and charism as a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition. The focus of the day is on service to others, where students are introduced to the local charity organisation that they will support through out the year:

  • Year 7: Brother Olly's Wheelchairs for Kids
  • Year 8: Shopfront
  • Year 9: Djooraminda
  • Year 10: St Vincent de Paul
  • Year 11: Edmund Rice Camps
  • Year 12: Edmund Rice Centre for Refugees

The Year 9 cohort and the Year 9 students at Mercedes College had previously held a fundraiser for their organisation, Djooraminda, a service managed by Centrecare which provides residential care and supportive services for Aboriginal children who are not able to live within their own family environment due to either abuse, neglect or other difficulties. As a result of their efforts, the students were able to present the Executive Director with a cheque for $4,616.60, which will be used to fund their inaugural camp.

Edmund Rice Day is also one of the biggest fundraising events we hold at the College, with all of the proceeds going towards the missions we support in India. These include:

  • MITHRA in Chennai: a home and school for disabled children who would otherwise be neglected due to poverty and the social stigma associated with disability.
  • Jagruti High School in Mandal: a school for children from the tribal community of Gamit People, people with the lowest social status in India.
  • Jim McGinnis’ work on the railway stations of Kolkata Feeding and clothing and consoling the poorest of the poor
  • Christian Brothers work with the poor in Kolkata, providing education, support to disadvantaged/underprivileged families and outreach to those most in need.

Students took part in a number of fundraising activities including cake stalls, staff v student dodge ball, dunking machines, games, and an obstacle course. This year was a great success, with over $15,000 raised on the day!