Mr Presser has been teaching mathematics and coding at Trinity for 15 years and has been instrumental in initiating the coding program in the Junior School. During a recent interview, we've asked him the following questions:

What are you most looking forward to in 2019?

Mr Presser: This year I’m looking forward to watching the Year 12's grow throughout their final year of schooling. In particular, my Year 12 specialist class, as I have followed these students through from Year 9.

I’m also looking forward to starting new chapters. I have a Year 9 class and look forward to seeing them develop their interest in maths. I also have a Year 7 PCG. Last year I saw my last PCG graduate after being together for 6 years, and I am excited to start this process again with my Year 7 group.

Can you describe one of your favourite teaching moments at Trinity?

Mr Presser: My most favourite moments are in the classroom. You have moments in lessons that you can not anticipate, and the good moments are priceless.  One moment that is really special for me was with a senior class I had in 2011 – they baked me a surprise birthday cake of the number i. I still chat to some of the parents of the students in that class and it is always nice to hear what they are now up to.

What inspired you to be a teacher?

Mr Presser: I love learning. I’m fascinated by neuroscience, psychology, our perceptions of the world and making links between different fields. I loved being at school as a student and always wanted to be a teacher. After completing my Bachelor degree, during my first teaching practice, I knew that teaching was something I would enjoy.

Outside of teaching, what are your hobbies?

Mr Presser: When I am not teaching, I really enjoy riding my bike, cooking, coding, reading and catching up with friends.