This morning, Trinity College 2019 Prefects were formally presented with their badges and ties at the Prefects' Investiture Assembly in the Sports Centre. MC'd by Prefect Alex Rossi (12.7), the Prefects said a pledge and made a commitment to serve the Trinity College community as men for others. 

Mr Darren O'Neill gave the Principal's Address, with a focus on the theme for the Assembly: leadership. Mr O'Neill welcomed the Prefects and discussed how leadership involves influencing others through positive actions. He said that every person is required to lead at some time and explained some key characteristics of good leaders. Namely, leading by personal example in your behaviour, words and actions; having integrity and courage to be true to yourself and what is right; and the notion that leadership is about service and giving. 

Simon Homsany (12.4) gave the Head Prefect's Address and called for students to fully immerse themselves in the opportunities that Trinity College has to offer. The College builds the whole man, he said, and he encouraged students to embrace the opportunities with a growth mindset. 

Simon called on Year 12s to find inspiration in each other and believe in one another. "In fellowship, we can overcome anything that comes our way," he said.

"The 2019 picture is in front of us and we all have a paint brush," he said and encouraged his fellow students to be, "Men of faith, men of truth and most importantly, men for others."  

On being presented with their badge and tie by Mr O'Neill, we heard about each Prefect - their background, values and aspirations. They are an impressive group of young men with much to offer the Trinity College community. We thank them and wish them well. 

Following the Prefect presentations, Mrs Marya Stewart, Director of Christian Service at Trinity College, presented the funds raised last year. This included $15,000 which has been donated to MITHRA to help pay for new school accommodation in India, which had been destroyed in floods. Congratulations and thank you to Benjamin Shah (10.6), who was awarded the Best Fundraiser for 2018.