ACARA is responsible for Australia's national reporting program, including the My School website. The My School website is updated annually with the previous year's NAPLAN results.

Trinity College has been acknowledged as one of the 60 schools in WA demonstrating substantially above average gain in student reading and/or numeracy achievement, as measured by NAPLAN, as students progress from Year 3 to Year 5 and from Year 7 to Year 9. Gains of this magnitude are significant and worthy of acknowledgement.

In order to be identified as a high gain school, Trinity has demonstrated substantial improvement in reading and numeracy (except where noted) as follows:

  • An overall gain that exceeds the national average by more than one standard deviation unit; and
  • An overall gain higher than schools with similar ICSEA levels, by more than one standard deviation unit; and
  • An overall gain higher than that shown by students with the same NAPLAN starting score, also by more than one standard deviation unit.

The Headmaster, Ivan Banks, said that he was very pleased with this acknowledgment from ACARA and believes it reflects the College’s emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy teaching.

To view the Trinity College NAPLAN results, please visit the My School website.