This morning, the Trinity College Welcome Assembly took place in the Sports Centre. Attended by the entire College and MC'd by 2019 Head Prefect Simon Homsany, it was an opportunity for the TC community to welcome students and staff to the College for the 2019 school year and to recognise students who performed exceptionally well in last year's WACE examinations. All Year 4 and Year 7 students, as well as new students from other years, were piped in to the Sports Centre at the commencement of the Assembly, to welcome them to Trinity College Junior School and Secondary School. 
Head of Year 7 Mr Clint Testa leads the Year 7 students into Assembly

Trinity College Principal, Mr Darren O'Neill welcomed new staff to Trinity College and spoke to students about celebrating and rejoicing in the achievements of the Class of 2018 students. The success of one person is shared by each and every one of us. Mr O'Neill called on the students to strive for excellence and encouraged each student to use their gifts to achieve their personal best, through hard work, determination and clear vision.

At the Assembly, Vice Principal Mr Peter Norman reported on the brilliant WACE results and achievements of the Class of 2018. Personal acknowledgement was given to the Subject Exhibition and Subject Certificate of Excellence recipients. Certificates were presented to the 97 Club recipients, Academic Full Colours and Academic Half Colours. Congratulations to the Class of 2018 high achievers on these fantastic achievements.

The Trinity College 97 Club is for students who achieve an ATAR of 97 or above. Congratulations to the 97 Club members for 2018: 

  • Nicholas Bradford
  • Anthony Carbone
  • Joseph Eng
  • Asher Fatin
  • Jeremy Hansen
  • Matthew Hobbs
  • Baily Hughes
  • Michael Le
  • Timothy Ludovico
  • Milan Marocchi
  • Joshua Martelli
  • Harrison Pell
  • David Pham
  • Joseph Pinto
  • Shawn JingSheng Tai
  • William Tan
  • Max Thorniley
  • Thomas Throssell
  • Jordan Tyson

Dux of the College 2018, Joseph Pinto, gave an inspiring guest speech to the students, providing an insight into his life at Trinity College and shared some advice on how to achieve to your full potential at high school. He referred to the members of the 97 Club and noted that many were not only successful academically, but were also talented athletes, artists, musicians, contributors to Christian Service and more. Joseph recommended that high school life be an immersive experience, taking advantage of the many facets of College life. While saying this, he noted that not everything is for everyone. He had tried different sports before he found the right sports for him. Joseph recommended to study what you enjoy, do what you love at school, and never be afraid to challenge yourself and try out new things. He encouraged students to push each other to be their best and to keep a good balance, working efficiently and smart. 

At the Assembly, the Summer Sport First Team Captains were presented. Congratulations to: 

  • Basketball - Ben Pears
  • Cricket - Matthew French
  • Rowing - Alex Rossi
  • Swimming - Jakson Egan
  • Tennis - Jerome Iaconi
  • Volleyball - Dion Carle
  • Water Polo - Jakson Egan  

Following the Assembly, the 97 Club members and their families enjoyed morning tea in the Staff Lounge.  

97 Club of 2018 with Deputy Principal Mr Tim Hince and Principal Mr Darren O'Neill
97 Club member Joshua Martelli with his parents