With the backing of the Chamber of Commerce, the Year 10 Accounting and Finance students took part in a 10 week program to develop business ideas and then take these to potential investors. The program teaches critical thinking, presentation skills, research skills, dealing with the business world, budgeting, team work and lets their creativity flow. This has let them utilise the content they have learned in the areas of Maths, Science, Humanities and English to solve problems and satisfy needs they are now looking for in the community.

Year 10 students Will Shackles and Joseph Dawson placed 3rd place with their idea of a shopping trolley that pays as you load it so you just walk out to the car.

The program is being offered as an Innovation Masterclass at the College in early January by Mr Paul Litwin who’s energy and knowledge inspired the students. The course gave the students control of what they aimed for and achieved. It was a great opportunity for the boys to be trusted to act as adults and grab the opportunity.