Describe your experience at Trinity College

My experience at Trinity is ongoing as I find new connections to the TC Spirit every day. Being a part of Trinity College has given me opportunities to meet people that have made my life fulfilling – I have always felt that I was part of something more than just a school. I felt connected to the TC Spirit from my first day at Trinity, and now I meet others almost weekly who share that spirit.

Once my own son walked through the Trinity gates I saw the spirit grow in him, and through his time at TC my own connection to the College has grown.  My son and I now share that same connection to the special TC Spirit, where members of that community – being parents, teachers, staff or students – all help to guide each other through our lives.

What path did your life take after you left Trinity?

After receiving an AIS Sporting Scholarship to go to Canberra for distance running, I decided to study accounting and finance at the Australian National University. There I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce in finance and accounting. During the late 80’s I decided to stop competitive running (back then there was no money in athletics) and to finish my degree, get a job, and concentrate on my career. This all worked out well and I went on to complete a post-graduate qualification as a Chartered Accountant and then became a Senior Manager with KPMG. I was later recruited to be the CEO of a private wealth fund where I still work. I was part of Brother Gerry Crook’s first concert Band at Trinity in the early ’80s and to this day I still play the trombone. I have held various executive positions with the Southern Districts Bands Inc, in both the Brass Band and in forming the Swingshift Big Band – which has now been going over 13 years. 

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

I consider the lifelong friendships I have made to be one of my greatest achievements. I also consider it a great achievement to have left the College with the gift of music, a great education and a feeling of belonging to something great – the TC Spirit. 

What is your fondest memory from your time at Trinity?

This is a hard one to answer as I loved attending Trinity every day and I have so many great memories! If I had to pick one it was being Captain of the Champion PSA Athletics team and winning the Alcock Shield after losing to Aquinas 14 times in a row! I remember standing by my late and great friend and teammate Evan Papantoniou (’85) as he held the shield up to all the members of our TC community. 

On the TC Spirit...

Brother JA Kelly once said to me “My aim was to have you all walk in those College gates as boys and to have you walk out individually as great men.” To do this we each had to apply ourselves fully and succeed in the four core values of a Christian Brothers education: 

  • Academic
  • Sport
  • Culture
  • Faith

These four core values are the pillars of Trinity College, and in my view, form the foundation of what we know as the TC Spirit. In a Christian Brothers education, learning together, sharing participation in sport and performing arts, and caring for the spirit of our fellow man and woman creates a bond that ties us all together for life as we achieve our dreams and goals and share them with each other. This happens year after year as each class graduates, as I witnessed last year when my son graduated. I hope it will continue to do so for long into the future.