Trinity and beyond

My experience at Trinity was a very positive one. I started in 1984 and finished in 1992 and the friendships I formed during those years are still very strong today. I loved the balance between education, religion and sporting activities that the school provides and feel extremely lucky to have had such a great environment for learning and social development.

When I graduated from Trinity in 1992 I studied for 3 years at UWA completing a Bachelor of Commerce degree, with a major in Accounting and Finance. However, I never used my degree as during this time my cricket career for WA started and I was fortunate to do that for 20 years until I retired in 2014.

My greatest achievement apart from having a family was making my Test debut for Australia in 2001 in England. Having two of my best mates from Trinity (Justin Little ('92) and Tim Hammond ('92) be there for it has always been a special memory of the achievement.

1992 1st XI Cricket

Apart from the many friendships I formed in my time at Trinity my fondest memory was the opportunity to play Darlot Cup cricket at Mann Oval on a Friday afternoon and all day Saturday from Year 10 on. It was my passion and to be able to play cricket with my school mates and having access to amazing facilities from that age played a huge role in helping me achieve my goal of playing Test cricket for Australia.

I saw a huge change in Trinity right at the end of my time there when the new gym and basketball facilities were being constructed. We also saw the development of the camp site at Dwellingup over a number of years in the 80’s.

Any school, business or team are only as good as the people that are involved in it and Trinity has been blessed with many great people from the Christian Brothers and the teachers that have carried out the ethos of the school over many years. I feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to experience this by my parents.