Describe your experience at Trinity College...

I had a very happy time at Trinity College and reflect on those days with fondness. We had a strong student cohort, particularly in Years 11 & 12. Sport was a major part of my Trinity life and I enjoyed playing a vast array of sports from Primary school through to my final year.

What path did your life take after you left Trinity College?

Like many others, I attended University after Year 12 and graduated with a Bachelor of Business from Curtin University. After University I worked in funds management for a short time before becoming a stockbroker. Since then, I have stayed in the industry and focused on mining and exploration companies.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

I’m not sure about the greatest achievement but my time at Trinity helped foster a set of core values and determination that I maintain to this day.

What is your fondest memory of your time at Trinity College?

The comradery of our senior group while in Year 12. We all got along very well and the success we experienced on the sports fields helped build a closeness that still exists today.

What type of changes did you see happen while you were at Trinity?

A number of new buildings were constructed during my time and also, the number of Christian Brothers diminished as the years went by. We had a larger number of lay teachers so this was a cultural change.