The Year 7 students heard from Diedre Whiston, of the Perth Children's Hospital Foundation and leader of the Big Splash initiative. She talked about the history of the Big Splash, and said it was created after hearing two disturbing statistics from doctors at PCH: 1) The number of youths coming to the emergency with self-inflicted wounds was rising 2) 50% of young people don’t get the help they need for mental illness- because they don’t ask for it. In a fun and interactive session, Deidre encouraged students to start talking about their feelings, and to encourage their peers to do so as well.

The Year 8 and 9 students heard from Andrew Embley (’98). He spoke about his time at Trinity, his time in the AFL, and most importantly, about some of the hard times he went through, during which he didn’t ask for help but should have. He focused on the importance of mateship and building strong relationships while in school, and urged students to check on one another when someone is acting out of character.