As the school year is quickly coming to a close, and supportive resources (school staff, school psychologists) will not be accessible over the summer break, we want to provide our community with some resources to help assist our students should they need additional support. This list of apps has been identified by a network of school psychologists, and all aim to promote mindfulness, calmness, and an overall sense of wellbeing. To download this list, please click here.



Good mental health is essential to strong academic performance, positive relationships, regular school attendance, and good student behaviour.

If you have a son or daughter you are concerned about, there are many options for young people in need of mental health support. These include:

  • Meeting with your family GP for a referral to a private psychologist or mental health professional. Through the better Access to Mental Health Care Initiative, this is an affordable and effective option.
  • Find a local Psychologist
  • Relationships Australia provides excellent workshops and counselling
  • Individuals 12-25 years old can access headspace for free. There are various locations across Perth including Midland and Armadale
  • Eheadspace provides free online or phone clinical support to 12-25 year olds.
  • Kidshelpline is a free 24-hour support service for 5-25 year olds

The websites below are sources of useful information.

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Mental Health

Student Information

Mental Health Information


Cybersafety and Bullying

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