2015 WACE Results

97 Club with Mr Banks


Congratulations to the Year 12 class of 2015 who performed strongly across the board in their academic studies. All 175 Year 12 students were awarded their WACE. 59% of our students obtained an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) of 80 or higher, which qualifies them for the vast majority of courses at all 5 of our local universities. Our median ATAR was 83, which is consistent with our average for the last number of years.

Guest Speaker Joshua D'Souza Jed herne

The Trinity 97 Club is for students who achieve an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) of 97 or above. Today students who qualified to be members of the 97 Club were invited back to Trinity for a special Assembly acknowledging Academic excellence. Congratulations to:

Joshua de Souza, Callum Dewsbury, Yiming Dong, James Heald, Jed Herne

Don Hoang, Alex Ishida-Livings, Joseph Marino, Darcy Port, Adam Rosato

Thomas Salleo and Nathan Sparks.

Dux of the College, Yiming Dong was ranked 37th in the state and was awarded a General Exhibition for 2015. also Jed Herne was awarded a Course exhibition in Design.

William Watson Certificate of Commendation 2William Watson Certificate of Commendation

Congratulations also to the following students who received Certificates of Distinction by qualifying as the top 0.5% of all students in a particular course.

Yiming Dong (Chemistry)

Yiming Dong (Mathematics)

Yiming Dong (Physics)

Jed Herne (Design)

Adam Rosato (Physical Education Studies)

We wish all of our graduates a successful year in their chosen area of further education.

Jed Herne and parents Callum Dewsbury and parents IMG_5272