Students performing Lord of the flies












What an amazing show! On 21 and 22 July, the Year 11 students put on a drama production of Lord of the Flies. Adapted from the novel by William Golding, Lord of the Flies tells the story of a group of boys stranded on an island, and the challenges they face as they try to create the culture they left behind. Through this narrative we get a frightening glimpse of the savagery that lies deep within even the most civilised human beings.

The production was directed by the Trinity College drama coordinator, Ms Lisa Laurino. One of her main goals in directing this production was to incorporate the ideas and creative input generated by the students. As such, they decided to create a digital set and to place the characters in the literal setting of a deserted island. This digital set accomplished two goals. Firstly, it allowed the students to make the point that today we can quite easily get trapped in the digital world. Secondly, the students were able to modernise the production with the use of technology.

Students performing drama adaptation of Lord of the FliesStudents performing drama adaptation of Lord of the FliesStudents performing drama adaptation of Lord of the flies

The drama program at Trinity is relatively new, having been started back up in 2014 after a long hiatus. Lord of the Flies is the third production since 2014, and the drama department has been growing and gaining popularity with students. Trinity offers drama electives from Years 8-10, and WACE drama for Years 11 and 12. This is a great opportunity for all students, whether or not they are interested in a future in the performing arts. Drama provides an avenue for self-expression, and helps develop self-esteem and public speaking skills, which would benefit any career choice.

Ms Laurino, director of Lord of the Flies at Trinity College

Ms Laurino would like to thank all of the students who participated, and said “It has been a pleasure to work with such passionate, energetic, and intelligent young men. They are dedicated and disciplined students who have made this entire experience one to remember.”

We can't wait to see what is next for TC drama! We're already looking forward to next year's production!