On Tuesday, 17 May Trinity College held the Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) Renewal and Performing Arts Assembly. This assembly served two purposes; to recognise students in Trinity's performing arts programs, and to celebrate the College's re-accreditation as a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition for the next five years. The College was fortunate to have the Executive Director of EREA, Dr Wayne Tinsey, in attendance to present Mr Banks with the EREA school renewal report and certificate of accreditation.

Dr Tinsey presenting EREA report and certificate to Mr Banks

Dr Tinsey presenting EREA report and certificate to Mr Banks

Mr Banks opened the assembly by reporting some key findings from the EREA review, which took place in late 2015. The College was commended for its strong sense of community, effective pastoral care, holistic approach to education, commitment to indigenous and refugee students, the richness of its performing arts program and many other factors. Following the address by Mr Banks, Dr Tinsey acknowledged, congratulated and thanked the College for being an ‘authentic' Catholic school. Dr Tinsey spoke about the importance of being authentic, and reminded students that rather than strive for perfection, they should strive to be the most accepting, true and giving individual that they can be.

Cello Solo by Kayvan Gharbi Classical Guitar Ensemble I Trinity Percussion

The assembly then switched focus to celebrate the performing arts students at Trinity. The audience was wowed by three musical performances. Kayvan Gharbi (12.8) performed a beautiful cello solo accompanied by Mrs Ann Clarke, which was followed by an impressive performance by Classical Guitar Ensemble I. The performance by Trinity Concussion had everyone feeling the beat. The following students were presented with badges:

Kayvan Gharbi (12.8) – Instrumental Captain

Luis Santos (12.1) – Instrumental Vice-Captain

Hugo Katich (12.1) – Chorale Captain

Ethan Lee (12.1) – Drum Major

Nicholas Ellison (11.5) – Pipe Major

Liam Heald (12.1) – GIG Captain

Rohan James (12.2) – GIG Vice-Captain

Luke McPherson (12.6) – Drama Captain

Liam Crevola (12.3) – Drama Vice-Captain

Trinity would like to thank Dr Tinsey for attending and addressing the assembly, and also the music department for organising such wonderful performances.