Adding to this picture, throughout this week I have endorsed a very large number of nomination forms that represent our College’s significant participation in the upcoming Catholic Performing Arts Festival (CPAF). While there is still some uncertainty about the format and scale of this year’s festival, the extent and variety of our many nominations was a very real reminder of the prominent place that the Performing Arts holds within our Trinity community. Following on from some temporary postponements, classes and rehearsals for music, dance and some drama have returned in modified formats. Similarly, online tuition for individual students remained a viable alternative throughout our recent period of remote learning. The efforts to remain in practice and adjust to the circumstances presented was a timely reminder of the commitment of those students and staff involved in the Performing Arts and of the quality of performance they produce.  

Since commencing at the College, I have had the privilege and great pleasure of getting around to see some rehearsals and many performances and I have certainly been impressed with the talent on display and of the willingness of boys to so generously share their talents with our community. In previous and ‘ordinary times’, this has been in the context of formal concerts, productions and performances and equally, it has also been in the support of assemblies, Masses, regattas or other College events. In current times, this sharing of talent has been confined to various rehearsals and modified contexts. However, at all times, the support from our students in the Performing Arts is presented with humility and is a clear pointer to service and community.

Trinity College is full of many gifted students who consistently excel in all aspects of College life including service, sport and academics. As the Principal, I have the great privilege of attending many different and varied student performances, games and competitions, getting an opportunity to see first-hand, the reward for their efforts.

Currently, our various students involved in Performing Arts are not quite sure of the format or likelihood of future performance opportunities and yet their dedication and support for each other remains. This is most admirable.  We thank and congratulate the many talented and committed students in the very diverse area of the Performing Arts - to our musicians involved in our pipes and drums band, swing bands, rock bands, concert bands, orchestras, our many ensembles and our choirs; to our dancers involved in BIG, GIG and Imperium; and to those students involved in Drama who look forward to bringing us the College Production of The Mikado later in the year. As we optimistically await future performances, we thank them for the great success they achieve, for the positive example they set and for being wonderful ambassadors for our College.

Such dedication to the Arts, to improving personal performance and seeking excellence, presents some important values that all students can aspire to. Values such as commitment, teamwork, supporting others and in appreciating the whole performance while respecting the individual parts. While we get the opportunity to admire the showcase performances, such quality emerges from endless hours of practice, rehearsals and individual work. Further, as our respective students, staff and parents are no doubt very aware, much of this practice and rehearsal happens very early prior to school, or after a long day at school and often on weekends. Our Performing Arts students certainly work very hard, but I am sure they take great satisfaction in their performance which can be viewed as just reward for their tremendous effort.  While I often marvel at their talent and the quality of their respective performances, I am particularly taken by the sheer joy that our boys get in belonging and performing.

Of course, the quality and quantity of performances that we get to enjoy as a College needs direction and development. As a College, we are blessed to have some very dedicated Teachers and Tutors. Led by Dr Braham, they work with, and alongside our students to nurture their skills and encourage a love of the arts.  We sincerely thank them for their dedication and their ability to inspire our boys who, in turn, gift us with their talents.  

Live Jesus in our hearts

Mr Darren O’Neill