As individuals, we all have our strengths and weaknesses, and we all leave ourselves vulnerable from time to time. But as a team, we are stronger in the face of conflict, and are better equipped to combat the emotional, physical and psychological abuse that is sometimes directed our way. If students "Get on the Team", they’ll know that they’ll be supported by every TC brother whenever they need it, whilst also committing their support to others around them who may be facing some kind of difficulty.

Friday during lunch, our Prefects were stationed around the grounds manning four large sheets of blue or green fabric, one dedicated to each of the Year 7 - 10 year groups. By signing their name on the relevant sheet of fabric, students committed their support to those who share the common Trinity brotherhood.

Year 11s and 12s were invited to sign any of these four sheets to demonstrate their willingness to lead the younger members of our College in the direction of peace, equality and respect. Students in the Junior School also had an opportunity to sign the fabric. 

The "Get on the Team" initiative is an important movement which demonstrates to the community and broader society that Trinity College does not stand for any kind of bullying or violence, and is committed to stamping out such anti-social behaviour from all facets of our life.

Students who are experiencing any kind of bullying – or know somebody who is - are encouraged to approach their PCG teacher or Head of Year.