Liam 2

The Becoming Men Program is designed to inspire students to grab the opportunities that a Trinity education provides and give them the skills for living a full life. The program assists boys transitioning from being a child to becoming a man. It provides self-belief and resilience. We are looking to create brave leaders of the future with resilience and skills for life's challenges.

The Program places role models in front of students to discuss their up and down paths following the values of Jesus in achieving rewarding brave lives. The influencers for many students outside of their families are the media and marketing and these are providing flawed indications of the path to follow.


The Becoming Men Program uses an innovative technological approach to mentor, discuss and acknowledge the character we know is within each boy. The Program provides a safety net so that every boy leaving Trinity has a reason to like themselves and to have achieved in an area of their choosing.

This week Liam Roche ('08) returned to the College to give the students an insight into life at Google in London where he has worked for the past two years. Reinforcing the message of do not be victim and take 100% responsibility for your actions, given earlier in the session run by Mr Kenny Chan, Liam told students about what could have been an unfortunate situation at the Googleplex and how taking 100% responsibility actually paid off in the end.

One of the Google employees accidentally took down some advertising which would have caused a big dent in the advertising income for Google. The employee took responsibility for his mistake and instead of giving him the sack as most organisations would do in this situation, Google with their typical visionary mindset asked the employee to work out how he could put something in place so that this situation could never happened again. Once the employee had solved this problem it was rolled out as a Google feature and they ended up making money out of it! A very good example of how a negative was turned into a positive.