Have you ever had one of those moments when you wished you could turn back the clock, just for one minute? Well Trinity College Keys for Life students heard a story today from guest speaker Rob Pike from APBF (Australian Paraplegic Benefit Fund) where a split second decision impacted just one minute later in the deaths of three of his close teenage friends and the loss of Rob's lower legs. Robs message to the boys was powerful and emotional as he tells of the car he was a passenger in, speeding to overtake a truck, hitting a puddle and aquaplaning out of control over a bank and splitting in two.

Rob told students that the choices that you make in life will define your future and encouraged them to make a choice today to be safe drivers. Having been a keen Football player Rob spiralled downwards emotionally after the accident and thought life just got 1,000 times worse when he first saw his leg stumps and realised that his footy days were over. His life defining moment was when his best friend's (Daniel, his best friend was killed in the crash) parents came to visit him in hospital and said Rob we are so happy that you are alive. In that moment Rob turned the corner and made the choice not to give up.

Everyone loves a happy ending and Rob was pleased to say that little did he know that his best life was yet to come and is now happily married with a family. However this powerful emotive journey reinforced to our students, the importance of making sensible choices while driving.