Orange Juice FilmLibero

Year 8 student Libero Piffaretti (8.3) has won the 2016 ATOM (Australian Teachers of Media) Viewer's Choice Award for Best Primary School Animation for his work, Orange Juice.

The ATOM Awards are Australia's leading film and media awards for the education and industry sectors, with thirty-eight diverse screen content categories spanning film, television, games and educational resources, including websites, apps and ebooks.

The award is a great achievement for the Trinity student, as Libero has been working in his spare time on his creative animation for 6 months. The animation, Orange Juice is about a very rare orange that becomes a monster and starts to destroy the world. While he found it difficult at times to stay motivated, Libero's passion for animation and film kept him going. Already working on his next project, an animation on racism Libero acknowledges that the Media skills taught at Trinity have only been a benefit to him.

"Media at Trinity has helped, as we learn different areas of the trait and how we can apply it to daily life."

Libero hopes to work in animation and film after he finishes his studies at Trinity College.

You can view the animation by clicking here.