The Year 11 and 12 Media students and the Cert II students from Trinity College, attended an exciting excursion at Channel Ten on Wednesday, 11 May as part of their Media Programme.

The students were able to see first hand what it is like to live and breathe journalism and witnessed live news updates made by the famous Narelda Jacobs (one of the many thrilling parts of the visit).

Narelda was kind enough to spend time with the boys to discuss her career and how she approaches challenges in the newsroom. Tim Gossage was another famous face that the students had the pleasure of meeting and they were able to bond over all things sport. The students were able to see the evolution of a news story from the infancy stages in the morning and then its final product on the evening news. Beau Pearson (Channel Ten journalist) talked to the students about his experiences at university and how he tackles some of the more tedious stories he has to report on. This experience was very inspiring to the students looking into continuing on with their Media studies at University and Tafe.