Becoming Men – Inspiring students


This week Trinity College introduced a cutting edge program named Becoming Men. Designed to equip students with the skills and inner fortitude to tackle the many hurdles that face teenagers in today's world, Becoming Men will involve weekly sessions for Year 9 where they are taught the skills to handle stress and have the opportunity to listen to inspiring life stories from guest speakers, many of whom are Old Boys from the College. Back in class there is also a workbook to reinforce concepts learned in workshops.

IMG_0122This week Music teacher Miss Athena Litis outlined the benefits of Mindful Meditation that has been shown to sharpen the mind, boost test scores, improve concentration and emotional stability, and reduce depression, increase serotonin to the brain, whilst also improving creativity, sleep and boosting your immune system. Students then went through a 20 minute Mindful Meditation session before listening to inspirational guest speaker Mike O'Hanlon ('99).

IMG_0130Since graduating from Trinity College Mike has worked in Iran as an engineer, owned a scaffolding business in Perth, also owned a nightclub, is developing the App “Hip Flask”and is an operator of “Toastface Grillah” café in the City, he has also run for Lord Mayor and so much more. Yes you get it, he is multi-skilled and quite an entrepreneur. One of his projects has been to invest in an electric motorbike business to assist an aspiring inventor and students were excited that Michael brought in his electric motorbike, capable of reaching speeds of up to 200km p/h in under 7 seconds! Michael said “School gave me a good framework to be honest with myself and school identified my strengths.”

Michael also reinforced that it was valuable to bring meditation into your life and told students that at their age they were setting up their social habits for life. Peppered throughout Michael's life story were inspirational messages for students, such as surrounding yourself with people who encourage you to be King of the World, developing internal energy and confidence, whilst also pointing out that when taking a risk sometimes things do not always go as planned “falling on my face is a trademark maneuver” Michael said.

IMG_0131Becoming Men will equip Trinity students with well-defined life skills and inspiring mentors, giving them a great advantage in life and we are thankful to Mr Banks for giving the program his approval and to Mr Phil Jurjevich and Mr Kenny Chan for introducing the program to the College.