Full Colours Excellence

Today we acknowledged and celebrated the Year 12 students who have completed their Christian Service Senior Project. Awards were presented to students who completed a significant number of service hours, with the highest achievement award given to students who completed over 300 hours.

One of the highlights of the assembly was listening to student testimonials about their Christian Service experience and what it meant to them.

Samuel Hadfield (12.7) spoke about his time at the Gladys Newton Special School and how his experience taught him to never judge a person before walking in his shoes.

Colin Rapkoch (12.8) spent part of his project at Mercy Aged Care, and told the assembly how rewarding it was for him to know he brought enjoyment to the elderly people he worked with.

Trent Piccicacco (12.2) volunteered at St Bartholomew's House Aged Care. He urged fellow students to get involved with Christian Service, and spoke about how good it felt to step out of his comfort zone and to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Zaiden Milosavljevic (12.6) found that the simplest things in life can bring about the best feelings during his time at Second Avenue Aged Care.

Justin Lawrence (12.6) spoke about his recent experience at the Winter Sleepout and the impact it had on him to learn about the lives of the homeless population.

Mr Graeme Read and kayvan Gharbi

A second highlight of the assembly was when Mr Graeme Read of the Floreat Lions Club presented Kayvan Gharbi (12.8) with a shield for his achievement in the Youth of the Year competition. Kayvan received the shield from the Floreat Lions for winning their club final and becoming their sponsored entrant in the competition.