On Thursday, 19 November 2015, Trinity College Headmaster Ivan Banks signed a Memorandum of Understanding with members of SAIL (Sudanese Australian Integrated Learning) to offer educational opportunities to Sudanese families of migrant and refugee background. SAIL is a volunteer-run, non-profit, secular organisation which provides free English support and community services to the Sudanese Australian community. Beginning in 2016, Trinity College will offer an annual scholarship to one Year 7 Sudanese student.

Trinity College is an Edmund Rice School which embraces the practices of Edmund Ignatius Rice, a profoundly spiritual man who used his considerable wealth to educate children facing socioeconomic barriers and “make a difference in their lives”. This philosophy is reflected in the Trinity College Foundation's maxim “Assisting to educate the disadvantaged”.

When the Trinity College Foundation was approached by a representative of SAIL to ascertain whether a scholarship could be set up, the Foundation and the College both saw an opportunity to operate within the ethos of Edmund Rice and immediately agreed to the partnership. This scholarship is supported by the College and funded through the Trinity College Foundation.

In 2016, Trinity College will have a total of five Refugee Scholars joining the school. Headmaster Ivan Banks said “As a College, we are proud of our efforts to offer a Trinity Education to students who would not normally be able to afford such an education. We have had an extensive Indigenous program for many years and we are pleased that we are extending this to support boys from families of diverse Sudanese backgrounds including the Dinka, Nuer and Arabic-speaking communities. I am excited that we have signed this agreement with SAIL and look forward to an ongoing partnership with them.”