Trinity College students holding a peaceful protest outside of the Indonesian Consulate in Perth

On Thursday 26 May, Trinity College students and Old Boys held a vigil outside the Indonesian Consulate in Perth and presented a petition with over 500 signatures to the Consul General to end the death penalty in Indonesia. These signatures were collected in 2015, after the tragic death of two young Australians in Bali who were executed for drug smuggling crimes they committed ten years ago.

Based on the Catholic belief that all life is sacred, students and staff at the College believe it is important to make a stand to save the lives of any prisoners on Death Row, regardless of their crimes. Every prisoner should be given a chance to serve their sentence with the hope that one day they can return to society and make a contribution.

Trinity College students campaign to end death penalty

Trinity College educates their students in the Edmund Rice tradition, which is taught in light of Gospel values and the four Edmund Rice touchstones: Inclusive Community, Liberating Education, Gospel Spirituality, and Justice & Solidarity. In the spirit of Justice & Solidarity, we are committed to justice and peace for all, grounded in a spirituality of action and reflection that calls us to stand in solidarity with those who are marginalised.