Trinity College Year 6 Students – The Boardroom Executives of the Future


Collaboration, reasoning and understanding Algorithmic information theory are normally areas focused on in the Senior School, however this term Trinity College Year 6 students are fortunate to be part of an innovative program where they will focus on coding and the Algorithmic process.

This may sound a little advanced for Year 6 students however the response so far to Mr Paul Presser's (Assistant Learning area Coordinator for Mathematics in the Senior School) classes are very positive. Mr Presser explained that converting what you think to a different language involves writing it out and that is the Algorithmic process. Algorithmic information theory is a sub-field of information theory and computer science that concerns itself with the relationship between computation and information.


This may sound a bit heavy, however if you visit a class you will see the excitement, collaboration and contemplation displayed by students as they solve problems such as how to get the Cannibals and Missionaries across the river safely and how to solve the Japanese IQ Test. Year 6 student Matthew Roberts said It is an interesting subject for kids who love electronics and teaches kids how to code at an early age.

So look out Boardroom executives, here come the Trinity Year 6 students who will be well ahead of the game when they graduate in 2022!