Trinity College students and staff have recently participated in the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave – an initiative to raise money for blood cancer research. 

The driving force behind this year’s Trinity College team came from two Year 11 students, Jean-Paul Starkie and Lachie Sibosado, who organised a group of four teachers, Mr Daniel Bateman, Mr Corey Miskiewicz, Mr Steve Leahy and Ms Alison Mackenzie, to participate with them.

Lachie and Jean-Paul began their fundraising efforts during the Spring school holidays by shaking tins in the public eye, and then organised a sausage sizzle at school. They also reached out to friends and family, explaining what they were doing and asking for support.

After weeks of anticipation, the ‘shave’ took place at Trinity College on 30 October, in front of students, staff and parents. The team would like to thank Elma, from Ehair in Osborne Park, for donating her time and expertise to assist.

When asked why he chose this foundation, Lachie said, “Everyone we know has had a family member or friend who has battled cancer, so we saw this as an opportunity to make a difference in our community while also spreading awareness and love to those around us.

The Trinity College Team is proud to have raised over $7000 for the Leukaemia Foundation, and they wish to thank their families, friends and school community who came together to support, encourage and participate in this initiative with them.