Caring for our environment has become an ever increasing area of importance in the world. For the past six years Trinity College Year 7 students have been involved in Sustain Our Swan, which is a two day program run to raise awareness of the delicate ecosystem of the Swan River and the part that they can play in sustaining it. Conservation Volunteers, through Earth Assist, provide the support we need to present information and run activities.


This week Year 7 students studied the Riverine environment in which the College is located, also water conservation and how to care for our environment. SERCUL (South East Regional Centre of Urban Landcare) presented a very informative session on the water catchment process highlighting how our everyday activities such as over fertilising the garden or allowing soapy water from washing our cars to go down the drain, can have an impact on the river system creating algal blooms and pollution of our river.


Students were fortunate this year to receive a visit from Erica and David from the Kaarakin Conservation Centre where they conserve Black Cockatoos and their habitat Erica said it is rewarding work to save future generations from becoming extinct. Education plays a good role in awareness of the Black Cockatoo's plight. Accompanying the guest speakers were a Carnaby and a Baudin Cockatoo both of which are endangered and quite happily munched on gumnuts throughout the information session.


Face painting is always fun and after a fascinating information session on Aboriginal culture from Marissa from Bindi Bindi Dreaming, students were fortunate to receive some traditional ochre face and arm painting. Just to round off the conservation theme of the day and perhaps to get in shape for Clean Up Day Australia this Sunday, students cleaned up any rubbish that they could see in their immediate environment.

IMG_5622Marissa from Bindi Bindi Dreaming paints students with ochreIMG_5629