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Why change schools at Year 4?

Starting at Trinity College in Year 4 can enable your son to experience a new environment tailored to the way boys learn, play and grow.

Technology Students

Our Year 4 program offers students access to cutting-edge technology, an award-winning music program and state-of-the-art sporting facilities. Moving your son during his primary years allows him to grow alongside his peers and become a part of the Trinity community. This paves the way for a seamless transition to Secondary School. 

We've spoken to Junior School parents, students and staff to compile some of the benefits of changing schools in Year 4.

1. Beyond academics - teaching the whole child

Year 4 is a turning point for many boys – from an academic standpoint, reading, writing and maths are now well-established and  many boys are ready to be extended and try new things. At Trinity, we expand upon the traditional Year 4 curriculum with a variety of specialist subjects and co-curricular opportunities. We provide specialist teachers in science, music, art, physical education, aquatics and language. All Year 4 students explore music through an instrument and the choir. There are opportunities to participate in co-curricular sport, coding and cultural programs such as dance and extension art.

Year 6 Robotics

2. An education tailored to the way boys learn

We know that boys learn differently from girls and our curriculum and pedagogy reflect this. Our goal is to provide an environment in which boys recognise and develop pride in their abilities and grow in confidence when facing challenges. Boys are naturally curious and we endeavour to provide them with opportunities to explore. Many of our teachers have been in a boys‑only environment for many years and have a solid understanding of how to motivate and lead boys. We keep boys on track and provide positive role models and encouragement. Our teachers make a connection with the boys and the boys understand what is expected of them. The staff at Trinity have found the right balance in their classrooms to make a lasting impact on our students.

3. State-of-the-art facilities and a campus specifically designed for the needs of boys

At Trinity, you’ll find our primary school offers a heated pool, a STEM learning zone, a new sports centre, specialised music rooms and cutting-edge technology. Being on the same campus as Secondary School also allows our Junior School students to take advantage of our virtual reality lab, robotic telescope and specialised art classrooms. As growing adolescents, boys need to run, play and be active, and we’ve made sure our environment caters to those needs. Throughout the school you will find plenty of open green spaces where our students can play and be active.

4. Seamless transition to high school - and a guaranteed place

Starting secondary school can be daunting.  A maze of classrooms, schedules, teachers and students. When your son joins Trinity in Year 4, he becomes an integral part of the Trinity community in a nurturing, primary school environment. He becomes familiar with the campus, the expectations and routines of the College, the school staff and he will build friendships that will move with him to the Secondary School, making for a seamless transition.

5. Diversified sport program

We believe that sport is an integral part of an education, as it encourages boys to develop leadership skills, teamwork, fitness and discipline. The Junior School Sport program, accessing the College playing fields, allows boys to choose from a variety of winter and summer sports and to compete both at the House level (within Trinity) and regularly at inter-school level. Sports include cricket, water polo, basketball, tennis, volleyball, swimming, football, soccer, rugby, hockey, cross country and athletics.


Boy in yellow jumping Hurdles

 6. A large cohort of boys

The Junior School is made up of 225 boys across three year groups. Your son will have the opportunity to explore new friendships and meet boys with similar interests. Each year group participates in activities that encourage the boys to build comradery, mateship and to help each other.

 7. Building responsibility and self-reliance

Many primary schools are focused on the needs of the early childhood students. As we start at Year 4, our dedicated focus is on the Year 4 to Year 6 age group.  Our students begin to take on more responsibilities and build independence. Their time management and organisational skills are more well-developed prior to starting Secondary School.

 Junior School Makerspace


 8. Male role models

Young boys are extremely impressionable and need good male role models, however, male teachers are few and far between in most primary schools. At Trinity our Junior School teaching staff is 50% male, ensuring that your son will have access to a number of male role models.


9. Building character and values

We believe it is crucial to begin building good values at a young age. Our Christian Service program begins in the Junior School and engages students in experiences that encourage them to become compassionate young men – Men for Others, as our school mantra states. Junior School students support a variety of organisations through Christian Service, including Brother Ollie’s Wheelchairs for Kids, Shopfront and local aged care facilities. 

10. A community to raise boys

Whilst having classroom teachers who “know their boys” is a priority at Trinity, it is important to have access to a range of ancillary professionals. The Junior School has, as part of its staff, an Educational Psychologist, Speech Pathologist and an experienced team in the field of supporting and extending boys. Our Learning Support program utilises this team of ancillary professionals along with classroom teachers to identify needs and provide intervention in a timely manner. We also have a range of ways to extend and challenge our Gifted and Talented students. With our smaller class sizes and community focus,  our boys receive the attention they need to help them succeed.

Year 6 Kalgoorlie Tour

 Year 6 Rocket Launch


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