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TC Newsletter:

Volume 12  May 3, 2019

From the Principal  

I would like to welcome back all students and their families to Term 2 – a long and very busy term that amongst the normal busy behaviour of daily lessons will also see; Excursions, Retreat Days, Camps, Music Nights, Drama Productions, Sport, Dance Lessons, Carnivals, NAPLAN testing, Edmund Rice Day celebrations and important Examinations for our senior students. It was very pleasing to see the way the boys presented in their winter uniform from the first day of term. It is hoped that such an obvious display of commitment to being part of our community is maintained throughout the remainder of the year. 

May I take this opportunity to thank the many parents who availed themselves of the opportunity to meet with their son’s respective teachers at the recent Parent Teacher Student Interviews. Such occasions allow for meaningful and constructive conversations about student progress and highlight the importance of open and positive Family/College relationships. The Staff were certainly kept busy across all days. It was particularly pleasing to hear the many conversations centred around the Work Habit Indicators that look to reflect student application and attitude. The College is tracking such data for each student as they journey through the school. Further opportunities for Parent Teacher Student Interviews are scheduled for later in the year and parents are reminded that they are most welcome to contact the College Staff at any time to discuss their son’s progress.


On Tuesday morning, our College community gathered in Centenary park for a very special ANZAC Day Assembly. Several of our College Prefects led the assembly as they read prayers, poems and the Ode prior to laying wreaths in commemoration of all service men and women. We were joined by Lieutenant Commander Andrew Forster, RAN Reserve (’84), who reflected on the sacrifice of so many and thanked the boys for their ongoing acknowledgement and respect for ANZAC Day. In addressing the Assembly, I focused on the qualities reflected in our ANZAC spirit and challenged our students to consider what such a tradition asks of them today. Below is a small part of this address;

 “… ANZAC day is not merely a date, but rather it gives reference to a sense of spirit- a chance to reflect on the qualities of past generations of Australians who in hardship, displayed courage, discipline, self-sacrifice, resourcefulness, mateship and faith - and had the conviction to do what is right.  As individuals, we could all do with some of these ANZAC qualities and commemorating ANZAC day allows us to reflect and draw upon them. 

I believe that ANZAC Day challenges us to reflect on what we value and to consider what a worthwhile life is all about. I believe that ANZAC Day asks us to examine those very values that our servicemen, past and present, intrinsically believed in and fought for. That is;

-       having a spirit of service before self;

-       being in real community where we genuinely look out for each other:

-       retaining an abiding sense of honesty and being genuine in our dealings with others;

-       maintaining a sense of individual and group responsibility;

-       a commitment to cohesive and loving families as the core of a just and caring society;

-       an absolute conviction that the basis of justice for all can be found in sound morals and the Gospel Values that we look to follow at our school.

That, I believe, is what ANZAC day asks of us - both on ANZAC Day and in fact every day. It is as much about what it challenges us to do in our lives and relationships today as it is a commemoration of battles past. While we continue to appreciate their service, we are challenged to follow their example. I hope and pray that we can all be instilled with some of their qualities…”

Year 11 waiters

During the holiday break, our Year 12 students enjoyed their College Ball. This special event was held in Gibney Hall (magnificently transformed into a Harry Potter inspired Yule theme) on Friday, 26 April. Our Senior students and their guests presented wonderfully well and looked fantastic in their formal wear. Everyone enjoyed a lovely meal, revelled in the company of their peers, danced the night away and took full advantage of the photographers who were in attendance to capture the evening. They acted and behaved in a manner becoming of Senior students and young men. They were wonderful company, great hosts throughout and certainly a credit to themselves, their families and to the College.

Such a special event does not just happen and I would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank the work of Mr Kenny Chan who planned and coordinated the evening; Mr Joel Shinkfield who directed our Year 11 waiters on the evening (they were wonderful ambassadors for our school); the Parent Council for their ongoing support; to the extraordinary work of the Ball Committee; particularly our Ball Coordinators Mrs Rita Rocca and Mrs Gabrielle Murphy; and to the large number of our Year 12 parents and families who gave up many hours and some long days in preparation for the Ball. Their effort, time and commitment in making this College event a most special one for their son, was incredible and quite inspiring. It captured the sense of community that we so much value as part of Trinity College. 


We welcome back Mr Glenn Christiansen and Mr Phil Bloomfield from LSL.

We would also like to welcome to the College Mrs Amanda Johnson (Reception), Mrs Tracey Forster (Accounts Payable) and Ms Melanie Rowe (Education Assistant).


Please be aware that we have several students at Trinity College with different forms of allergies some of which are life threatening.  We ask parents to be mindful of this when sending certain foods to school with your son.  Nuts are of a major concern to the College. Some students do not necessarily have to eat the nuts to suffer an allergic reaction.  In some cases, the students have a limited amount of time to seek assistance or medication to avoid a fatal reaction.  We thank you for your support in this matter.

Live Jesus in our hearts

Mr Darren O'Neill | Principal

College Events


A cast of Senior School Drama students are performing in the production of 'The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon', a comedy by Don Zolidis. Some of the more classic fairy tales such as Snow White, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, Frog Prince, Little Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel are turned on their heads in this fast-paced, rollicking ride! Come along to this family-friendly show and support the students as they attempt to play numerous characters in a very unique way. We hope to see you there! Event Details:

  • Thursday, 9 and Friday, 10 May 2019
  • 7:00pm
  • Gibney Hall, Trinity College

There are no tickets or assigned seating, with a gold coin donation to the Drama Department upon entry. If further information is required please contact Ms Lisa Laurino via


Trinity College Open Day for prospective families is taking place on Wednesday, 22 May 2019. Families can choose from three sessions: 9:30am, 12:00pm or 4:15pm. Each session will have a welcome by the Principal, followed by student-led tours of the College, concluding with light refreshments and a chance to chat with some of our teaching staff. The 9:30am and 12:00pm sessions will run for approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes, and the 4:15pm session will run for an hour. Please share this with families who may be interested in discovering more about our College. For more information and to register, click here.

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College Calendar

Tuesday, 7 May
  • Edmund Rice Day
  • 8:40am Edmund Rice Mass
Wednesday, 8 May
  • Senior School Drama Production
  • JS Performance 
  • 6:15pm-7:15pm Keys for Life Workshop 1
Thursday, 9 May
  • SC v TC
  • Year 9 Dancing 3:30pm-4:30pm
  • Senior School Drama Production
Friday, 10 May
  • 8:00am Mass
  • SC v TC
  • 8:40am Junior School Mother's Day Mass
  • Senior School Drama Production 
Saturday, 11 May
  • SC v TC
Sunday, 12 May
  • Mother's Day

Tuesday, 14 May 

  • 9:35am Year 8 Mass

Wednesday, 15 May 

  • 7:00pn Jazz and Contemporary Concert - Badlands

Thursday, 16 May 

  • TC v WC
  • 3:30pm-4.30pm

Friday, 17 May 

  • 8:00am Mass
  • TC v WC
  • Year 8 Grandparents' Morning Tea 

Saturday, 18 May

  • TC v WC 

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Junior School News


It is pleasing to see the boys dressed very smartly in their winter uniforms. Thank you to all parents who made sure their boys were dressed appropriately this week. A reminder to make sure the boys have names written on their new uniforms.


The Year 6 boys all received their “Leaver’s Jackets” this week, just in time for the cooler weather, and the boys look great in them. Thank you to Mrs Geraldine Hall, Mrs Tania Salmon, Mrs Janey Smith and Mrs Stella Fowler for their organisation of the fittings and logistics and to Mrs Tam Nguyen for making them.


The Term 2 Calendar was sent home today. Please display it in a prominent position.


On Tuesday, 7 May the College will celebrate a Mass of Thanksgiving for the life and inspiration of Blessed Edmund Rice. The Mass will commence at 8:40am in the Sports Centre and all parents and friends are invited to attend. The Junior School contribution to Unfair Day is a cake stall and I ask that all families provide a cake to be sold on the day. Please cut cakes into serving sized portions and bring to the Junior School Library in the morning. All students can wear neat free dress on the day for a gold coin donation.


A Trinity Junior School highlight each year is the wonderful celebration of Mother’s Day that takes place with the Junior School Mass and morning tea. I would like to invite all Mums and Grandmothers to attend this year’s Mass and morning tea, which takes place at 8:40am on Friday, 10 May. Thank you to the Dads who can assist with the serving of morning tea and clean up afterwards. 


NAPLAN testing for our Year 5 students takes place in Week 3. Each student will be assessed in reading, writing, conventions of language and numeracy. To find further details about NAPLAN testing including sample tests please go to


Parents are invited to attend a Junior School Parent Information Evening on Monday, 20 May from 6pm-8pm. Presentor, Justine O'Malley will provide an interactive and informative workshop with an overview of the Keeping Safe Child Protection Curriculum that is implemented by Trinity College. The presentation will be held in the Braham Auditorium and is a free event.  

Tuesday, 7 May 
  • Edmund Rice Mass and Unfair Day Activities
Wednesday, 8 May 
  • Senior School Production performance for JS students
Thursday, 9 May 
  • Sport v Scotch
Friday, 10 May
  • Mother's Day Mass and Morning Tea commencing at 8:40am 
  • Year 6B Christian Service at Archbishop Goody House
  • Incursion for the TCEC - The Worm Shed
  • Assembly commencing at 2:40pm

Mr Martin Tucker ('87) | Head of Junior School  


The first week of term started well, with the ANZAC Assembly and the Year 6s receiving their leavers jackets. It was a busy and exciting start to Term 2.

One of the highlights at the ANZAC assembly was when Lieutenant Commander Andrew Forster, RAN Reserve (’84) came to talk to all of the boys about what the ANZAC’s did and how the day was special to him. He talked about the spirit of the ANZAC's and the sacrifices they made for our freedom. ANZAC Day is not about celebrating the war but remembering and honouring all those who fought and lost their lives so we could have a better future.

On Wednesday, the Year 6s received their leavers jackets for 2019. The boys were ecstatic, not just because of how cool they look but also because it symbolises their final and most exciting year of primary school. 

On Thursday, the Year 5 and 6 boys had their last training session leading up to next week, in preparation for when we take on Scotch College in the first round of inter school sport fixtures. The Year 4s were occupied at a hockey clinic where they learnt simple skills and how to use the hockey stick.
Friday concluded a very busy and tiring week back for all our students.  

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Secondary School News


On behalf of Kenny Chan and the 2019 Trinity Ball Committee we would like to express our gratitude to all our generous Sponsors from the School Community and to all the wonderful parents who volunteered every weekend from the start of the year and all through the April holidays, to help prepare for the Year 12 Student Ball. These parents worked tirelessly to transform the college into a magical experience for our Year 12 students and their partners. The decorations were outstanding and the feedback from the students was extremely positive with a wonderful evening enjoyed by all. We would like to especially point out Alan MarkhamNicola Gosatti’s father – who built all of the beautiful pillars, arches, windows etc in the hall and he too worked tirelessly all holidays to put them up and to Chrissie EftosCaroline Ellison’s mother – who sewed the foyer ceiling. This Ball project involved many members of the school families with even lots of siblings helping in the holidays. As parents of the school, we thank Trinity College for giving us this opportunity to interact with and forge long lasting friendships with the many wonderful families of the school community. TC spirit at its finest!! The viewing night on Thursday, 25 April was very successful with over 700 visitors. They were absolutely amazed by what they saw with many walking away with wonderous expressions on their faces. It was a very proud experience for all involved in the project. Below is the Sponsor List for the TC Student Ball. Generous contributions were made to make the Ball successful and we ask that you consider the businesses if you are in need of their products or services. 

  • AJ Baker & Sons - Baker Family
  • Ascot Signs - Bottega Family     
  • Auto One, Wanneroo - Reader Family
  • Brightside Live Audio Visual - Osborne Park
  • Cameleon Paints, Wangara - Sanfilippo Family
  • Discus Print & Signage - Filear Family
  • Dulux, Welshpool - Ciaran McAdden
  • GCS Integrated Services PL - Biundo Family
  • Inglewood Products Group - Gosatti Family
  • Mandurah Central Pharmacy - Hipper Family
  • Realestate 88 - Wright Family 
  • Spoilt Photo Booths - Dancewicz Family
  • Spoilt Weddings Photography - Dancewicz Family
  • Sublime Promotions - Del Casale Family
  • Underraps - Owens Family                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

On Sunday, 7 – Wednesday, 10 April, a number of our Year 12 students experienced the Kairos Retreat. This four day residential retreat was described by many of the boys as the best thing they ever did. I would like to personally thank the Year 12 retreatants, Fra Oscar Aguilera, student leaders and adult leaders who helped make this such a spiritual and meaningful experience for everyone. 


If your son has not had the opportunity to attend this retreat and would like to, he can apply in Campus Ministry for the upcoming Kairos #53. For the current Year 12 cohort, this will be the final opportunity to experience it. If your son has already participated in Kairos and would like to be a student leader, he is also encouraged to apply at Campus Ministry. Applications close on Wednesday, 22 May (Week 4).

Rosa West | Director of Campus Ministry 


On ANZAC  Day, eleven students from Year 11 and 12 represented Trinity College by assisting the RSL with the organization of the ANZAC Day parade. We gathered at 6:30am for a light breakfast and briefing with other volunteers, including a group of students from Mercedes. Our task for the day was to hold large signs in place so that when people began to arrive for the Parade, from 8am onwards, they would know where to assemble. We also were responsible for directing people to the appropriate section if they were not sure where to gather. It was a privilege to participate in assisting Service men and women and their descendants, who were all proudly wearing their uniforms and medals, commemorate this important occasion.


In the final week of Term One all Year 11 students participated in “Sharing Gifts”, the Year 11 Christian service program. Every student was placed with an agency for five days, where they were given the opportunity to focus on the needs of others. Many students were placed with younger children in Primary Schools or Childcare Centres while others were immersed in the world of Aged Care or at schools for students with special needs. They were visited by Trinity staff during the week and many of the agencies gave glowing reports of our students’ presentation, responsiveness and compassion for the people they were serving. Here are some comments from two schools where students were placed.

I am writing to let you know how impressed we were with the three students who completed their Christian Service placement last term.. As we would expect, all three demonstrated exemplary manners, respect and initiative during the tasks given. Teachers commented on how well they worked with the students in their class.”

The boys have been awesome. My teachers have loved the extra help and my school has never been more organised! The feedback has been that the boys have been respectful, eager to learn and great with the students. Thanks for the opportunity.”

On Wednesday, 22 May in Week 4, all Year 11 students will participate in the Encounter Retreat, which will give them the chance  to share their experiences with each other and reflect on them in the light of their Christian faith and values. Written reflections from their Journals, which they completed during the week of service, will form the basis of this reflective praxis.

Marya Stewart | Director of Christian Service 

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College News 


On Tuesday, 7 May (Week 2) we will celebrate Edmund Rice Day, a day we as a community come together and raise funds for the India Missions and celebrate the Feast Day of Blessed Edmund Rice.

This year, on Edmund Rice Day, we will also be launching the Year Group Christian Service program which will align each year group with a local charity organisation who you will continue to work with throughout the year.

Edmund Rice Day is a FREE DRESS day- a donation of $2 is to be paid by each student during morning PCG. All students should ensure that they wear "closed-in" shoes (ie. No thongs) and that clothing is suitable for a school event (ie. no inappropriate slogans etc).

Food and drinks are available to purchase during the day including the Junior School Bake-Sale at Recess and hamburgers and sausage sizzle at Lunch.

Boys should have enough money to participate and enjoy the many fair-games and activities that will be run by Pastoral Care Groups throughout the Lunch break such as the inflatable obstacle course, Teacher Dunk Tank and many others.

All normal school rules apply to the day including the mobile phone policy.

Attendance is expected throughout the day and rolls will be taken regularly. Buses will run at normal times. Any student who is absent from school without permission will receive a Saturday morning detention.

The following is the program for the day:

  • 8:30am                PCG
  • 8:40am                Edmund Rice Mass- Sports Centre (Parents welcome)
  • 9:30am                PCG- Edmund Rice Activities
  • 10:30am              Recess- JS Cake Stall & Staff v Student Dodge Ball
  • 11:10am              Year Group Assembly- Christian Service presentations
  • 12:10pm              Edmund Rice Day Activities set up in PCG
  • 12:45pm              Edmund Rice Day Stalls/Activities and Lunch
  • 2:00pm                Clean Up
  • 2:20pm                TC Rock Bands- Sports Centre
  • 3:00pm                PCG Roll Call
  • 3:05pm                End of School Day

It promises to be a great day of fun to celebrate our history and culture as a school in the Edmund Rice tradition as well raising money for the India Missions.

Mr Julian Fritz | Director of Students


The Prefects are once again embracing the Head Boy of the Class of 2016, Lochie Taylor’s initiative of Pink Sock Day (#pullonyoursocks), encouraging all 1st Teams to support The McGrath Foundation and fundraise for breast cancer.

Pink Sock Day will take place on Saturday, 18 May, our home fixture against Wesley College and will be facilitated by the Football community.  

Through Pink Sock Day we hope to support women’s health, focusing on our mothers and all the women who encourage us through school and life in general. At the same time, we aim to educate our young Trinity men to demonstrate a greater awareness and appreciation towards women’s health. Most importantly we aim to raise money to place McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities’ right across Australia.” – Lochie Taylor (‘16)

Continuing on from the success of previous years, the event will see all 1st team players representing the College for the Saturday fixture wearing pink socks. This is a small way we can give back, support women’s health, and say thank you to our amazing mothers for everything they do. To build on Pink Sock Day and encourage boys to contribute to the cause, all boys will be able to purchase bags of PINK lollies during Week 3 to raise money.

This is a special cause, that for some hits very close to home and we encourage everyone to support not only Lochie’s initiative but the McGrath Foundation and their great work.


Join Trinity College as they present what promises to be an exciting evening filled with smooth melodies, vibrant rhythms and dazzling interpretations of classic tunes. You will be entertained by the Trinity Rock Bands, the Contemporary Guitar Ensemble and Swing Band 1. The fresh-faced students of these established ensembles look forward to sharing their love of music with you at Badlands Bar.

Event Details:

  • 15 May 2019
  • 7:00pm
  • Badlands Bar, 1/3 Aberdeen Street, Perth
  • Purchase your tickets by clicking here

Friday community Mass will recommence this Friday, 3 May at 8:00am in our temporary Chapel in Kenny Theatre. Everyone is welcome. 

Mrs Rosa West | Director of Campus Ministry 


On Monday, 1 December this year a group of 20+ Year 10 students will be heading off to Sri Lanka on a Service Expedition. The students will be away for three weeks in total and will be undertaking a challenging trek in the Knuckles Ranges and spending time exploring the country. However, the main focus will be participating in volunteer work at two different projects. The details of these projects are yet to be decided, however we have started raising money to fund this Service work. 

One of the first will be an authentic Sri Lankan buffet dinner in the Trinity College Staff Lounge. $10 from each adult ticket and $7.50 from each child (7-14 years) will go towards funding our volunteer project. This event will be held on Saturday, 15 June at 7:00pm. 

Tickets can be purchased at: 

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Congratulations to Trinity College Rowing Captain, Alex Rossi (12.7), who has been selected for the 2019 Junior Australian Rowing Team!

This is a fantastic achievement and we wish Alex all the best at the 2019 World Rowing Junior Championships to take place in Tokyo, Japan in August.

We also congratulate the Trinity Old Boys that performed exceptionally at the Nationals and have been selected for the National Team: Joe Tamigi ('99), Jamie Hewlett ('04), Rohan James ('16), Josh Hicks ('08)Dave Watts ('09), Jack Cleary ('12) and Andrew Le ('17).

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Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association


Monday, 13 May marks the 21st ANNUAL TOBA GOLF DAY, and we’d be delighted if you joined us at The Western Australian Golf Club – 60 Hayes Ave, Yokine.

The event will again be played in a four-ball Ambrose format, so create a team or four OR enter as an individual and we will place you in a team.

Cost $120 per person OR $480 for a team of four - includes:

  • Golf registration
  • Gourmet sandwich/roll and bottle of water on arrival
  • Substantial finger food at presentations
  • Massage therapists on the course
  • Spot prizes and more

Drinks to be purchased separately

For registration and payment, please click on the below link:   

If you require a motorized golf cart (18 available), these need to be booked directly with The Western Australian Golf Club Pro Shop on 9349 1988 or ($50 per buggy)

We are also seeking donations of items, products and services for prizes. Any support received is very much appreciated. Please feel free to contact me on 9223 8132 or if you have any questions.

The TOBA Golf Day is open to Old Boys and the wider community, so feel free to invite family, friends and work colleagues.

It’s a fantastic day for our community and we look forward to your company.

Diane Millar | TOBA Executive Officer 

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Community News


The ConocoPhillips Science Experience STEM program is essentially 3 or 4 days of hands-on science, conducted across thirty-three universities and tertary campuses Australia wide and is open to all current Year 9 and 10 students in 2019. The programs include hands ona ctivities in laboratories, short interactive lectures and many more programs include a visit to a local scientific site. There is no selection process and all students are welcome to attend. The full cost for a student to participate in the 3 day program is $190 and the 4 day program is $260. The ConocoPhillips Science Experience is a Rotary supported project, and local Rotary clubs are willing to financially sponsor students. For more information please visit


Give your child the help they deserve to build their confidence, self esteem, focus, strength and life skills in our specially designed programs just for kids. Our program starts from 4 years and up. Book early for a free 2 week pass for you and a friend. Call Anthony on 0402 144 018 or visit for more information. 


Receive one-on-one support from qualified teachers to improve school results. 

With our premium tuition you will receive: 

  • Personal and affordable access to expert high school teachers 

  • Be in a class of 1 to a max of 4 students 

  • Targeted and individualised help to ensure you develop your skills each term 

  • Tuition aligned with the WA syllabus to ensure you improve where it counts; at school and in your assessments. 

No big groups – Parents receive feedback on their child’s progress – Learn with the support of your peers 

For more information, pleaase contact Academic Taskforce on 9314 9500 or
Website for

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