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TC Newsletter:

Volume 13  May 15, 2020

From the Principal

This week, we formally resumed face-to-face teaching with all students from Years 4 -12. It was wonderful to see most of our students on campus engaging with each other, their teachers, and their direct learning. As mentioned previously, we hope that we are slowly returning to College life that we are more accustomed to, and it was particularly pleasing to see a gradual return to some modified Sport training and Music rehearsals throughout the week. 

On Thursday, the State Government made more announcements regarding some guidelines about student attendance and school operations. I have written a letter to all parents about these guidelines and our successful return to direct learning.  This can be viewed by clicking on the link provided – Guidelines for Student Attendance and School Operations

Please take care and God bless!

Live Jesus in our hearts.

Mr Darren O'Neill | Principal

In the spirit of our generous TOBA-supplied coffee this morning, members of our wonderful community have been putting together a short video to communicate their gratitude to the staff of Trinity College.

The below message is from Stephen Moloney, College Board Chair:
"In recent months everyone has been challenged by unique events and decisions made that impacted our lives. These challenges affect everyone in different ways, triggering all kinds of emotions and responses. There is no right or wrong in how we feel or respond, but at Trinity College, there is a TC Spirit that is core in everything we do.

As Chair of the College Advisory Board and in general, on behalf of the wider parent community, I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to all the staff at Trinity College for their leadership, resilience, strength and commitment by ensuring our sons were safe and able to adapt to the changes we faced.

The TC Spirit is intangible but felt wholeheartedly as it is authentic.
Thank you for your unconditional support and investment in our sons."

Thank you all! #tcspirit


For all the latest news regarding Trinity College and relevant COVID-19 updates, please visit this page on our website: Here you will find important information including Principal updates, Academics, Mental Health and Wellbeing resources. Trinity College is committed to the health and wellbeing of our College community. For accurate and up-to-date information on COVID-19, please visit 

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Junior School News   


With the return of face-to-face teaching this week there was nearly 100% attendance of Junior Schools boys at the College. This week has seen a solid week of learning and many opportunities for the boys to renew friendships with their classmates. The return of the Junior School buzz has been very exciting as both boys and teachers are happy to be part of a more normal environment. Next week I am also recommencing interviews for students entering the Junior School in 2021 and 2022. If you have a younger son who is due to commence in the next two years, please contact our Registrars to organise an interview. Similarly, if you know of any other families who are considering enrolling their boys at Trinity, please encourage them to contact our Registrars as well. 


There has been quite the buzz in our STEM room this week, with our boys making their long-awaited return. The boys have enjoyed learning about electrical circuits with their classmates and also meeting two new members of the Junior School. We welcome Sunny and Cloudy, our new budgies. 


Starting from Week 4, the College's after school Homework Club will recommence in the Senior Library Study Room. Homework Club will run from 3:15pm to 5:00pm Monday to Thursday each week until the end of term. Each session will be supervised by a member of the College staff. Junior School boys will stay in the Junior School Library until 3:45pm and be escorted up to the Senior School Library by a member of the Junior School staff.


School is slowly starting to return to normal with face-to-face learning commencing and the majority of the boys returning. Although the pool has not yet opened, we can continue doing specialist classes and no-contact Thursday afternoon sport. We are all looking forward to assemblies coming back to normal. Many boys are enjoying being back at school and we just cannot wait until everything gets back to normal. Boys, if you see Mr Lamborn please congratulate him on his new car. #TCSpirit #M4O

Axel Walsh (6GD) and Jacob Borck (6W)

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Secondary School News   


Year 10 Exams will go ahead and will take place during Week 8 of this term between Monday, 15 June and Thursday, 18 June. These exams will provide valuable information and will be used to help determine subject selections for the boys as they start to consider their pathway in Years 11 and 12. It is vital, therefore, that all Year 10 boys actively engage with their classes and their teachers to make sure that they are well prepared for this week of exams.


Later this term, the College has scheduled a Year 10 Course Information Evening for Monday, 22 June. The main purpose of this evening is to discuss WACE Requirements and the subject selection process for Years 11 and 12. Whilst there has been some easing of restrictions over the past week or so, it is still not known whether the planned format of the night will still be able to take place. More information will come out about this once more information is known.


The following announcement was made yesterday by the Education Minister regarding Year 12 WACE ATAR Exams to be held at the end of the year. Year 12 Exams will go ahead as normal. 

For Year 12 students, the 2020 ATAR course written exams will go ahead as scheduled from Monday, 2 November. Written examinations will take the same form as previous years, with a three-hour duration.

Tim Hince | Deputy Principal - Learning and Innovation

Congratulations to Luke McChord (10.5) on recently completing his Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. Luke used meaningful activities including his PSA sport for Physical Recreation, Surf Life Saving for his Service component as well as learning the drums for his Skill component. He was able to complete his Adventurous Journey component through the Year 9 Duke of Edinburgh Camp (which is now the camp associated with the Year 9 Outdoor Education program). Luke becomes the 45th Trinity participant to complete his Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award and should be very proud of his accomplishments. Well done Luke! 



As part of its response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, TISC will open applications for 2021 undergraduate entry earlier than usual, on Monday, 18 May 2020. The early opening will assist students who wish to apply for an early offer from Curtin University, however, information on courses from all four TISC member universities will also be available. Murdoch University and The University of Western Australia have also announced early offer initiatives, however, these are currently being handled directly by each institution. Some courses are not available for early offers. Students who do not wish to apply for an early offer are perfectly free to wait until they know more about all their options before submitting their TISC application. Students who do receive an early offer will retain full flexibility to apply for any other courses they wish to, and to change their preferences as many times as desired between now and the major offer rounds.


Due to the unexpected events of 2020 and the disruption to Year 12 studies, Universities have developed Early Entry programs that differ from previous years. Please click HERE to access further information and links to the early entry options from WA Universities.


With Universities using Year 11 reports for Early offers a common question for Year 12 students is "how do I calculate my predicted ATAR?" Please click HERE for a short video explaining how to calculate your predicted ATAR.   


Students will be able to register and enter preferences from Monday18 May. Early-bird applications will remain open until 11pm Wednesday, 30 September. Applications received after this will be subject to a late fee. Please click HERE for a guide on how to register and create an account. When providing an email contact, students should use a personal email address instead of the College email, as this will be inactive once Year 12 students graduate and leave the College. The TISC guide will be available to be downloaded later in the year. More information will be distributed to students and families when it becomes available.  

Mr Russell Hinks | Careers/Transition Coordinator 

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College News 


Thank you to Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association for providing a Cappuccino Xpress coffee van (run by Trinity parent Evan Damianopoulos) for staff this morning to thank them for all their hard work in recent times. 


Starting from Week 4, the College's after school Homework Club will recommence in the Senior Library Study Room. Homework Club will run from 3:15pm to 5:00pm Monday to Thursday each week until the end of term. Each session will be supervised by a member of the College staff. Junior School boys will stay in the Junior School Library until 3:45pm and be escorted up to the Senior School Library by a member of JS staff.


Max Germano (Year 8) is the first Year 8 in 2020 to successfully complete the Genre Challenge. This program which is run through the fortnightly library sessions that all middle school students attend challenges the boys to read at least one novel from each of the literary genres that we have in the College Library. Max managed to successfully complete this week's challenge and is determined to win again this year, perhaps even quietly aiming for another two times. Well done Max!


Library staff have completed two new Libguides this week for the Humanities Department. Politics and Law are featuring strongly in the curriculum at the moment, so we have created one called Australia’s Political System (Year 7) and one called Lobby Groups (Year 8). Please click on the images below to view these research guides:


Alison Mackenzie | Head of Library Services


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Congratulations Harry Farmer (Year 9) on being awarded the Frank Osman Memorial Shield at the Westpac Swimmer of the Year Awards. This award recognises the most consistent 13-14 year old swimmer at the State Age Long Course Championships. Harry’s performance at the State Championships late last year was incredible. He recorded personal best times in all 7 events, while achieving 6 x Gold Medals and 1 x Silver. Harry is a proud member of the Trinity College Swim team and we look forward to watching him strive to set records and win accolades in the PSA in the future. 

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 Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association


The Trinity-Terrace Old Boys’ Association along with Hay Shed Hill Wines are running a fundraiser to assist with the TOBA bursary program.

TOBA bursaries provide an opportunity for boys to attend Trinity College who, due to financial constraints, would not otherwise be able to enjoy a Trinity College education. Hay Shed Hill Wines will offer a donation of $30.00 for every dozen sold. Michael Kerrigan ('79) winemaker and owner of Hay Shed Hill is delighted to support TOBA in this fundraiser.

Please use code TOBA for free shipping direct to your door via Australia Post. Please order in multiples of 12 bottles.

Minimum order is 12 bottles. To place your order, please click here.

Thanks for your support.

Ms Diane Millar | Executive Officer of Trinity-Terrace Old Boys’ Association  

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Community News


Master Classes for Term 2 will be presented as an online interactive program that offers weekly tutorial sessions conducted once a week during the school term. Each week these classes reinforce and extend students’ understanding of the work they are currently studying at school. Enrol now via, 9342 2000 or email


Masterclasses are one hour sessions conducted once a week in term time. Each week they review, revise and reinforce the topics and areas of study that students are dealing with in their classes at school. Some students find it very difficult to sustain an independent study program. These Masterclasses offer them a structured way to comprehensively prepare for their exams. For more information visit or email


Help keep your child active and strong, stay connected, have fun, exercise, keep focused, disciplined and help with their daily structure and routine. To enquire please call Anthony on 0402 144 018 or email

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