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TC Newsletter:

Volume 15  May 24, 2019

From the Principal  

At our Secondary Assembly on Tuesday morning (21 May), we gathered as a College community to acknowledge all those students who are involved in the Performing Arts – those students involved in various Music groups and ensembles, Dance groups and Drama. Throughout this year, I have had the privilege and great pleasure of getting around to see some rehearsals and many performances and I have certainly been impressed with the talent on display and of the willingness of boys to so generously share their talents with our community. Sometimes this has been in the context of formal concerts, productions and performances and equally, it has also been in the support of assemblies, Masses, regattas or other College events. At all times, the support from our students in the Performing Arts is presented with humility and is a clear pointer to service and community.

Trinity College is full of many gifted students who consistently excel in all aspects of College life including service, sport and academics. As the Principal, I have the great privilege of attending many different and varied student performances and competitions and I get the opportunity to see first-hand, the reward for their efforts. Our assembly afforded us with the chance to formally thank and congratulate the many talented and committed students in the very diverse area of the Performing Arts - to our musicians involved in our pipes and drums band, swing bands, rock bands, concert bands, orchestras, our many ensembles and our choirs; to our dancers involved in GIG and Imperium; and to those students involved in Drama who last year brought us the College Production of Pirates of Penzance and this year the senior production of the Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon. In recognising the respective captains and acknowledging respective group members we were able to thank them for the performances they give, for the great success they achieve, for the positive example they set and for being wonderful ambassadors for our College.

What is particularly impressive about the students involved in the Performing Arts at this College, is their dedication and commitment. While we admire the performance at events such as Concert Evenings, Productions and Presentation Night, such quality emerges from endless hours of practice, rehearsals and individual work. Further, as our respective students, staff and parents are no doubt very aware, much of this practice and rehearsal happens very early prior to school, or after a long day at school and often on week-ends.

Such dedication to the Arts, to improving personal performance and seeking excellence, presents some important values that we can all aspire to. Values such as commitment, teamwork, supporting others and in appreciating the whole while respecting the individual parts. Our Performing Arts students certainly work very hard, but I am sure they take great satisfaction in their performance which can be viewed as just reward for their tremendous effort. While I often marvel at their talent and the quality of their respective performances, I am particularly taken by the sheer joy that our boys get in performing.

Of course, the quality and quantity of performance that we get to enjoy as a College needs direction and development. As a College we are blessed to have some very dedicated Teachers and Tutors. Led by Dr Braham, they work with, and alongside our students to nurture their skills and encourage such a love of the arts. We sincerely thank them for their dedication and their ability to inspire our boys.

In closing my address at the Performing Arts Assembly, I finished with a message to all students;

“In appreciating the efforts and celebrating the talents of those many boys involved in the Performing Arts, the challenge remains for each and everyone of us to hone our particular talents and to strive for personal excellence in what we do. Your challenge is to strive to give your best so that we can all benefit from you sharing your talents within our community. Whether your talents, ideas and pursuit of excellence is in the area of your academic studies, the dance program, music, sport or in Christian Service; the fact remains that your success will require a commitment, a clear desire to be involved and learn, and it will require hard work. All things that we are all capable of.

So, in gathering today as a College community, let us celebrate those students who generously share their talents with us and, in doing so, have been a light of example in our College. We wish them well over the coming months as they perform in many different events, concerts and festivals. I trust that everyone can truly appreciate their efforts and understand that reward emerges at the end of a well-worn path of commitment, hard work and practice. With exams looming for most students over the next few weeks, I hope that every student can personally commit to similar”.

Live Jesus in our hearts

Mr Darren O'Neill | Principal

College Events


I congratulate the following students who have accepted a leadership role in the various facets of the Performing Arts and we acknowledged at our most recent Secondary Assembly:

  • Instrumental Music Captain: Perth Libao (12.6)
  • Instrumental Vice-Captain: Jarrod Jeremiah (12.8)
  • Choral Captain: Declan Allen (12.6)
  • Choral Vice-Captain: Timothy Forrest (12.1)
  • Pipe Major: Alexander Pagano (12.3)
  • Drum Major: Carlos Torre (10.1) 
  • Drama Captain: Ethan Gosatti (12.1)
  • Dance Captain: Declan Allen (12.6) 
  • Junior School Music Captain: Zachary McLean (6G)
  • Junior School Music Vice Captain: Jacob Allison (6B)
  • Junior School Choir Captain: Myles Guazelli (6W)

On Wednesday, Trinity College warmly welcomed approximately 120 prospective families to our Open Day. Three different sessions took place throughout the day, with a welcome address from myself and our student leaders, student led tours of the College grounds, and then concluding with light refreshments and an opportunity for families to speak with our staff. It was wonderful to see so many new families interested in a Trinity education for their sons. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Registrar Mrs Brooke Hornbuckle, our Marketing team of Maddie Adams, Kelli Pala and Natasha Heneghan for their preparation and work on the day. Similarly, I would like to acknowledge our Year 10 ‘Tour Guides’ and other staff who assisted on the day. It was a great day that showcased our College and highlighted our boys.


This evening we will hold the Junior and Middle School music night. This will be an opportunity for our younger students to display their talents. The evening begins at 7:00pm in Gibney Hall, and we are asking for a gold coin donation at the door. The boys have been working hard to provide you with a wonderful night of musical entertainment featuring choirs and instrumental ensembles from across the Junior School and from Years 7, 8 and 9. I would encourage you to bring the family for an entertaining evening. Entrance to Gibney Hall is through the main entrance opposite the Chapel. People who may need the lift for access to Gibney Hall, can enter through the Cultural Centre and take the lift to the first floor. I look forward to seeing you all on the night.  


We extend our good wishes to all of our Year 11 and 12 students who will be undertaking their exams over the next two weeks. I hope that the long hours of revision and study will be rewarded with pleasing results.


The Year 9 Mass is scheduled for Tuesday, 28 May and the Year 10 Mass is scheduled for Tuesday, 4 June. Hopefully parents with sons in these particular year groups can put the Mass date in their diary and join us in the Chapel, and then for a cuppa afterwards. Please RSVP to or via telephone on 9223 8306. 

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College Calendar


Monday, 3 June

  • Western Australia Day
  • No classes

Tuesday, 4 June

  • 9:35am Year 10 Mass

Thursday, 6 June

  • GG v TC
  • Year 9 Dancing 3:30pm-4:30pm

Friday, 7 June

  • 8:00am Mass
  • GG v TC
  • 11:00am-12:45pm Year 7 Excursion 

Saturday, 8 June

  • GG v TC


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Junior School News


On Tuesday, the Governor of Western Australia visited the Year 4 students and enjoyed participating in a Q&A. it was very interesting listening to The Honourable Kim Beazley relate stories about his time in politics as the Minister for Defence, as the Acting Prime Minister and in his role as the Australian Ambassador to the United States as well as his current role as Governor. The students are covering citizenship as part of their Humanities studies and learning about the differences between rules and laws.


The Year 4s took part in a hockey carnival yesterday with Aquinas. Many parents came along to support the boys as both coaches and spectators. It was a great day.


Tonight, many of the Junior School boys are involved in the Junior and Middle School Music Night. I look forward to seeing the choirs and string ensemble perform and show off their talent and the work they have done during the first part of the year.


On Tuesday, 28 May, the House Cross Country Carnival is taking place. The carnival this year is being ran at Trinity Playing Fields in Waterford. The start times and race distances for each year level are as follows:

  • 12.50pm: Year 4 Race (1500m)
  • 1.20pm: Year 5 Race (2250m)
  • 1.50pm: Year 6 race (3000m)
  • 2.20pm: Presentations
Tuesday, 28 May 
  • Year 5 and 6 Winter sport training commencing at 7:30am
  • House Cross Country Carnival 
Thursday, 30 May 
  • Sport v Hale
Friday, 31 May 
  • 5B Mass commencing at 8:40am
  • 6W Assembly in the Braham Auditorium commencing at 2:20pm

Mr Martin Tucker ('87) | Head of Junior School   


On Monday, the Junior School boys started their athletics trials by doing either the 800 metre, discus or shotput throw. On Tuesday all of the Year 6 and 5 boys got to Trinity early to have their first winter sport training on Mann Oval. They had picked their winter sports earlier this year and will be playing them in Term 2 and 3. It was also quite a lucky day for the Year 4s, as they got to meet the Governor Kim Beazley. He came in and had a talk to the Year 4s and answered our questions. On Wednesday, it was quite a jumbled day, as there were many visitors from the families touring the Junior School for Open Day. On Thursday the Prefects went to the boardroom near the teacher’s lounge to talk to one of college heads about what is great at Trinity, what needs to stop and what needs to start. On Thursday we played sport against Scotch in period 4 after an early lunch at 12:10pm.

On Friday, we had our afternoon assembly and tonight we have the Junior and Middle school Music night. This will be a wonderful way to finish off week 4.

Luke Chapman (6W) and Lewis Murabito (6W)

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Secondary School News                                                                 


On Wednesday, 22 May, the Year 11 Pastoral Care Groups set off to various venues around Perth to participate in the Encounter Retreat. These young men participated in a series of creative and reflective activities that allowed them time to stop and be still in the present moment. What an amazing group of young men. All the staff were impressed with their willingness to share their Christian Service experience from Term One and the impact it had on them personally. I would like to sincerely thank the students who willingly had courage to participate in new experiences, and the staff who always lead these retreats with love and sincerity. Please encourage your son to share, not only his time at his Christian Service placement, but also what he learned from the retreat. Thank you and God Bless!

Rosa West - Director of Campus Ministry


Each Thursday afternoon of Term 2, the Year 9 students from Trinity and Mercedes College have been participating in Ballroom Dancing lessons. Both the boys and girls are really enjoying it, learning new skills and developing new relationships. The dances are taught by instructors from Gilkisons who are really nice and supportive, while helping to improve our dancing. Most Year 9 Students have never been taught ballroom dancing before! This is an opportunity to learn a new skill, step outside of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves.

During the lessons we have learnt many dances such as the Hucklebuck and the Cha-Cha-Cha. A lot of these dances prove to be challenging for the boys however some pick it up quickly! There are many laughs had along the way, as many of us have two left feet or get confused quickly. It is a really fun experience that I am sure all students are enjoying.

Although it can be awkward a times, everyone is willing to dance with one another and over the duration of the lessons new friendships are becoming stronger and stronger, and I am sure that long term friendships will be made.

Ballroom Dancing has been a really fun and exciting experience thus far and I am sure everyone is looking forward to every upcoming Thursday.

William Day (9.4) 


As part of the Guys Read program, Mr Steve Leahy (Director of Sport) joined a Year 8 class for their reading session this week. Mr Leahy is a regular visitor to the College Library borrowing a wide variety of reading material. Today he spoke to the boys about the importance of reading for enjoyment as it helps in all areas of academics as well being an enjoyable way to pass spare time. He also mentioned that by reading, you subconsciously pick up many language skills that will help in many areas in the future. Mr Leahy spent his time in the library reading a travel guide about Africa after a recent visit.

Thank you Mr Leahy for taking the time to join us. 


The Year 7 English classes have had an introduction session to the College’s eBook and eAudioBook Library – Borrowbox. This electronic library is an extensive resource which is free to access for all College students. It is easily accessible through an app for Apple and Android devices. The students only require their school user name, password, and email address to be able to log in and start borrowing. In addition to the four physical resources the boys can borrow from the College Library, they can also borrow (download) two eBooks and two eAudioBooks as well. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.


This week, the Trinity College Book Clubs enjoyed the annual joint event when Amy and Sharon from Boffins Books came to visit. Amy and Sharon brought a range of newly released fiction, non-fiction and Young Adult fiction for the boys to peruse. While the boys were enjoying some delicious snacks, the ladies gave a quick synopsis of each of the books they brought with them. After the talking was finished, the boys were able to select the books that they wanted the College Library to purchase as well as ‘reserve’ them so they got to read them first. Again this was a really successful event and Amy and Sharon brought the almost perfect selection for the boys. They also commented, that of all the schools they visit, Trinity remains the one where the students are the most engaged, the most welcoming and the most open to the selections brought. Thank you to Amy and Sharon for visiting the Trinity College Book Clubs.

Ms Alison Mackenzie | Head of Library Services 

My name is Dahmen Weston (9.5) and this year I am participating in the Duke of Edinburgh award. I chose to undergo this award as I wanted to challenge myself and step outside my comfort zone as well as improve my leadership skills and give back to the community through the service aspect of the award.  

There are three aspects of the Bronze Award; Physical recreation, Skill and Service. I am involved in the rowing and cross country clubs at the school, which helps me fulfil the requirements of the Sport aspect of the award. For the Skill aspect, I am choreographing a dance to perform at the Dance and Drama Showcase. For the Service component, I have been helping out at the Junior School library after school as well as participating in the service activities we do in class. One of the activities we have been involved in is sandwich making. The sandwiches we produce are sent to a primary school and given to the students there. 

This Bronze Award also required us to organise and partake in a camp. The camp was really fun and enjoyable. It was an excellent opportunity for me to step outside my comfort zone and test my leadership skills. One of the activities we did was a navigation task, where we needed to make our way through the bush and back to camp. I got the opportunity to lead the group, which tested my leadership skills. We successfully made our way back to camp. I am really enjoying the Bronze Award and plan to continue on with the Silver Award next year. 

  • Date:      Friday,  7 June
  • Time:      6:30pm (for 7pm start of movie)
  • Venue:   Palace Cinemas, Raine Square
  • Movie:   'Rocketman'
  • Cost:      $20 per head (incl. movie, private cinema, discounted drink and nibbles)  
  • RSVP & payment due by 8.30pm Friday, 24 May 

For further information please contact Teresa Leone on 0438 916 677 or 

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College News 

NCCD 2019

In July the College will again submit data to the Federal Government about the level and different kinds of adjustments we make for some of our students. This is called ‘The Nationally Consistent Collection of Data for Students with disabilities’ and it happens every year.

Every school is required to submit data to the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD)on School Students with Disability. The information gathered helps teachers, principals, education authorities and governments better understand and support students with disability.

To assist school communities to participate in the (NCCD), a new Portal has been launched. It is a comprehensive online resource to support principals, teachers and school support staff understand and complete the NCCD.

Parents, guardians and carers can also find tailored information in the Portal, which is packed with free and practical resources to support schools and their communities. These resources include e-learning modules, videos, case studies and templates. The e-learning modules assist school leaders, teachers and teacher assistants to understand their obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, the Disability Standards for Education 2005 and more.

The Portal also includes step-by-step guides to the NCCD process, explains why data is collected, what supporting evidence is required and suggests key timelines for action.

For more information on the NCCD, visit

Protecting the privacy and confidentiality of all students and their families is essential and is an explicit focus of the national data collection. Data is collected within each school, and personal details, such as student names or other identifying information, are not provided to local or federal education authorities.

If you have any questions or queries please contact me at the College.

Lissa Coleman | Director Inclusive Education


Saturday the 17th of May saw Trinity College pull up their socks, wear pink and support the McGrath Foundation. Continuing on from previous years success, the event saw all 1st teams players representing the College wear pink socks. The boys also took this opportunity to gift a special female in their lives a pink gerbera as a sign of appreciation and thanks for the support and love they continually offer.

Former Head Prefect, Lochie Taylor ('16) initiated the idea and it was a pleasure to see his mum, Tina Taylor, at Waterford representing Lochie.

“Through Pink Sock Day we hope to support women’s health, focusing on our mothers and all the women who encourage us through school and life in general. At the same time, we aim to educate our young Trinity men to demonstrate a greater awareness and appreciation towards women’s health. Most importantly we aim to raise money to place McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities’ right across Australia.” – Lochie Taylor (‘16)

An amazing amount of $4583.15 was raised on the day and throughout the week which will go towards placing breast cancer nurses in homes. A special thank you must go out to the 1st Team managers for making this event happen, as well as the amazing Friends of Football committee who embraced the theme and painted Waterford pink. Also, a big thank you to all boys, parents, coaches, managers, Wesley College and the wider Trinity community for being incredibly involved and donating so generously to a great cause. Through your efforts over the years, the event has become a huge success and certainly one which I look forward to seeing become bigger and better in the years to come.

Ms Amanda Marocchi | Head of Year 9 and Mathematics Teacher


The Trinity College Environmental Committee is constantly looking for new ways to make our community a more sustainable one and as such, we have recently undertaken an additional recycling initiatives in conjunction with Terracycle. The College is now able to recycle the following items:

Pens, mechanical pencils, markers, highlighters, permanent markers and caps – dedicated recycling boxes located in the Junior School STEM room, the Art Room and the Senior Library.

Beauty Products including the following: make up and cosmetics packaging, brushes, hairbands, clips, shampoo and conditioner bottles – dedicated recycling boxes are located in the Junior School STEM Room and the Senior School Library.

We continue to recycle batteries through a Battery World initiative – this dedicated recycling bin can be found in the senior school Library.

We also continue to work in partnership with not for profit organisation Greenbatch to recycle plastic - #1 PET and #2 HDPE can now be recycled in the four purple bins around the College and in the Senior Library. By recycling these bottles through Greenbatch the College is attempting to prevent the prediction “That by 2050, there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish” coming to fruition. Please feel free to collect and drop off these plastics at the College.

Ms Alison Mackenzie | Head of Library Services


The planned Service Expedition to Sri Lanka taking place in December this year has been now been changed to a combination trip to Northern Thailand and Laos. The Year 10 students undertaking this Expedition had a planning meeting on Monday afternoon to discuss and plan the new itineraries for their three weeks away. By the end of the evening, both teams had decided on the same itinerary and a decision had to be made as to which group was going to swap travel direction. Eventually, after a good natured, lively discussion, it was decided that there was only one way to resolve the issue - a high intensity game of silent giant Connect 4, followed by a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors! Although this has been an unexpected change to the destination, all of the students are very excited by the new destination and are looking forward to a once in a lifetime opportunity. We are also going ahead with the pre-planned fundraising dinner if you would like to support the volunteer work the students will be undertaking whilst away:

  • Date: Saturday, 15 June 2019
  • Place: Staff Lounge, Trinity College
  • Time: 7.00pm
  • Cost: $35 (adult); $20 (child 7-14 years); $0 (children under 7)
  • Info: BYO Drinks, Sri Lankan Buffet
  • Tickets:

The Visual Arts Department invites you to an exhibition of mixed media artworks by Chen He. There is a price list available in the art office for anyone interested in purchasing an artwork.

Artist Chen He has related the following about her artwork: “The theme of my art exhibition is ‘The Life and The Kite’. The flight of a kite is dependent on weather conditions and its master, the person controlling the kite. A person with ADHD may live life with mental health issues, but he or she is the master of their own life. I hope my art exhibition will resonate with those who live with this condition”.

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L-R: Mr Geoff Jamieson, Francis Moschilla (10.1), Jaycob Kell (12.6), Sean Harrison (12.6), Ben Allen (12.1), Daniel Matuszkiewicz (9.4), Caden Barnett (8.3) and Kobee Beck (8.5)

1st place

  • Boys 14 years team
  • Caden Barnett (8.3), Daniel Matuszkiewicz (9.4) and Kobee Beck (8.5)

2nd place

  • Boys 17 years team
  • Ben Allen (12.1), Jaycob Kell (12.6) and Sean Harrison (12.6)

Congratulations to the following boys have also be named in the State Cross Country Team squad;

Ben Allen (12.1), Jaycob Kell (12.6), Francis Moschilla (10.1) and Caden Barnett (8.3). 

L-R: Marcus Cassidy (7.1), Liam McAlister (7.5) and Cole Trinder (7.7)

Congratulations to the following Trinity boys who have been selected in the team to represent School Sport Western Australia in the 12 Years & Under School Sport Australia National AFL Championships being held in Mandurah, Western Australia in August. 

  • Marcus Cassidy (7.1)
  • Liam McAlister (7.5)
  • Cole Trinder (7.7)

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Community News


WAAPA at ECU is offering an exciting performing arts program for children and young people in Years 1 to 12, these July school holidays. The Winter School includes classes in drama, acting, screen acting, film making and musical theatre. For information about the many courses on offer please visit Winter School or contact Gabrielle Metcalf at or 9370 6775.


Tuition for all students Year 7 to 12. The July School Holiday Program offers students comprehensive subject revision and prepares students for their First Semester Exams.           For further information contact Dr. Robert Hallam at Master Mind Australia on 9486 137 Or visit


TEE has been helping Year 12 students maximise their ATAR score for over 30 years and the service has proved invaluable to thousands of individuals and their families. We offder students the unique opportunity to study and live on campus at UWA, while attending lecture theatre revision classes. For more information please visit or email 


The ConocoPhillips Science Experience STEM program is essentially 3 or 4 days of hands-on science, conducted across thirty-three universities and tertary campuses Australia wide and is open to all current Year 9 and 10 students in 2019. The programs include hands ona ctivities in laboratories, short interactive lectures and many more programs include a visit to a local scientific site. There is no selection process and all students are welcome to attend. The full cost for a student to participate in the 3 day program is $190 and the 4 day program is $260. The ConocoPhillips Science Experience is a Rotary supported project, and local Rotary clubs are willing to financially sponsor students. For more information please visit 


Give your child the help they deserve to build their confidence, self esteem, focus, strength and life skills in our specially designed programs just for kids. Our program starts from 4 years and up. Book early for a free 2 week pass for you and a friend. Call Anthony on 0402 144 018 or visit for more information.  

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