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TC Newsletter:

Volume 16  May 31, 2019

From the Principal  

Like all schools, Trinity College seeks to provide a variety of assessments to determine the achievement level of individual students. This can be in the form of formal examinations and tests, or through research tasks, portfolio work, practical skill demonstrations, or oral presentations and the like. It is important that any such assessment piece is reliable in its administration and process, and valid in that it accurately measures targeted achievement. The use of cross-marking and internal moderation processes seeks to ensure this.

Our Years 11 and 12 students are currently immersed in a two-week formal examination period. For those students taking General Courses, this follows directly on from completing several Externally Set Tasks (ESTs) in the in the past few weeks. Our Year 10 boys will soon be commencing their examination week, and this will be followed by a week of examinations for our Year 8 and Year 9 boys. Most recently, our Year 5, Year 7 and Year 9 students were busy completing the National Program in Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) Tests. This year happened to be the first time that NAPLAN testing was completed Online – adding another layer of complexity. As many of you will be aware, NAPLAN Testing is conducted annually in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 across all schools nationally. At ‘NAPLAN time’, we see the emergence of articles in the press that begin to question the validity of such testing, and indeed, school - based assessments generally. Many such commentaries contend that NAPLAN testing becomes the sole focus of teaching programs in some schools and can cause undue stress for students, while other reports suggest that teachers are not able to correctly interpret NAPLAN results or address any perceived learning deficiencies.

This is a very long way from the truth at Trinity College. Firstly, our boys approached the NAPLAN Testing in a most sincere and determined manner and secondly, our teachers are very skilled in interpreting evaluative data. In fact, teachers are often able to assist in diagnosing issues with literacy and numeracy long before the results of NAPLAN. As a result of such data analysis, the College has introduced targeted literacy and numeracy programs aimed at addressing ‘perceived learning gaps’ for some of our students.

At Trinity College, we broadly support any testing that provides schools, educational systems, and governments for that matter, with consistent and reliable data upon which future policy and direction can be determined. NAPLAN results are just one such data source. We also recognise that these tests only provide a very narrow snapshot of student capabilities and that drawing meaningful conclusions from them has its limitations. Importantly, as a College, we are keen to analyse what may be revealed about our school in the process of standardised testing. While our recent NAPLAN results have been very good and have served to affirm our practice and processes, if a deficiency was discovered in any particular year cohort, or for a particular group of students, it is far better to acknowledge and address this rather than to continue in ignorance.

I believe that the ongoing public debate on this national testing gives NAPLAN a status which it neither deserves, nor seeks. At the time of enrolling into our College, the NAPLAN results from each student’s respective Primary School is used amongst a range of information that helps determine appropriate placement and any necessary intervention strategies for each individual student. Such results are never used to prioritise applicants for enrolment places. Similarly, I am sure that families seeking enrolment for their children at our College place a much higher priority upon an education in faith, explicit values, the range of opportunities, the quality of relationships, and the general pursuit of excellence, rather than our historical NAPLAN results.

NAPLAN testing has a place within the myriad of initiatives that seek to improve the educational outcomes for children. As a College, we will continue to give due diligence to its administration and its analysis. However, we will not consume valuable time and place undue stress on our students by ‘teaching to the test’. We will continue to adopt a broad perspective which emphasises a well-rounded education designed to assist families in the development of good young men.  Surely this is the aim of a good education and very much at the core of our Mission as a College.

Live Jesus in our hearts

Mr Darren O'Neill | Principal

College Events

Tomorrow, we mark the anniversary of the birth of Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice. 

Edmund Rice was born to Robert Rice and Margaret Rice (née Tierney) on 1 June 1762. He was raised on the farming property of "Westcourt", in Callan, County Kilkenny.  

He became a Roman Catholic missionary and educationalist. Edmund was also the founder of two religious institutes of religious brothers: the Congregation of Christian Brothers and the Presentation Brothers. 

Edmund was born in Ireland at a time when Catholics faced oppression under Penal Laws enforced by the British authorities. Despite this, forged a successful career in business. He was widowed as a young man after his wife died giving birth to his disabled daughter. He went on to devote his life to education, servicing the poor and to seeking a better life for those in need. 

Rice devoted his life to prayer and charitable work, particularly with the poor and marginalised of Waterford. In 1802, when he established a makeshift school in a converted stable in New Street, Waterford, he found the children were so difficult to manage that the teachers resigned. He devoted himself to training teachers who would dedicate their lives to prayers and to teaching the children free of charge. Despite the difficulties involved, Edmund's classes were so popular that another temporary school had to be set up on another of his properties, this time in nearby Stephen Street.  

The turning point of Rice's ministry was the arrival of two young men, from his home town in Callan. Thomas Grosvenor and Patrick Finn came to him with the desire of joining his congregation. The subsequent success of the New Street school led to a more permanent building, christened 'Mount Sion', where construction began on 1 June 1802.  

In 1808, seven of the staff including Edmund Rice, took religious vows under the authority of Bishop Power of Waterford. Following the example of Nano Nagle's Presentation Sisters, they were called Presentation Brothers. This was the first congregation of men to be founded in Ireland and one of the few ever founded by a layman. Gradually a transformation had taken place amongst the "quay kids" of Waterford, largely attributed to the work of Edmund and his Brothers, who educated, clothed and fed the boys. In 1820 Edmund Rice founded the Christian Brothers. 

The work started by Edmund has spread around the world and was the foundation upon which Trinity College was built. Under the auspices of Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) there are over fifty schools and learning centres across Australia that can trace their existence to Blessed Edmund Rice.


Last Friday, we were treated to the talents of the Junior and Middle School music students. They all impressed us with their polished and entertaining performances. The Junior School choirs were not only sounding good but looked like they were thoroughly enjoying the experience.  It is wonderful to see the progression of skills as the program moved into the middle school ensembles. The chamber groups; Percussion, Classical Guitar, Middle School Vocal Ensemble were particularly impressive.  Well done also to Swing Band II, for their first performance of the year.  The large flagship ensembles, the Trinity/Mercedes String Ensemble and Wind Ensemble (with 95 students on board), also had their first performances for 2019 and played with beautiful full tonal quality showing how far they have progressed this year. The Middle School Chorale showed strength in numbers in their rendition of a Canadian folk song, with a violin solo added for good measure by Mrs Lena Bennett. I would like to congratulate Dr Robert Braham, Mrs Ann Clarke, Mrs Kimberley Lloyd and all of our music tutors and musicians, on a wonderful evening of entertainment. 


Today we have a team of 14 dedicated students from Year 7 – 12 who are representing Trinity in the PSA Surfing Championships at Trigg Beach.  We wish all the boys well and thank Mr Adam Gage and Mr Tim Carslaw, who are the supervising teachers.


Today we also have 8 dedicated students from Year 7 – 12 who are representing Trinity in the PSA Golf Championships at the Royal Perth Golf Club.  We wish all the boys well and thank Mr Stephen Leahy who is the supervising teacher.


The Year 10 Mass is scheduled for Tuesday, 4 June and the Year 12 Mass is scheduled for Tuesday, 11 June. Hopefully parents with sons in these year groups can put the Mass date into their diary and join us in the newly refurbished College Chapel. Parents are then invited to join for a cuppa after our celebration. Please RSVP to or via telephone on 9223 8306.


A reminder to all parents that next Monday, 3 June is Western Australia Day. I hope that everyone has a wonderful long weekend, and I look forward to seeing our boys back at school on Tuesday, 4 June.

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College Calendar


Monday, 3 June

  • Western Australia Day
  • No classes

Tuesday, 4 June

  • 9:35am Year 10 Mass

Thursday, 6 June

  • GG v TC
  • Year 9 Dancing 3:30pm-4:30pm

Friday, 7 June

  • 8:00am Mass
  • GG v TC
  • 11:00am-12:45pm Year 7 Excursion 

Saturday, 8 June

  • GG v TC


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Junior School News


The Cross Country Carnival held on Tuesday, was a fabulous event on a magnificent day. Congratulations to all the boys for the endeavour and enthusiasm in which they participated and for the sportsmanship they displayed. It was again pleasing to see so many parents attend to support all the boys. Thank you to Mr Luke Thompson for his running of the carnival. Training for the Interschool Cross Country team will commence next week. The results are as follows:

Year 4

  • Champion –   Liam Breakingbury (4G)
  • Runner-up –  Antony Trinh (4B)
  • Endeavour –  Owen Breakingbury (4G) 

Year 5

  • Champion –   Bowie McCabe (5G)
  • Runner-up –   Max Radica (5Gd)
  • Endeavour –  Taj Distefano (5G)

Year 6

  • Champion – Oscar McManus (6B)
  • Runner-up – Harry Dillon (6W)
  • Endeavour – Aaron Hugo (6G)


1 – Queens

2 – Xavier

3 – Campion

4 – Chanel


During the months of June and July, the boys are not required to wear hats when outside. This is in line with SunSmart Schools policy guidelines as the average UV index during these months is below 3.

Monday, 3 June 
  • Western Australia Day Public Holiday
Tuesday, 4 June 
  • Year 5/6 winter sport training

  • Year 4 Maths Day

Thursday, 6 June
  • Sport v Guildford
Friday, 7 June
  • Year 6B Reconciliation
  • Assembly commencing at 2:40pm

Mr Martin Tucker ('87) | Head of Junior School    


This week was another busy in the Junior School. On Tuesday all the boys were nervous because they were about the run in the House Cross country Carnival. Queens were victorious. On Thursday we had a fixture against Hale. Some of the boys then were able to stay and watch the Senior School First teams play Hale. Friday started with 5B Mass, the first Junior School Mass in the renovated Chapel. The week ended with 6W assembly, into which a lot of effort was placed. We are all looking forward to the WA Day long weekend.  

Aarav Bhandari (6W) and Charlie McDonald (6W)

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Secondary School News                                                                  


Please note the following key dates:

  • Students are able to withdraw from ATAR courses with practical examination components up until Friday, 26 July.
  • Year 12 students are able to withdraw from ATAR courses which do not have practical examination components up until Thursday, 15 August.
  • Year 12 students are able to withdraw from General courses up until Thursday, 15 August.

Please note any student considering withdrawing from any subject should carefully review their courses and ensure they have sufficient units and List A & B subjects to meet the requirements for secondary graduation. Queries can be directed to Mr Anthony Byrne or Mr Russell Hinks.

SCSA have produced the Year 12 Student Information Handbook (Part 1). Students have been sent a link to the handbook via SEQTA and the handbook is also available for download HERE.


This term in Becoming Men we are focusing on the theme of Empowering Women, Educating Men. The boys have been exposed to the importance of gender diversity, managing relationships, the importance of presentation and first impressions and will be taught ‘old fashion’ dinner etiquette which will culminate in a formal night with the most important woman in their lives, their mother.

A formal dinner will be held in the Boundary Room at the WACA. Our Mothers/Influential Females are invited to join their son in a formal setting where they will join him for a meal and be his guest. There will also be an opportunity for to take to the dance floor where the boys will teach the waltz and a few of the dances he has learnt at Ballroom Dancing.

Please take note of the RSVP date as there will be no exceptions.


This week we had the pleasure of Mr Peter Norman (Vice Principal) join us in a Year 9 reading session. Mr Norman spoke to the boys about how much he enjoys reading, especially as a way to wind down and relax after a busy day at work. His favourite choice of reading material being Autobiographies and Biographies, in particular those written by or about inspirational people who helped change the world. Mr Norman brought a copy of the “The Peter Norman Story” with him – the biography of the Australian athlete who won a silver medal at the 1968 Mexico Olympics. Immortalised in the famous image with his fellow medal winners on the dais making a stand against racial inequality – “I’ll stand with you” - the Australian athlete paid a large price for this act of solidarity. This biography is written by Andrew Webster and Matt Norman (the athlete’s nephew).

Thank you to Mr Norman for taking time out to come and read with us.


We are very excited to announce that Trinity College will be hosting a visit from Australian Children’s Laureate – Morris Gleitzman - on Tuesday, 23 July. All of the students from Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 will be taking part in this event, as will a group of students from Mercedes College as well. All of these students have read “Once” by Gleitzman, many of them going on to read the rest of the ‘Felix and Zelda’ series and other Gleitzman novels. Published in around twenty countries, Gleitzman is an internationally renowned author and this is a great opportunity for the Trinity College students to meet him.

As part of his visit, families are able to pre-purchase signed copies of his novels – click here to download an order form. If you are interested in this, please complete and return the order form to myself no later than the 21st June. Signed copies will be available the day after his visit.

Ms Alison Mackenzie | Head of Library Services


My name is Jacob Wilkie and I am a part of the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award in year 9. For Physical Recreation, I have chosen cricket and AFL football as my major hours to take up, which is across 26 weeks. Sections of Skill and Service are to be done on a 13-week basis and I have taken up junior golf coaching at my local golf club and Trinity College service hours to complete these sections. When I heard about this Bronze Award I found an opportunity to show what I can do when I put my mind to it and I wanted to bring my mental state and leadership qualities to a new level. This Bronze Award brings close relationships with people that you may not have known too well and you will, hopefully in the future, be good mates with. Also, leadership qualities that are found in this Bronze Award will take you so far in life and will let you accomplish so much more than you could dream of. This Bronze Award demands a lot of determination, persistence and focus to do the best you can do. You need to go above and beyond to see the effect of this Bronze Award and to show people what you can accomplish. Currently my class and I are preparing a special day filled with activities for kids from a chosen primary school. This day is designed to make children from the school happy and joyful whilst exploring new skills that they have not yet discovered. We have only started but every one of us in the Year 9 Duke of Edinburgh program have contributed well and the final result hopefully pays off!

Hi my name is Harry Duncan and I am doing my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. For Physical Recreation, I did water polo for my term one sport and this term I am doing rugby. For Skill I am doing Year 5/6 rugby and water polo coaching. For Service I am helping out my cousin’s rugby team. Also, for Service every second week the class have been making sandwiches for a primary school where the kids at the school are usually going through the day with no lunch or recess. I would say the best part of the whole experience is that we are helping the not so fortunate and knowing how grateful they are going to be when they see that some random people that they have never even met are giving them lunch with a heart filled message on the back of the bag.


  • Date:      Friday,  7 June
  • Time:      6:30pm (for 7pm start of movie)
  • Venue:   Palace Cinemas, Raine Square
  • Movie:   'Rocketman'
  • Cost:      $20 per head (incl. movie, private cinema, discounted drink and nibbles)  
  • RSVP & payment due by 8.30pm Wednesday, 5 June. 

For further information please contact Teresa Leone on 0438 916 677 or 

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College News 


On Sunday, Trinity band 'Diversity' performed alongside David Pigram at the Indigenous Round of the AFL, held at Optus Stadium as part of Reconciliation Week. Watch Rory and Robert (Year 10), Colby (Year 9) and Old Boys David ('81) and Jesse Pigram ('16) perform via

Trinity College is proud to acknowledge National Reconciliation Week and promote reconciliation as a sponsor of the Government's Street Banner Project in Forrest Chase, Perth.

"Reconciliation must live in the hearts, minds and actions of all Australians as we move forward, creating a nation strengthened by respectful relationships between the wider Australian community, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples."

  • Tuesday 7:30am to 4:00pm and Friday 7:30am to 1:30pm

We are pleased how well Online Ordering of Uniform is working. Once you have placed your order online we will receive it straight away, please note we will not notify you that your order is ready for collection please either send your son in or come personally to collect the items.

We are looking forward to meeting parents out at Waterford on the morning of Saturday, 15 June. We will be available to answer any Uniform enquires that you may have as well as a few items for sale.

We will be running a special where you can purchase the Trinity Keep Cup for $12.50 and then if you take it to the coffee van they will give you a 50cent discount on your coffee if you use the Trinity Keep Cup.

Thanking you

Judy and Kim


The planned Service Expedition to Sri Lanka taking place in December this year has been now been changed to a combination trip to Northern Thailand and Laos. The Year 10 students undertaking this Expedition had a planning meeting on Monday afternoon to discuss and plan the new itineraries for their three weeks away. By the end of the evening, both teams had decided on the same itinerary and a decision had to be made as to which group was going to swap travel direction. Eventually, after a good natured, lively discussion, it was decided that there was only one way to resolve the issue - a high intensity game of silent giant Connect 4, followed by a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors! Although this has been an unexpected change to the destination, all of the students are very excited by the new destination and are looking forward to a once in a lifetime opportunity. We are also going ahead with the pre-planned fundraising dinner if you would like to support the volunteer work the students will be undertaking whilst away:

  • Date: Saturday, 15 June 2019
  • Place: Staff Lounge, Trinity College
  • Time: 7.00pm
  • Cost: $35 (adult); $20 (child 7-14 years); $0 (children under 7)
  • Info: BYO Drinks, Sri Lankan Buffet
  • Tickets:

The Visual Arts Department invites you to an exhibition of mixed media artworks by Chen He. There is a price list available in the art office for anyone interested in purchasing an artwork.

Artist Chen He has related the following about her artwork: “The theme of my art exhibition is ‘The Life and The Kite’. The flight of a kite is dependent on weather conditions and its master, the person controlling the kite. A person with ADHD may live life with mental health issues, but he or she is the master of their own life. I hope my art exhibition will resonate with those who live with this condition”.

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Trinity College Old Boy, Matt Smith ('13) shows what it takes to be a true Man for Others. Matt, duathlete, sacrificed his chance to win his first professional duathlon race to help a fellow racegoer injured in a sickening crash during a competition in Michigan. What a terrific show of sportsmanship and humanity! Click here to read an article from about this great story. 

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Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association


Community News


WAAPA at ECU is offering an exciting performing arts program for children and young people in Years 1 to 12, these July school holidays. The Winter School includes classes in drama, acting, screen acting, film making and musical theatre. For information about the many courses on offer please visit Winter School or contact Gabrielle Metcalf at or 9370 6775.


Tuition for all students Year 7 to 12. The July School Holiday Program offers students comprehensive subject revision and prepares students for their First Semester Exams.           For further information contact Dr. Robert Hallam at Master Mind Australia on 9486 137 Or visit


TEE has been helping Year 12 students maximise their ATAR score for over 30 years and the service has proved invaluable to thousands of individuals and their families. We offder students the unique opportunity to study and live on campus at UWA, while attending lecture theatre revision classes. For more information please visit or email 


The ConocoPhillips Science Experience STEM program is essentially 3 or 4 days of hands-on science, conducted across thirty-three universities and tertary campuses Australia wide and is open to all current Year 9 and 10 students in 2019. The programs include hands ona ctivities in laboratories, short interactive lectures and many more programs include a visit to a local scientific site. There is no selection process and all students are welcome to attend. The full cost for a student to participate in the 3 day program is $190 and the 4 day program is $260. The ConocoPhillips Science Experience is a Rotary supported project, and local Rotary clubs are willing to financially sponsor students. For more information please visit 


Give your child the help they deserve to build their confidence, self esteem, focus, strength and life skills in our specially designed programs just for kids. Our program starts from 4 years and up. Book early for a free 2 week pass for you and a friend. Call Anthony on 0402 144 018 or visit for more information.  

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