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TC Newsletter:

Volume 19  June 21, 2019

From the Principal 

Joseph Dawson (12.3) and Simon Fernandes (12.4)

On Tuesday morning (17 June), the College gathered for our Christian Service Assembly. This afforded us with an opportunity to focus on our ongoing commitment of service to others - to appreciate the extraordinary Christian Service work undertaken throughout the College and to acknowledge and celebrate some of our Senior boys for their leadership and wonderful example of genuine service.

In a very inspiring ceremony, Mrs Marya Stewart (Director of Christian Service), introduced Year 12 students, Lachlan Sibosado (12.8), Joseph Dawson (12.3) and Simon Fernandes (12.4), who gave very personal accounts of their respective ‘Senior Projects’ - dedicated Christian Service activities to which they committed extraordinary hours in helping special communities. What was particularly moving was their deep understanding of the great rewards they had received in so generously giving to others. It was wonderfully humbling to hear their stories and reflections. As part of our assembly, 50 of our Senior Students were awarded Honours and Colours in recognition of their commitment to Christian Service. It was a real honour to present each of them with their Certificate and badge.

As part of my address, I reminded students about our commitment to service and the benefit that such a commitment brings to their own formation as young men. Service to others is about meeting the other through relationship and standing with them in solidarity. I have included some excerpts below; 

“… Trinity College is a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition. This clearly marks our status as being part of our Church; a Church that is inclusive of all and that shows deep love and genuine concern for the poor and marginalised. The Church that we serve promotes service and compassionate engagement with others as being critical to the way in which we, as Christians, live. The Touchstone of Justice and Solidarity has a similar call. It states, that as an Edmund Rice School, ‘we are committed to justice and peace for all, grounded in a spirituality of action and reflection that calls us to stand in solidarity with those who are marginalised.’ The Charter for Edmund Rice Education, and our place as a Catholic School, clearly directs our mission to the ‘margins’ - to those who are disadvantaged or may lack opportunity or hope.

Unfortunately, there are still many that would be considered poor in our modern society. Within the communities that we all live, there still exists those that are hungry; cold; without adequate shelter or access to health care; who have little opportunity for education; are afflicted by drugs or subject to the cycle of violence; those who are discriminated against; or face the anguish of mental health issues. These are the poor today and our challenge remains to reach out and stand with them.

I am very proud to say that Trinity College has an exceptional Christian Service program. While any such program cannot provide answers to all of the problems facing our society, it does provide opportunities for each one of us, Students and Staff, to experience, reflect and respond to those in need. Whether this be through letter writing, visiting schools and care centres, raising funds or immersion experience both locally or overseas, our College community is very active in positively supporting others. It is heart-warming and a source of great pride, to see and hear about the willingness of our students to give of their time, efforts and talent to help others. 

As a College we believe that we become better people when we are outward looking rather than being focused on self. Our mantra of being Men for Others is probably best illustrated in our commitment to our Christian Service programs. Christian Service is primarily about personal leadership. It is about developing relationships which respect the dignity and worth of every person. It allows us to recognise Christ in others, and in ourselves, through our action of reaching out. Our formal Christian Service program aims to help students reflect on all their experiences in the light of the gospel values which we are called to live as members of this College community.

The core value of Christian service is building relationships with others - particularly those who are in need of help and support. It is not so much about what we do or how much we do, but rather it is about how we do it and why we do it. Knowledge and awareness of God’s love for us leads us to believe in our own capacity to love and it inspires us to do good. It is also true that through such authentic relationships with others, especially those in need, we can meet Jesus, who challenges us to grow into more compassionate human beings – into being better men for others.

While this morning we gather to celebrate those Senior students who have done some extraordinary work as part of their Senior Projects, I thank all students and staff for your commitment to Christian Service. While it is central to our mission as a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition, more importantly, it is a very special and worthwhile aspect of College life that students are encouraged to commit.  It is in giving that we truly receive …and it is in reaching out, that others may have the chance to reach up ...”

Live Jesus in our hearts

Mr Darren O'Neill | Principal

College Events


We invite you to join us for the Year 10 Accounting and Finance students' Innovation Expo. The students have been given 10 weeks to develop business ideas and will pitch them to potential investors and external judges at the expo. We encourage our Trinity College community to see what creative ideas the students have come up and cast your votes on the best idea!


The Trinity College community is invited to attend the Senior School Music Night. This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the musical talents of our Senior students. This year will feature performances by the touring ensembles: Trinity Chorale, Trinity Percussion Ensemble, Mercedes Select Choir and the Trinity/Mercedes Chorale as well as many other pieces.

No tickets are required but entrance is by a gold coin donation. Monies go towards Friends of Performing Arts fundraising for the music department. All are welcome. 


Interviews are now being conducted for entry into Year 4 and Year 7 in 2021. There are still limited spaces available for 2020. If there are any siblings of current students who have not yet enrolled and you would like more information, please contact the Registrar’s office on 9223 8121 or email  

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College Calendar


Tuesday, 2 July

  • 9:35am Year 11 Mass
  • Year 9 Mother & Son Dinner - A Night to Shine

Wednesday, 3 July

  • 3:30pm-8:30pm Year 11 & 12 P/T/S Interviews

Thursday, 4 July

  • WC v TC - 1st teams only
  • X Country Seniors 4km at SC

Friday, 5 July

  • 8:00am Mass 
  • Last day of Term 2 

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Junior School News

Harrison Day (4W), Zane Del Paggio (4B) and Beau Paterson (4G)
Stephen Williams (4W)
Luca Sorci (4B)

Congratulations to the following boys who received First Holy Communion on Sunday, 16 June; Stephen Williams (4W), Harrison Day (4W), Christian Odorisio (4W), Adrian Faraone (4W) and Luca Sorci (4B), Zane Del Paggio (4B) and Beau Paterson (4G). 


Today, the class from 5B got the chance to use the VR room to extend their learning in Geography. The boys used Google Earth to visit key landmarks in the Americas, which is what they have been learning in Geography this term. 


Last week, the Year 6 engineering students were lucky enough to enjoy a presentation by Mining Engineer, Mr Regan Crabbe, from the Australian Centre for Geomechanics at UWA. The students were very engaged in the presentation and had the opportunity to hear what Regan's job involves and how he started his career, as well as trying to work out some solutions to problems that Regan has faced.

A big thank you to Ms Josephine Ruddle and Mr Paul Burnett for organising.


Next Thursday, 30 boys will be representing Trinity at the JPSSA Cross Country Interschool Competition. Scotch College is hosting the event this year. The boys have been training during the last few weeks under Mr Thompson’s guidance. Good luck boys.


Many boys in the Junior School have been away with the flu, a cold or gastro this week. Please assist in minimizing the spread of infection by keeping your children at home while they have any symptoms for these illnesses. 

Tuesday, 25 June
  • Year 5/6 Sports Training  
Thursday, 27 June
  • JPSSA Cross Country 
Friday, 28 June 
  • Year 6B Mass at 8:40am
  • 5G Assembly in the Braham Auditorium 2:20pm 

Mr Martin Tucker ('87) | Head of Junior School    


Wow what a week! Week 8 already. 

  • Great excitement in the Junior School on Monday morning, with many boys looking forward to the Dance and Drama showcase that evening. The evening was a complete success. Well done to all the boys and Mrs Nicoletto.
  • Tuesday all the boys and teachers had a sleep in, as there was no sport training that morning.
  • Wednesday flew past in a flash with nothing special going on that day, just a typical Wednesday.
  • Thursday was a sports bye, although some lucky boys played a fixture against Wesley and Scotch while the rest were training.
  • Friday - finished off another busy week with another great Junior School assembly, well done to all the boys who received awards.

By Michael Hall (6G) and Louis Burnett (6G)

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Secondary School News

L-R Xavier Audino, Isaac Quadros, Rowan Frankowiak, Kato Pachioli

After two successful campaigns in the CAWA School Chess League, an undermanned Trinity College Chess Club ventured to Mt Lawley Primary School to take part in the CAWA Central Zone Tournament. The team of Xavier Audino (7.1), Isaac Quadros (7.3), Rowan Frankowiak (11.2) and Kato Pachioli (7.2) knew that there would be a target on their back with the likes of Perth Modern and Shenton College gunning for the title. After a solid start to the day, the boys rallied after lunch with a big win from first timer Kato Pachioli. After looking in all kinds of trouble after blundering his Queen, Kato dug deep and with the Three Crown on his breast pocket and the never say die TC Spirit coursing through his veins, he performed a chess miracle coming back from an unwinnable position to get what turned to be a vital win for the College. After a quick pep talk from Mr Aylmore the boys had their sights set on doing the impossible and getting the overall win. Isaac Quadros and Xavier Audino continued their great form with 4 wins from 7. Rowan Frankowiak had his best tournament so far with 3.5 wins and Kato Pachioli finished with a great debut of 3 wins. Despite the great effort from the Trinity boys the gap between Perth Mod and Trinity proved to be too much, with Perth Modern coming in first with 19.5 wins and Trinity second with 14.5 wins.

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College News


Please note that the College Reception will be closed during the Term 2 school holidays from Monday, 8 July, reopening on Thursday, 18 July.


The College is currently finalising the Funding Application for supplementary assistance through Australian and State Government programs for students with disabilities 2020. This includes students with Physical, Intellectual, Social and Emotional and Medical issues. This supplementary funding helps us to provide extra support across classes and learning areas for the benefit of all students.

For many students who meet eligibility criteria, discrete monitoring may be the only adjustment required.  The funding is not targeted at individuals. Students who meet the criteria will be have an application submitted by the College and all information is kept strictly confidential.  If you would like to discuss this further please contact the Director Inclusive Education, Ms Lissa Coleman, at the College. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Ms L Coleman | Director Inclusive Education, Years 4 to 12


This week Mr Kenny Chan (Head of Year 12) joined a Year 8 class for a reading session. He told the boys about how he has always loved reading and as life has got so much busier for him in the last few years he has recently started listening to Audiobooks, as a way to continue to ‘read’ without actually having the time to sit down and read. Mr Chan also told the boys that if they wanted to keep learning as they got older – way beyond their school years – they simply had to keep reading, it is “the best way to gain knowledge.” Whilst he was in the library, Mr Chan continued reading one of Richard Branson’s autobiographies – a firm favourite of his.

Thank you Mr Chan for taking the time out to read with us.


Last week we had the pleasure of an impromptu joint reading session in the College Library with a Year 8 and a Year 11 class. Mr Ben Mitchell’s Year 11 class were reading autobiographies as part of their academic program, while Ms Holland’s Year 8 students were able to read a novel of their choice as is usual with the Year 8 program. The Year 11 students proved to be outstanding role models for the younger students who followed the excellent role modelling of the Year 11s without question. Thank you Mr Mitchell for joining Ms Holland’s class.

Front row L-R: Revonne Godfrey, Xavier Binning, Stephen Franse, Beau Allanson and Alison Mackenzie Back row: Myles Brown and James Watson

This week saw a number of the Trinity College Environmental Committee receive badges for their commitment and service to TCEC during the Christian Service Assembly. The TCEC is a group of dedicated students who ‘want to make a positive difference’ to our common home. Last year, the organisation Greenbatch came to the College to promote their single-use plastic recycling  program using the statistic that “by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish” to  spur us into action. This fact was the catalyst for the growth of the TCEC and its role in recycling as well as several other initiatives at the College. The students who were presented with badges are students dedicated to service, dedicated to making our College community more sustainable and consistent and active in this service for the last two years: Beau Allanson (9.3); Xavier Binning (9.1); Myles Brown (9.5); Stephen Franse (9.3); Revonne Godfrey (12.6); Luca Gosatti (9.7); Christian Marchesani (10.1); and James Watson (9.2).


This week members of the TCEC visited Melville Senior High School to look at their canteen. The manager at the High School, Ms Jess Tercier was generous enough to take time out of her busy schedule to talk to the boys about how they have transitioned the canteen there from unsustainable single use plastic packaging to completely compostable packaging for all food sold (one exception being the lid of the sushi packet) since the beginning of the year. Using BioPak products which are plant based and free from petrochemicals, Jess and her team are able to feed 1500 students at the school on a daily basis using compostable packaging. The change to compostable packaging at the College is one of the TCEC main goals for this year.

Thank you to Mrs Sarah DiBartolomeo (TC Canteen) for taking the time to join in with the visit and getting ideas for the upcoming change.

Ms Alison Mackenzie | Head of Library Services


As a further step in providing the best service we can for our students, EFTPOS is now available at two of the checkouts in the Canteen. Students now have the choice of either scanning their student card as normal or using the new EFTPOS facility.


FREE POSTAGE! Right now, when you purchase an Entertainment Membership not only will you be supporting Trinity College but you’ll also enjoy free standard delivery. Be quick, offer ends soon

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This week, Trinity College had the pleasure of accepting an Olympic Flag from the Australian Olympic Team to recognise the achievements of Old Boys Thomas Barns ('18) and Thomas Throssell ('18), who competed for Australia at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires last year.

Rhys Grant ('04), Olympic Rower, presented the flag at the College Assembly in the lead up to this Sunday's Olympic Day – a worldwide celebration of the Olympic Games and Values; encouraging young people to participate in sport and lead active and healthy lives. We are proud to see past and current students excelling in sport at the highest level!


Click here for last week's results against Aquinas College. 

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Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association

Tryse Rioli (9.7), Robyn Collard, Izayah Rioli (11.7)
Lachlan Brown (‘7.5), Myles Brown (9.5), Thomas Rundle (12.6), Ben Allen (12.1) and Fr Ted Miller (’61)

On Sunday, 16 June approximately 200 members of our wonderful community came together to celebrate Trinity Sunday Mass and the blessing of the refurbished Trinity College Chapel.

The morning included a smoking ceremony performed by Robyn Collard and her two grandsons, Tryse (‘9.7) and Izayah Rioli (11.7) , welcome to Country by Lachlan Sibosado (12.8), readings from both students and Old Boys, musical accompaniments from the TC Choir, pipe organ – played by Mr Dominic Perissinotto and power point kindly attended to by Ms Joanna Sulkowski (TC Art technician).

Following Mass, a delicious ‘bring and share’ morning tea was enjoyed in the Staff Lounge. We thank everyone involved in the refurbishment of the Chapel, those that attended, and everyone involved in the organisation of this very special morning.

Special thanks to Fra Oscar Aguilera and Mrs Rosa West.

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Celebrating 125 Years

This year, Trinity College, formerly Christian Brothers College (CBC) Perth, is celebrating our 125th Anniversary – 125 wonderful and proud years of upholding traditions, providing a holistic quality Catholic education and empowering students to become Men for Others. To celebrate this milestone, we are reaching out to members of our community who have had a positive impact on the College over the years – either as a student, staff member, parent or friend – to tell their story and share their memories of CBC Perth and Trinity College. 

This week we share memories from Stephen Spiers ('85) who graduated from Trinity College in 1985 and remains an active member of TOBA and the Br JA Kelly Foundation.To read his story, click here

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Community News


WACE Revision and ATAR Exam Preparation tutorials have a history of successfully supporting students to achieve their academic objectives. For students in Year 7-12, there are; subject revision, essay writing tutorials, study skills tutorials and ATAR Exam Prep. For more information please visit or call 9486 1377. 


For more than 60 years Relationships Australia WA has been providing relationship support services for individuals, couples, families and communities. With a wide range of programs and services we can assist with a variety of issues or topics, including: Mums Raising Boys, Fathering after Separation, Dads Raising Girls, Mums Raising Teenage Boys and much more. Places are limited - please contact (08) 6164 0239. For more information about our courses and workshops, please visit 


GuitarWorks is holding “Free School Holiday Guitar Workshops” for anyone interested in learning guitar. These 90min demonstrations cover all aspects of guitar playing and styles. Bookings essential, info & dates found here Guitar Workshop or contact Stefan Cutri via or call 0414 448 907. 


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