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TC Newsletter:

Volume 19  26 June 2020

From the Principal 

College Strategic Plan (2020-2024) 

Throughout last year, the College embarked on an extensive process of developing a new Strategic Plan. In formulating this new Plan, the College Leadership Team and the College Advisory Board directed a thorough and inclusive process, consulting students, parents, staff, and members of the College Board over several months and across many meetings. Through these consultation meetings, all parties were challenged to acknowledge and celebrate our strengths as a College, to identify areas for growth and challenge, and to consider opportunities for improvement in the future. Emerging strongly in all such feedback was a continual reference to the unique and much-valued ‘TC Spirit’. This sense of Spirit permeates through the new Plan.

The new College Strategic Plan was set to launch earlier this year. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic put this on hold as our attention turned to more immediate matters. However, it is with a great sense of optimism and purpose that I can now formally present our new College Strategic Plan (2020-2024). Click Here 

The new Plan, ‘Ambition 2024’, outlines our hopes and aspirations for the foreseeable few years. Importantly, it will guide the manner in which we plan for positive change, and then implement such change – all with the formation of our boys as central in our mission. This Plan will set out the College’s strategic priorities and identify outcomes against which our future performance and school improvement will be measured.

Our College motto, In Nomine Domini – ‘In the Name of the Lord’ - calls all of us, individually and as a school community, to be beacons of good news and an example of good deeds. People who, through words and actions, act to serve as College and Community leaders and are agents of change in creating a better school, a better workplace and a better society.

The Trinity College Strategic Plan College begins with our Vision - To be the leader of boys’ education and in the formation of young men for others. Our vision is enduring and declares our core purpose as a College. It serves as the standard against which we consider our actions and our decisions.

As a Catholic College founded on the traditions of the Blessed Edmund Rice, his example of solidarity with all people challenges us to live out a similar message of care and inclusion. In partnership with parents, we hold high expectations for the young men in our care and seek to provide them with a breadth of learning opportunities in a safe and caring environment, enabling academic growth, pride in their College, and a commitment to serve others both now and in the future. With this in mind, our Mission is - To offer innovative learning opportunities in a safe and nurturing environment which empowers our young men to realise their potential. 

As mentioned earlier, a particular theme for our Strategic Plan was a very deliberate focus on our TC Spirit and a real belief that the Holy Spirit will be a constant guide on our journey of school improvement. With reference to this ‘Spirit’, our ambitions below underpin our mission and are a daily reminder of the way we should approach our teaching and learning. They are the values by which we are all challenged to behave, interact, and relate as members of our school community.

Through our Spirit Ambitions, we are called to show a:

Spirit of Faithto be a proud faith community where gospel values are known, lived and celebrated

Spirit of Excellenceto provide engaging teaching and learning practices that support wellbeing and inspire personal excellence amongst students to reach their full potential

Spirit of Serviceto form young men with the ‘TC Spirit’ who are authentic, active and outstanding role models in their outreach

Spirit of Communityto be an inclusive and welcoming community that supports wellbeing and learning for every student

Spirit of Stewardshipto seek a real commitment to providing accessibility for all and to building a sustainable future

While strategic plans provide definite direction and suggest particular actions for achieving improvement, without the investment of time, energy, and the commitment of the community to work together, such plans will remain on paper only. The effectiveness of any strategic plan is in the coming together of people with a common purpose and a shared view. Within our Trinity College context, this purpose and view will be on the formation of our young men.

As stated previously, we look forward to the future with optimism and purpose. Let the work begin as we strive to achieve our ambitions!  

Thank you for your ongoing support. If you have any questions about our future directions, please do not hesitate to contact me at the College.

Mr Darren O’Neill | Principal

Live Jesus in our hearts. 


Dear Parents

We have been notified of a case of Chicken Pox in the Middle School. (This boy had been vaccinated.) I am aware that there are a number of students and family members in our community who have medical conditions whereby they need to be aware of this information. The purpose of this email is to inform that if your child should show symptoms of Chickenpox, to contact your GP. Below is some information from the West Australian Health Department regarding Chickenpox.

Chickenpox (Varicella)

A common, acute, viral infection. Symptoms include fever, fatigue, and a generalised rash characterised by small vesicles (blisters) that rupture to form crusts.

Transmission – Airborne or droplet; direct or indirect contact with fluid from vesicles of an infected person

Incubation period – 10-21 days

Infectious period – From 2 days before rash appears to 5 days after, when vesicles have formed crusts.

Exclusion – Exclude for at least 5 days after 


Discover Trinity College at our Open Day on Wednesday, 1 July 2020 to learn more about the unique TC Spirit and the vast curricular and co-curricular opportunities that the College has to offer. Each of our College Open Day sessions will include an address from the Principal and Junior/Senior Head Prefects, student-led tours, light refreshments, and a Q&A with key staff, teachers, and the admissions team. Sessions will be held at 9:15am, and at 4:15pm. For more information and to register, click here.

Trinity College is proud to present 'The Mikado', a musical comedy written by Gilbert and Sullivan (arranged by David Spicer Productions, Essgee Entertainment) and is set in the fictitious town of Titipu, Japan. We are excited to announce that tickets will go on sale for 'The Mikado' on Wednesday, 1 July 2020 from 9am via Rehearsals are back underway and we hope to see you all there. 

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Junior School News  


This Term, the Year 6s have been designing water rockets. They have been implementing their own designs to see how far they can launch their water rockets into the air. The only variable they cannot change is the pressure that they pump into the rocket (80psi). The boys are now revaluating their rockets to improve their designs according to the engineering design process. 


Well done to our boys who went up against Scotch yesterday. The boys did extremely well and it was wonderful to see the hard work and team spirit amongst the boys. 


On Monday morning, photos will be taken of all the boys who are in the choirs, the bands, and in BIG. All boys will have their photos taken in full winter uniform. After the photos, the boys may change into their sports gear If they normally wear this uniform on Mondays.

On Wednesday, the College will host its first Open Day for the year. All boys need to be in Winter Uniform. There will not be any Winter Sports Training this Wednesday morning.


Next Wednesday, the Semester One reports will be available to parents. The reports will be able to be accessed electronically by parents through SEQTA Engage. If you are having any difficulties with this, please contact the Trinity College IT Help Desk at 9223 8161 or

Please read through the reports with your son and celebrate his learning this semester. The teachers will send also out a reflection sheet, which needs to be returned to your son’s teacher at your earliest convenience.


With the State moving into Phase 4 of the COVID-19 restrictions this weekend, the last assembly of the Term will be a Golden Honour and TOBA Assembly. Traditionally, these assemblies are very exciting and engaging, and a celebration of the learning and the student growth throughout the term. 


There is an opportunity for Year 6 students not currently learning a musical instrument to commence instruction on the bagpipes in the Trinity Pipes and Drums in Term 3 this year. For more information please come along to the Pipes and Drums room on Wednesday, 1 July (Term 2, Week 10) and Wednesday, 22 July (Term 3 Week 1) at lunchtime for a try-out. For further information please contact Maureen Barnett on 0439308876.  


Every Friday, whilst adhering to social distancing guidelines, parents can gather outside the Junior School gates after drop-off. At 8:30am, the parents assembled will walk down together to Claisebrook Cove and have a takeaway coffee, and then walk back. All Junior School parents are welcome.

Please contact Junior School parent and Junior School Auxiliary Member, Melanie Day on 0419 190 850 for more information or to register your interest. 

Monday, 29 June   Photos for Music and Dance Groups
Wednesday, 1 July

 College Open Day

Semester Reports available to parents via SEQTA Engage

Thursday, 2 July

Year 4 Soccer Carnival

Sport v Guildford

Friday, 3 July 

TOBA and Golden Honour Assembly commencing at 2:10pm 

Term concludes 

Mr Martin Tucker
('87), Head of Junior School 


Our week sadly started with the funeral of Trinity’s founding Headmaster Brother Kelly. We witnessed a guard of honour and procession as Brother Kelly departed from the College for the last time. Brother Kelly was a great man and he did many great things in his life.

The rest of the week was normal, training on Wednesday, sports fixture versus Scotch on Thursday, and assembly on Friday. Next week is our Open Day. Open Day is when parents who are thinking of sending their children to Trinity can tour the school. Junior School Prefects will guide the tours and will show parents around the school. 

By Ethan Taylor (6GD) and David Shanahan (6G) 

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Secondary School News   


Our Year 10 outdoor education students have embarked on a four-day adventure expedition to Karridale, in WA's southwest. The boys have faced some exciting challenges, including a high ropes course through the treetops of the Karri Forest, a night-time cave exploration, and abseiling the 37m cliffs in Wilyabrup. 

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College News 


If you lost a set of BMW keys at Waterford on Saturday, 20 June please contact Amanda Johnson at reception on 9223 8120 or email 


Congratulations to the Trinity College Environmental Committee (TCEC) who have been selected as a finalist in the ASCA Sustainability Competition! TCEC entered this competition with a detailed application illustrating their work, combined with College-wide initiatives and also academic work from Junior and Senior School students. They successfully demonstrated how they "had raised the bar in their approach to sustainability”; showcased how they have “engaged the school community in charting their sustainability journey”; and provided evidence of how they “encourage pupils to develop skills such as holistic thinking and problem solving”. TCEC were also able to provide ASCA with the College Waste Minimisation Plan which showcased everything that had happened across the year.


Our Director of Teaching and Learning, Adam Kealley, discusses reading as a fundamental skill for academic success and provides tips to help parents foster a love of reading in their teenage sons. Click here to read more. 


There is an opportunity for Year 7 and 8 students not currently learning a musical instrument to commence instruction on the bagpipes in the Trinity Pipes and Drums in Term 3 this year.

The Trinity Pipes and Drums was formed in 1962 and is the oldest ensemble within the college. Our overall goal is to continue to develop new pipers and carry on a long tradition within the college. We need new students each year so the band can continue to flourish. We aim to offer the students a positive experience with some fun times as they learn to appreciate a unique style of music. In addition, they will also develop social skills, self-confidence, teamwork, responsibility, dexterity, and coordination. These are skills that will assist in leading them confidently into adulthood.

The students will have opportunities to perform individually, in the band at school, and at events in the community. All students in the Pipes and Drums have a shared 30 min lesson per week. There is a lesson fee of $615.00 and a maintenance fee of $310.00 per year for all instruments and uniforms.

Interested students are most welcome to come along to the Pipes and Drums room on Wednesday, 1 July (Term 2, Week 10) and Wednesday, 22 July (Term 3 Week 1) at lunchtime for a try-out. For further information please contact Maureen Barnett on 0439308876.


Has your Entertainment membership expired? Renew now and support the Trinity College Performing Arts, with 20% of your Membership renewal purchase going directly to Trinity. For more information or to make your purchase, please click here

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There is quite a lot of important information available in regards to early offers, events, and scholarships. I have combined all of these key information in a simple document that you can download here

Russell Hinks | Careers/Transition Coordinator

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Good luck to our winter sports teams in this week's fixtures against Scotch College. This will be many of our teams' last games for the term and we wish them all the best. 

Sport Result 
Badminton Loss
X-Country Loss
Football Loss
Hockey Loss
Soccer Loss
Rugby Win


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Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association


Thanks to Hay Shed Hill Wines and Michael Kerrigan ('79) for extending the TOBA Bursary Fundraising wine offer until Friday, 31 July.

  • Feel free to pass this offer to family, friends, and work colleagues.
  • Please use code: TOBA for free shipping direct to your door via Australia Post an order in multiples of 12 bottles (min order 12 bottles)
  • To place your order online, please CLICK HERE  
  • Alternatively, print an order form: CLICK HERE 

Thanks for your support!  

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Community News


Applications are invited from Aboriginal families who would like their children to receive a Catholic secondary education. Bursaries will assist with the cost of tuition fees and will be provided at the schools listed HERE. Bursaries do not cover boarding fees. The bursaries are intended to recognise a commitment to schooling as well as assist Aboriginal students who might be denied a Catholic secondary education because of financial circumstances.


Looking for something for your kids to do over the holidays? Try our free two-week holiday course! Call now on 0429 123 202 or visit for more information. 

Join today by clicking here

WacePlus tutorials have a history of successfully supporting students to achieve their academic objectives. Students are able to participate in their courses online in virtual classrooms and in physical classrooms on the Hale School campus. The program includes study skills, essay writing, and subject revision. The classes focus on specific topic revision followed by a discussion on how this material is assessed in exam-style questions. For more information please visit or calling 9342 2000.  

We are proud of the quality of our classes and the student evaluations for our previous programs can be accessed here. More information on our courses can be found at

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