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TC Newsletter:

Volume 20  3 July 2020

From the Principal 

Extra-Curricular Opportunities, Semester Report & End of Semester

One of the wonderful things about being a student in a large secondary school is the extraordinary number of opportunities that are presented. As students develop, gain knowledge and skills and demonstrate greater levels of responsibility, they are able to make informed choices about getting involved in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. This is particularly true of Trinity College. Given our wonderful facilities and well-established programs, our boys are presented with many opportunities in which they can participate, learn, compete, and extend themselves in aspects of College life beyond the standard curriculum. With the various COVID-19 restrictions continuing to be relaxed, it has been wonderful to see our boys returning to take up these opportunities.

Through the comprehensive PSA Sports program, all of our students are involved in representing the College in their respective summer and winter sports. Many of these teams have enjoyed great success so far and on any given afternoon (and some mornings), students can be seen training in preparation for upcoming fixtures. Likewise, as I move around the campus after school it is very heartening to see students involved in subject tutorials, Homework Club, Christian Service programs, and many other specialist groups and activities. Within the Arts, various dance and drama groups and a long list of music groups and ensembles are always busy preparing for respective performance evenings, the upcoming Catholic Performing Arts Festival, and the College production of ‘The Mikado’. 

Student involvement in such extra-curricular activities has obvious benefits and research also points to the strong correlation between school success and student happiness that emerges from being ‘connected to school’. It is timely to acknowledge the effort and dedication of the many boys involved and the generosity of the College Staff who direct such activities. It is always pleasing to see the interaction between staff and students and it highlights the importance of building positive relationships when dealing with children. It is often in these extra-curricular settings that such relationships are strengthened, skills are developed and memories are formed. At a time when various media reports and some of societies nay-sayers would like to paint a somewhat bleak picture of our youth, we should rejoice in the wonderful reality that we experience when working with and celebrating the commitment and achievements of our students – Men for Others!

Student Reports

Student Reports for Semester One have been made available via SEQTA to respective year groups over the past week or so. The Reports are an important record of the student’s achievement and progress throughout the semester. Despite some enforced interruptions to our normal teaching and learning processes, I trust that the particular levels of achievement are a true reflection of each student’s effort and application to their studies. I would encourage parents to choose an appropriate time to sit down with their son in order to discuss all aspects of their particular Semester Report. Such a discussion can be used to celebrate those areas in which effort and achievement are positive and likewise, to highlight those areas in which improvements need to be made. The indicators of Work Habits, as recorded on each student’s report, may be a good starting point for any such discussion as they reflect a student’s attitude and application towards their learning.  

The analysis of reports should be used as the basis for meaningful conversations about application to school, establishing a consistent approach to home studies, and identifying areas for improvement in the future. Whilst the College does not expect that all students can attain the highest possible performance or grades in all areas, across all subjects; it does have clear expectations of all students to apply themselves to their work. Put simply, the College does expect that all students strive to achieve their personal best in all areas, across all subjects. Personal excellence should be the aim of every student. More specifically, the College has clear expectations on the students:

  • to approach their schoolwork with a positive attitude and genuine effort in all subjects,
  • to be actively involved in their class learning, contributing to class discussions and activities,
  • to complete set tasks, assessments and home studies to the very best of their ability and in a timely manner,
  • to demonstrate courtesy and respect to every person within our College community,
  • to co-operate and behave in all of their classes.

I am sure that as parents, you would have similar expectations of your son. It is vitally important that an organised approach to study, a positive attitude, and good behaviour standards are established as the basis for student achievement. Once again, I would encourage parents to use your son’s Semester Report to acknowledge areas of success and achievement while challenging ways in which further improvements can be made.


As is normally the case in a large school such as Trinity College, we will see a number of Staff changes at the end of this term.

A number of College Staff will be enjoying some extended leave throughout Term 3: 

Ms Jess Chrystal (Psychologist – Junior School), Mr Martin Tucker (Head of Junior School) and Mr Andrew Hayes (Year 5 – Junior School). We wish those staff taking some leave a wonderful, relaxing and peaceful break. 

Other members of staff have now completed their respective short-term positions. We thank Miss Sophie Brouwer (Mathematics), Miss Jessica Mullahey (HASS), Mrs Michelle Rogers (Junior School) and Ms Casey Vinci (English) for their wonderful work and generous service, and we wish them well for the future.

We take this opportunity to welcome a number of new Staff members who will be commencing at our College at the start of Term 3; Mrs Melani Byrne (Psychologist – Junior School) and Miss Elena Santalucia (Junior School).

We also welcome back a number of staff who are returning from extended leave; Mrs Alana Brennan (Junior School), Mr Geoff Jamieson (Mathematics), Ms Kimberley Lloyd (Music) and Mr Anthony Lunt (HASS). 

May I take this opportunity to thank the staff, students, and their families for their efforts and support during our extraordinary first Semester. We have certainly learnt to appreciate some of the simpler aspects of life and the support of family and community. Students in Years 11, 12, and Junior School will commence classes next term on Tuesday, 21 July. Due to the scheduled Parent/Teacher/Students Interviews for Years 7 to 10 on Tuesday, 21 July, normal classes will commence on Wednesday, 22 July for students in Years 7 to 10. Please note that Monday, 20 July is a scheduled Staff Professional Development Day. 

I hope that everyone is able to enjoy a safe and relaxing holiday break. 

Mr Darren O’Neill | Principal

Live Jesus in our hearts. 


On Wednesday, Trinity College warmly welcomed prospective families to our Open Day. Two different sessions took place throughout the day, with a welcome address from myself and our student leaders, student-led tours of the College grounds, and then concluding with light refreshments and an opportunity for families to speak with our staff. It was wonderful to see so many new families interested in a Trinity education for their sons. It was a great day that showcased our College and highlighted our boys. Our College Twilight Tour for prospective families is taking place on Wednesday, 5 August 2020 from 4pm. Please share this with families who missed out on the Open Day and are interested in discovering more about our College. For more information and to register, click here.


Every year, the Trinity College Parent Council looks forward to organising the Parent Ball as one of the many highlight events in the College calendar for Parents to attend.

Given current circumstances, the Parent Council has made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s TCPC Parent Ball. This was a difficult decision and due consideration was given to a number of factors, however, the Council feels its main focus for the remainder of the year should be directed in supporting the Year 12 Student Ball and their parents where possible.

On behalf of the TCPC, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you, the TC Community, for your loyal support, especially the Year 12 families for their unwavering commitment and enthusiastic creativity. Without their collaboration each year, the Council would not be able to organise this event which has become a renowned and cherished tradition of Trinity College.

Live Jesus in our Hearts Forever 

Nancy Siciliano | Trinity College Parent Council Chairperson

Trinity College is proud to present 'The Mikado', a musical comedy written by Gilbert and Sullivan (arranged by David Spicer Productions, Essgee Entertainment) and is set in the fictitious town of Titipu, Japan. We are excited to announce that tickets are officially on sale via We hope to see you all there. 

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Junior School News  


As Term 2 comes to an end, I feel that it is worth recognising, and in fact, celebrating a Semester like no other. I wish to recognise that as a global community, there have been major upheaval. In our Trinity community, we have had teachers who have been agile and flexible in the delivery of instruction, students who have been dedicated and independent learners, and parents who have been the home tutor whilst trying to manage their own workload. It is also worth celebrating the new and creative teaching and learning opportunities that took place. Remote learning is very labour intensive for the teachers, students, and their parents. I feel that even with returning to the “normality” of school operations, life has been met with some uncertainty due to required adjustments in behaviour, social interaction and boys adjusting back into a familiar routine.

I would like to encourage all in the community to enjoy a well-earned break these holidays. I know that my teachers have never worked harder. Rest up and make time to be in the company of friends and family. Next term is shaping up to be incredibly busy.


The Semester One reports, which were available through SEQTA on Wednesday have hopefully given you a good indication as to how your boy has progressed this semester. After reading your child’s report, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to clarify these with your son’s teacher by requesting a meeting upon your return to school in Term Three. Please also complete the Parent Response Sheet and return it to your son’s teacher during the first week of next term.


Well done to the Year 4 boys on the way you participated in the soccer carnival yesterday. It was a good opportunity to see lots of great soccer skills on display. Thank you also to the boys for being wonderful Trinity ambassadors.


On Wednesday, the Year 4s made fresh pesto during their Italian class with Signora Knapman. During the term, they have been looking at different Italian foods and have been looking at how measurements are said in Italian as a cross-curricular activity with Maths. In weeks 8 and 9, they translated this simple recipe into Italian and on Wednesday, they prepared the pesto from scratch using fresh basil, Italian cheeses (Parmigiano Reggiano and Pecorino), olive oil, salt, and garlic. They then enjoyed eating the pesto with freshly cooked pasta. As food is such a big part of Italian culture, this was a wonderful way to experience Italian culture. It was also a delicious way to end the term.


Last year, a Resources for Parents page was provided via the College website. This is being added to regularly and I encourage you to have a look at the various articles and videos, which can be accessed through this page. The link to the page is

Tuesday, 21 July
 Term 3 commences
Wednesday, 22  July

 Year 5/6 winter sports training

Friday, 24 July

Assembly at 2:40pm

Mr Martin Tucker
('87), Head of Junior School 


As it comes to the last week of term, everyone is looking forward to the holidays.

  • On Wednesday we were unable to train due to Open Day. On Open Day many of our Prefects escorted the delighted familes around the Junior School. The Prefects received help Year 10 students, just in case they got nervous. We all loved the experience! Also on Wednesday, the Junior School students received their reports, to see how they are doing.
  • On Thursday, we had our winter sport fixtures against a variety of schools. All of the boys were excited to have sport again!
  • On Friday, we had our double Golden Honour assembly, which was great fun. We also had a TOBA assembly where we got to meet and see a new TOBA committee member, Mr Gianni Redolatti ('91). It has also been a sad week for us students with Ms Chrystal and Mrs Rogers leaving. As the week ends, we wish everyone the best of holidays and can't wait to see you back for Term 3.

Axel Walsh (5GD)

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Secondary School News   


This afternoon, our Year 10 students have been doing a great job piping cupcakes as part of the Year 10 Personal Development and Wellbeing Program. 


In weeks 9 and 10 our Year 11 and 12 Aviation students had the privilege of being taught rotary aerodynamics by Craig Bowman, the RAC Search and Rescue helicopter pilot. Craig was able to blend anecdotes of his many years of experience of flying helicopters with the theory of rotary winged aircraft. Craig was also able to inspire the students by recalling his life’s journey in aviation and how he got to where he is today.

Mr Bill Cooper 

Brother Gerry Faulkner Award for Young Writers and Illustrators 2020

This week has seen the launch of the Brother Gerry Faulkner Award for Young Writers and Illustrators 2020. This is an annual award open to all students of the College. There are three categories: Junior School (Year 4 – Year 6); Middle School (Year 7 – Year 9); and Senior School (Year 10 – Year 12). Students are invited to enter either written and / or illustrated pieces of work for judging. All of the details are included on the poster which can be accessed here. The concept behind this competition is to allow students to use their imagination and be as creative as possible with minimal ‘rules’. Br. Gerry had a long and positive relationship with College staff and students and he was very well known for his love of literature and writing – hence the reason this competition has been named after him. The closing date for entries is Friday, 21 August (Week 5, Term 3) which happily coincides with Book Week for 2020.

Edward v Eric Fantasy Picks Battle

This fortnight has seen the Fantasy Genre novel picks of Edward Davis (9.2) and Eric van Noord (9.3) on display in the library. Both of these young men are voracious readers who are both firmly set in their enjoyment of fantasy novels. As a result of their expertise and knowledge, I asked them to choose some of their favourite fantasy novels that may be of interest to other readers who may need some help choosing good fantasy novels.

Year 8 Genre Challenge Winner

Matthew Ryan (8.5) is the most recent student in Year 8 to successfully complete the Genre Challenge. Matthew has been diligently working through the required genres in order to complete the challenge over this past Semester. He won his $20 voucher just in time to buy some holiday reading. Matthew assures me that he is aiming to complete the challenge again in Semester 2. Well done Matthew!

Mr Ben Mitchell and his class
Mr Troy Alexander and his class
Ms Casey Vinci and her class
Year 9 Semester Novel Challenge Results

The Year 9 Class Reading Challenge took a turn from being a Term long challenge to a Semester-long challenge - thanks to COVID19. However, after some strong healthy competition, the results are in and the winners have been announced. The Year 9 cohort all take part in this as part of their English class and winning is based on a joint class effort in reading novels over the Semester.

1st place = Mr Ben Mitchell and his class

2nd place = Mr Troy Alexander and his class

3rd place = Ms Casey Vinci and her class

It is also worth noting some of the top Year 9 readers this Semester in order of novels read: Edward Davis (9.2); Branson May (9.7); James Mackenzie (9.3); Eric Van Noord (9.3), and Harrison Bridgeman (9.3)

Year 7 Friday Reading

Last Friday, during Period 4, a class of Year 7 students were enjoying their reading session in the Library as part of the English program. It struck me, how lucky they are to finish their school week off in the Library reading before heading out to sport in the rain. How relaxed and comfortable do these boys look?


With the upcoming holidays and the prospect of not so much travelling and possibly some inclement weather, this seems like a good time to send out a reminder about the College electronic library – BorrowBox. This library holds a large number of fabulous electronic resources in the shape of eBooks and eAudioBooks. The first step is to download the free BorrowBox app and then access our library using student credentials. Please visit this webpage for further details: 

Years 9 and 11 Liturgies

Even though we could not celebrate full-year Masses in the Chapel, it was heart-warming to see and hear the Year 9 and Year 11 Pastoral Care Groups participate in their individual Liturgies. Thank you to the staff and students for being so reverent and creating a sacred space in their individual PCG classrooms. It is always so inspiring to hear a group of teenage boys singing their favourite hymns in unison. 

Chapel Masses in Term 3

Next term, we hope to resume year group Masses in the Chapel. A revised timetable for Friday Masses for both Junior and Senior School will be posted early Term 3. I would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding during this very strange time of COVID-19. The Campus Ministry staff would like to wish you all a very safe holiday break. God bless!

Mrs Rosa West | Director of Campus Ministry

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College News 

  • The Uniform Shop will be open during the school holidays on Friday, 17 July from 7:30am to 1:30pm.

At the start of Term 3, we will return to normal Shop hours; Tuesdays 7:30am to 4:30pm and Fridays 7:30am to 1:30pm. The College requires all students to continue wearing full winter uniform in Term 3. Thank you to parents and students for working with us throughout COVID and making the shop run as smoothly as possible. Have a safe and relaxing Term 2 Break. 

Judy and Kim | Uniform Shop 


There is an opportunity for Year 7 and 8 students not currently learning a musical instrument to commence instruction on the bagpipes in the Trinity Pipes and Drums in Term 3 this year.

The Trinity Pipes and Drums was formed in 1962 and is the oldest ensemble within the College. Our overall goal is to continue to develop new pipers and carry on a long tradition within the College. We need new students each year so that the band can continue to flourish. We aim to offer the students a positive experience with some fun times as they learn to appreciate a unique style of music. In addition, they will also develop social skills, self-confidence, teamwork, responsibility, dexterity and coordination. These are skills that will assist in leading them confidently into adulthood.

The students will have opportunities to perform individually, in the band at school and at events in the community. All students in the Pipes and Drums have a shared 30 min lesson per week. There is a lesson fee of $615.00 and a maintenance fee of $310.00 per year for all instruments and uniforms.

Interested students are most welcome to come along to the Pipes and Drums room on Wednesday, 1 July (Term 2, Week 10) and Wednesday, 22 July (Term 3 Week 1) at lunchtime for a try-out. For further information please contact Maureen Barnett on 0439308876.


Has your Entertainment membership expired? Renew now and support the Trinity College Performing Arts, with 20% of your Membership renewal purchase going directly to Trinity. For more information or to make your purchase, please click here

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There is quite a lot of important information available in regards to early offers, events, and scholarships. I have combined all of these key information in a simple document that you can download here

Russell Hinks | Careers/Transition Coordinator

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PSA WEEK 10 RESULTS - TC v Guildford
Sport Result 
Badminton Win
X-Country Win
Football Loss
Hockey Loss
Soccer Win
Rugby Win


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Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association


The Trinity-Terrace Old Boys’ Association along with Hay Shed Hill Wines are running a fundraiser to assist with the TOBA bursary program.

TOBA bursaries provide an opportunity for boys to attend Trinity College who, due to financial constraints, would not otherwise be able to enjoy a Trinity College education. 

Michael Kerrigan (Class of 1979) winemaker and owner of Hay Shed Hill is delighted to support TOBA in this fundraiser.

To order online: use code TOBA for free shipping direct to your door via Australia Post and order in multiples of 12 bottles (min order 12 bottles).

Thanks for your support!


All TOBA members and the Trinity College community are invited to download the ‘COZ App’ (for free) onto smartphones and support TOBA and TC businesses, as well as receive offers from our valued sponsors.

This platform allows you to browse and support businesses that support the College. If you would like to place your business on this Business Directory and be connected to our database of 10,000+ Old Boys, their families, and the TC community, please visit and click ‘Add My Business’.

Please feel free to contact Joe Georgiades on 0407 849 984 or to discuss how COZ APP can help connect you to our community.

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Community News


Applications are invited from Aboriginal families who would like their children to receive a Catholic secondary education. Bursaries will assist with the cost of tuition fees and will be provided at the schools listed HERE. Bursaries do not cover boarding fees. The bursaries are intended to recognise a commitment to schooling as well as assist Aboriginal students who might be denied a Catholic secondary education because of financial circumstances.


Looking for something for your kids to do over the holidays? Try our free two-week holiday course! Call now on 0429 123 202 or visit for more information. 


WacePlus tutorials have a history of successfully supporting students to achieve their academic objectives. Students are able to participate in their courses online in virtual classrooms and in physical classrooms on the Hale School campus. The program includes study skills, essay writing, and subject revision. The classes focus on specific topic revision followed by a discussion on how this material is assessed in exam-style questions. For more information please visit or calling 9342 2000.  

We are proud of the quality of our classes and the student evaluations for our previous programs can be accessed here. More information on our courses can be found at

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