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TC Newsletter:
Volume 21 - July 20, 2018

From the Headmaster 


A warm welcome back to school to all students and their families as we look to ensure an enjoyable and productive second half to the year. I have had the great pleasure of meeting many students and a number of parents as I have settled into these first weeks of my second stint at Trinity and the friendliness of their reception has been much appreciated. I would like to also extend a special welcome to the following new staff; Ms Casey Vinci, Mr Brett Lund, Ms Shirley Houston, Mr Jason O’Malley and Mr Louis Jago. We also welcome back Mr Phil Jurjevich and Ms Sarah Pontre from periods of Leave and trust that their time away was rewarding and re-energising. We have also five exchange students starting in different year levels – I hope they settle in quickly and enjoy being part of the Trinity College community. And finally, I thank those staff who were involved in the Kimberley Immersion over the holidays – Mrs Marya Stewart, Mr Michael Murphy and Mr Ben Russell.

As we settle into Term 3, it is worth noting that this period of time has a particular significance for two Year Groups at the school. Many of our Year 12 boys are working hard to finalise their preparations for their second semester exams during the next holidays and their WACE examinations shortly thereafter. Others are completing their Instep placements and school-based traineeships in preparation for launching new careers next year. Regardless of which pathway each young man has chosen, this term may be viewed as the culmination of many years of endeavour. We hope that each of them is ultimately able to reflect upon this time with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

The students in Year 10 also have a special focus during this term as they are currently engaged in the processes of career guidance and subject selection. The decisions that they are currently making will be important in ensuring that they enjoy a sense of achievement and fulfilment as they prepare to graduate two years from now. We wish each of them the gift of discernment at this time.


Last Wednesday, 31 of our Year 12 students returned from Kairos #50. This program gives these students the opportunity to explore and deepen their relationship with themselves, their family and their God. Once again, it was a wonderful experience for all involved, but it was especially pleasing to see five of our Year 12s take on a strong leadership role. I thank the staff that attended; Fra Oscar Aguilera, Mr Leo Murray, Ms Karrene McLernon, Mr Daniel Bateman, Mr Clint Testa, Ms Kathryn Down, Mr Julian Fritz and Ms Annika Holland.


A reminder that Wednesday, 25 July will be the Year 7 to 10 Parent/Teacher/Student meetings and you will have recently been provided with information about making appointments. I hope that everyone finds this useful and, where appropriate, good educational plans are made for the new semester. There are no classes for students in Years 7 to 11 but classes will run as normal for Year 12 students.


All Year 11 parents are warmly invited to attend Mass with their sons in the College Chapel on Tuesday, 31 July from 9:35am. We hope you can also join us for a cup of coffee and morning tea in Gibney Hall after Mass. If you will be coming, please RSVP to Community Coordinator, Mrs Beverly Martinez on 9223 8106 or


The College Auxiliary will hold its August Meeting at 9.00am on Monday, 6 August. Everyone is most welcome to attend this meeting and further details can be obtained by contacting Mrs Bev Martinez on 9223 8106 or


All Year 12 parents are warmly invited to attend Mass with their sons in the College Chapel on Tuesday, 14 August from 9:35am. We hope you can also join us for a cup of coffee and morning tea in Gibney Hall after Mass. If you will be coming please RSVP to Community Coordinator, Mrs Beverly Martinez on 9223 8106 or


The annual Auxiliary Morning Tea is to be held in Gibney Hall on Friday, 17 August from 10am to 12pm. Please start getting your table of family and friends together. Only tables of 8 can be purchased at Please note that at this stage, any individual seating will be waitlisted after table booking sales. For more information, please see the flyer here. For the requested Year Group contributions and assistance, please see here. Any inquiries to Mrs Beverly Martinez at


This year we have a number of vacancies to fill on the Parent Council. The College is calling for expressions of interest from parents willing to be involved. Any parent who is interested is asked to submit a very brief (half page maximum) nomination, telling us a little bit about yourself, why you are interested in being involved and any skills, talents or ideas you could bring to the role. Please email these to Mr Peter Norman at by Monday, 30 July. We hope to welcome our new members at our next meeting on Tuesday, 7 August

Mr Shaun Kenny | Acting Headmaster

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Upcoming Events


Monday, 23 July

  • Year 11/12 Human Biology Excursion

Tuesday, 24 July

  • Secondary Assembly (Academic) 9:35am
  • PSA Cross Country 4:30pm - WC

Wednesday, 25 July

  • Year 7-10 Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews 9:00am-7:30pm
  • Year 12 classes as normal
  • Year 11 Study Day

Thursday, 26 July

  • TC v AC
  • Catholic Performing Arts Festival (CPAF) Percussion Instrumental Ensembles - TC

Friday, 27 July

  • 8:00am Mass
  • TC v AC
  • Cross Country All Schools 3km at SC

Saturday, 28 July

  • TC v AC
  • Cross Country All Schools 5km at SC

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Junior School News 


It was wonderful to see the boys return on Tuesday for the first day of Term 3. Thank you to all boys in Year 5 and 6 who attended training on Tuesday. The Winter Sports fixtures conclude at the end of Week 4. This term is a very busy one. Besides their classwork, there are several incursions and excursions, the Catholic Performing Arts, chess tournaments, book week dress-ups, photos, Year 6 Astronomy Camp and Kalgoorlie Tour and athletics carnivals. The Term 3 Calendar was emailed home yesterday. Please make note of the important dates and events in what will be an action packed term.


On Friday, 27 July the Year 5/6 String Ensemble will perform for us at assembly. This will also be a good rehearsal for their performing arts the following week. It will be held in Gibney Hall, commencing at 2:30pm.


On Tuesday, 24 July this Term’s Parent Liaison Meeting will be held in the College Board Room, commencing at 2:30pm. All parents are invited and the focus of this meeting will be to provide parents with a forum to ask questions about Secondary School and in particular Year 7. I have invited Deputy Principal, Mr Tim Hince and 2019 Head of Year 7, Mr Clint Testa to the meeting so that they may answer any queries parents have in relation to the boys' transition to Secondary School.


We welcome Miss Sophia Berini, Miss Shannon Murray and Mr Jacob Cottrell to our staff this term. Sophia, Shannon and Jacob are from the University of Notre Dame Fremantle and will be completing their final teaching practicum in Year 4 Blue, Year 6 Green and Year 6 Blue.


Parent Response forms were included with the Semester One reports. Please complete and return them to your son’s teacher as soon as possible.


Good luck to our ‘A’s football team who play in the Ian MacRae Cup against Aquinas next Thursday. The game will be played on Mann Oval and, hopefully, the home team support will inspire the boys.


BIG will be performing on Friday, 24 August at 7pm at the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre. Tickets are available on Monday, 23 July through Ticketek ( or 132849) at $25 per adult ticket and $20 per student ticket (performers don't need a ticket).


Monday, 23 July

  • Year 4 Excursion to Duyfken, Fremantle

Tuesday, 24 July

  • Year 5 and 6 Sports Training 7:30am/8am
  • Parent Liaison Meeting at 2:30pm

Thursday, 26 July

  • Sport v Aquinas

Friday, 27 July

  • Year 4 Blue Mass
  • String Assembly at 3:30pm in Gibney Hall
  • Year 6 Astronomy Camp at 4pm


Mr Martin Tucker ('87) | Head of Junior School   


Back to school already! Wow what a fantastic holiday it was, and I bet everyone got a great rest from the homework. This term the Junior School is very lucky to have some new intern teachers from the University of Notre Dame. There is one teacher in 6B whose name is Mr Cottrell. One teacher is in 6G and her name is Miss Murray and one teacher is in 4B and her name is Miss Berini.

This week we went straight back in to winter sports. On the first day of Term 3 the Year 5s and 6s had their training session and played a fixture against Hale. All the boys tried their best and all did a great job for their team.

All the boys have settled nicely back into school this week and are getting back into the normal routine.

By Evan Alderslade (6B) and Rocco Fowler (6B)

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Secondary School News  


You may have heard that Ku De Ta has gone into administration, but The Deck is still open and this event is still on! Meet and mingle with other Year 8 Parents and Carers at Ku De Ta - The Deck. 

  • Friday, 3 August
  • From 6:30pm
  • $40 per person, includes canapes and pizza. Drinks can be purchased on the evening. 
  • Venue: Ku De Ta - The Deck, 306 Riverside Drive, East Perth

Tickets must be purchased by 27 July and are available here:

Enquiries to Belinda Siciliano: 


The following are two poems by Year 10 Literature students. 'Tenacious Rats' by Rafael Fiore (10.3) centres around an Australian soldier fighing in the Battle of Tobruk. The poem's theme is war and has been constructed to explore aspects of the Australian identity, including our will to survive and protect, our ability to turn bad experiences into good ones and an overall attitude of never giving up. The second poem, 'What did it cost?' by Ethan Throssell (10.7) delves into the mindset of young soldiers in WWI, in particular Captain Hugo Vivian Hope Throssell VC, a relative of Ethan's, and the first Western Australian recipient of the Victorian Cross, who suffered PTSD after the war. Ethan wrote from Captain Throssells perspective, due to the controversial view he held on war, experiencing it and surviving it while his closest friends did not. 

Tenacious Rats

by Rafael Fiore (10.3)

Load. Cock. Shoot.
Above the flat plain of barren desert,
Among the sea of sand,
Advance the beige figures, with their rifles slung over their weary shoulders,
While the distant rumbling grows stronger.

Load. Cock. Shoot.
Then come the artillery shells
Howling through the sky like packs of wolves hungry for blood
Hitting the ground with the might of Zeus
Leaving craters where men once stood.

Load. Cock. Jammed.
For seven months we’ve occupied this dusty hell,
Jerry attacks and we repel,
Just to grab their weapons and ammo
To sustain the fight for our little African home away from home.

The Germans have bigger guns and tanks,
More planes and men,
But they don’t have the spirit to fight,
Or the will to die on another nation’s soil,
that we, the ANZACS, have.

They call us rats and laugh at us,
And think that we are no match,
But as we lie here in the dirt,
Refusing to surrender,
We swear by the blood of our fallen mates
That we will leave a lasting legacy
As the Rats of Tobruk.

Click. Click. Charge!

What did it cost?

by Ethan Throssell (10.7)

Bang. The sound of war.
I am a soldier. Nothing more, nothing less.
Every day facing fire from conflict stirred by nations other than my own,
every day asking myself ‘What did it cost?’
Each bullet that misses my flesh hits harder as it hurls past,
for each of those bullets that miss my skin will never swerve until they steal the lives of my men.

I think of their faces, Bennett, McPherson, Knight,
each day more names added to this list of the lost and subtracted from my life.
Never again will those names bring joy to those who hear them
but only nurture the grievous animosity for the war in which they were lost.
I’m told that they died heroes by a dress uniform with clean hands
his chest weighed down, medals representing the metal he’d discharged into the chests of others.
He was not there. I know how they died.

What had it cost for the mothers and fathers who had moulded
each curve, each bend, each indentation and shape into their child
and for that child to be blown away with the twitch of a single finger and no second thought?
How was it worth the many years of work into their masterpiece, their beautiful work of art
To see their creation through the zips in their suffocating fabric coffins,
opened only to confirm the closing of their lives?
It is not worth it. And for this I hate war.

Now as my friends rest, with worms and clay, thoughts dash across my mind,
no more words between mates, no more ‘she’ll be right’s.
She won’t be right. Not anymore.
Without sleep, without solace, without suited hands to hold,
full families fall one short, victims of a war without need,
a war without victory for the dead,
a war that rages on inside my head, and I cannot expel these thoughts.
Circling endlessly, I ask myself, ‘What did it cost?’
At last the answer comes to me, hitting hand in hand with grief and saturated sorrow.
If the war had not killed us in body, it had taken our minds just as swiftly.


A group of Year 11 students and staff recently returned from an extensive journey up to the Kimberley to spend some time with the Australian Indigenous people who live there. They embarked on a series of Christian Service assignments that were both heart-warming and challenging.

Sam Symons (11.5) said of the experience, "We can only conclude that Bidyadanga is one of the most welcoming and joyful places we have ever encountered. Everywhere you go in the tiny town, you can create a long and open conversation with anyone you cross paths with. Everyone will smile or wave at you walking past, and thank you for the smallest things you do, even holding the door open at the general store...The kids were extremely open minded about us, and to my surprise they were not opposed to soccer, even with their favourite sports being footy and basketball."

The Diversity band meeting Fremantle Dockers players at Optus Stadium

On 15 July, Trinity College band, Diversity, performed two songs ("Sing for You" and "Free") at a Fremantle Dockers home game at Optus Stadium, to celebrate NAIDOC Week. Congratulations to Diversity band members, brothers Isaiah (12.5) and Nehemiah Reuben (9.8), vocalists and guitarists, and Rory Charles (9.2), who plays percussion. Thanks to TC music teacher Mr Steve Richter, and coordinators of the Trinity Aboriginal Program, Mr Gary Malarkey and Ms Karrene McLernon, and also to Mrs Cath McDougall from KDN. To view their talented performance, click here


Well done to Trinity's Senior School students, who put on a fantastic night of music on Wednesday night, including percussion, string, woodwind, brass and guitar performances. Many thanks to all the instrumental tutors and teachers for their hard work throughout the year with their students and for helping make the night happen.  


On Wednesday, 8th August at 6:30pm in the Staff Lounge there is a meeting for all parents of boys who are interested in attending the Humanities Sydney / Canberra Australian Icons Tour in October of 2019. The tour is open to boys who will be in Years 10 and 11 in 2019. Given the success of the inaugural tour in 2017, the Humanities Learning Area would like to offer this opportunity for students who have an interest in the Humanities to visit and experience some of Australia’s most iconic buildings and institutions. Please click here to access the 2017 itinerary.

If you have any questions about this tour pleased email me at

Mr Chris Allanson | Head of Humanities 


Last Semester boys in the Duke of Edinburgh Program chose to support the ‘Manna 4 Kids’ program to help with their Service component. ‘Manna 4 Kids’ is a not-for profit Public Charity that provides food assistance to children that don’t have breakfast or lunch for a school day. So, the boys, eager to help, started to make lunches before school for the Charity to provide to the children. We also held a book stall in Week 7 to raise funds to purchase the food we needed in Week 9 for our trip to Swan View Primary. We managed to raise over $150 which was enough to purchase lunch and some extra snacks for the kids.

On Thursday 28 June, all 20 boys doing the Duke of Edinburgh, as well as Mr Allen and Mr Miskiewicz, went to Swan View Primary as part of the ‘Manna 4 Kids’ Charity. We had a nice 45-minute-long drive up to Swan View, and to be honest none of us really knew what to expect. We arrived and unloaded the food we would be using and carried it into the admin building of the school. We were greeted by the administrator and the Principal with beaming smiles. The Principal then took us to where we would be helping out the Year 1, 2 and Pre-Primary area, and we were immediatelyplaying with the kids. We played many games like Chasey, Piggy-Back Rides and Skipping ropes. After about an hour of play we all came inside to make and eat lunch.

We were all split up to have about 2 pre-primary kids with us. We sat down at the tables and got to know our buddies a little bit better. We talked about all sorts of stuff like favourite colours, likes and dislikes, etc. We all got a muesli bar, apple/orange juice and a meat and salad platter. We got to choose what we wanted in our sandwich. After our feast, we had a final play with the kids and a photo before we returned to school. The coach ride back to school was electric, as we listened to and sung along to Spotify the whole way back.

On reflection, it is one of the best feelings that you can have, helping someone that is in need. We felt downright great about ourselves and that was reflected on the coach trip back to school. On behalf of all the boys who took part in the Duke of Edinburgh Program in Semester 1, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers who assisted with this program, the parents and of course Mr Miskiewicz who was with us the entire way. We have all become greater men because of this program and we are all especially grateful for being part of such a special program.

Luke Alderslade (9.7)


During the last week of Term 2, the Year 7 to Year 12 Book Clubs enjoyed a visit from Amy who works at Boffins Book Shop in the city. This is an annual event where Amy brings a selection of newly released Young Adult fiction for the boys to peruse. After giving a brief summary of each of these novels, the boys were allowed to select the ones that they wanted the library to purchase. Amy did a fantastic job of describing the new novels, as the boys asked for every one of the books to be purchased! Thank you to Amy for taking the time to come and visit the eager readers at Trinity College.

Alison Mackenzie | Head of Library Services


Come together with Year 9 parents at The Shoe Bar and Restaurant

  • Saturday, 21 July
  • 7:00pm
  • Venue: The Shoe Bar and Restaurant, Yagan Square, William Street, Perth
  • $10/pp payable at venue on the night. Price includes share platters and use of venue. 

RSVP by Friday, 20 July for catering purposes to Jill Gorski via email: jrgorski@bigpond

College News


Click here for a map regarding the road closures around the school next Monday, 23 July from 4:30pm due to the Chelsea FC v Glory Soccer game that is taking place at Optus Stadium. 


The TC Canteen will be 'cashless' in 2019. In an effort to decrease the amount of cash being handled at the College beginning this term, the Canteen will be limiting their cash tills and increasing card active tills. To increase the daily spend limit on your son's student card please follow the steps here:


Interviews are now being conducted for entry into Year 4 and Year 7 in 2020. There are still limited spaces available for 2019. If there are any siblings who have not yet enrolled and you would like more information, please contact the Registrar’s office on 9223 8121 or email:


Pipes and Drums are looking for new members! Any interested students are welcome to come to the Pipes and Drums room on Tuesdays or Wednesdays during recess or lunch to learn more about the instruments. 


The Uniform Shop open hours during term are: 

  • Every Tuesday 7:30am to 4:30pm
  • Every Friday 7:30am to 1:30pm

Judy Mackintosh | Uniform Shop Manager 


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Inclusive Education


The College is currently finalising the Funding Application for supplementary assistance through Australian and State Government programs for students with disabilities in 2019. This includes students with physical, intellectual, social and emotional and medical issues. This supplementary funding helps us to provide extra support across classes and learning areas for the benefit of all students. 

For many students who meet eligibility criteria, discrete monitoring may be the only adjustment required. The funding is not targeted at individuals. Students who meet the criteria will have an application submitted by the College and all information is kept strictly confidential.

If you would like to discuss this further, please contact the Director of Inclusive Education at Trinity College, Ms Lissa Coleman.

Ms Lissa Coleman | Director of Inclusive Education, Years 4 to 12



The Prefects are once again embracing the Head Boy of the Class of 2016, Lochie Taylor’s initiative of Pink Sock Day, encouraging all 1st Teams to support the McGrath Foundation and raise funds for breast cancer.

Pink Sock Day will take place on Saturday, 28 July at the Waterford Playing Fields and will be facilitated by the Rugby community. There will be bacon and egg burgers for purchase (in addition to the usual sausages) and some amazing raffle prizes! Come on down and support the cause!

To buid on Pink Sock Day and encourage boys from all College sporting teams to be a part of and support this cause, all students will be able to purchase pink sweatbands for $5 during Week 2. Boys will be able to wear these sweatbands during their fixture on Friday or Saturday of Week 2 only as a sign of appreciation and support to all the important women in their lives. 

Ms Amanda Marocchi | Head of Year 8 


Following on from the success of the Term 2 swim squad, we will be offering a Term 3 fitness squad programme. The programme is open to any Senior or Junior School swimmer who would like to improve fitness and strength in the water. Swim Squad will run each afternoon - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3:30-4:30pm, from Week 2 to Week 10.

This is a great opportunity to get fit for summer season, especially late in the term after winter sport concludes. Please note Year 7-12 boys will not be enrolled on sports training afternoon. Day changes can be accommodated during athletics season, for those involved.

Mr Dion Mepham | Aquatics Specialist


Click here for the upcoming fixture for TC v HS.


This Saturday is our second last home fixture for senior teams, against Hale School at Waterford. The parents of our football players are rostered on to help with morning tea for this fixture, so if you are able to assist please go to the clubrooms any time from 9am onwards – thank you in advance to the parents who are able to help.

All boys playing at Waterford this Saturday are asked to bring a plate of finger food for morning tea and leave it in the clubrooms before their game.


With the Chelsea FC vs Glory soccer fixture at Optus Stadium next Monday, there will be road closures around the College after 4:30pm. At present, the only details made available by Main Roads is that “Nelson Crescent and surrounding local roads will be closed from 4.30pm until 10.30pm”. Teams training at Trinity next Monday will finish at 4.20pm to allow boys to be picked up before the roads close. Further details regarding the training buses returning from Waterford will be forwarded as soon as Main Roads confirm the extent of the closures, but parents may find it easier to pick boys up from Waterford or the Perth Hockey Stadium on Monday. For a map of the road closures, click here


There is no training on Wednesday, 25 July due to parent teacher meetings taking place all day.

Mr Steve Leahy ('78) | Director of Sport

Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association

Bryan Breheny ('04) scores a try

The weather didn't deter the TOBA/TC community last Sunday, with a great turn out to support teams. The TC spirit was abundant, on and off the field!

TOBA won overall, defeating TC in cross country, rugby and soccer and TC winning football and hockey.

We were fortunate to have former WCE player Jacob Brennan (’07) playing on the TOBA football team. Jacob is the son of the football trophy's namesake, Michael Brennan (’82) and it was only fitting that Jacob presented the trophy to the winning team (TC First XVIII). Andrew Embley (’98) also a former WCE player received 5 stitches for his efforts on the field!

The medal for TC Spirit was presented to Chris Jones (’97) by the inaugural winner, Bryan Breheny (’04). Chris is a massive supporter of all things TOBA and TC and consistently involved behind the scenes and on the field! Chris recently celebrated 200 games with Trinity Aquinas Football Club.

Huge thanks go to:
• Acting TC Headmaster, Shaun Kenny for assisting with presentations
• TC Director of Sport, Stephen Leahy (’78) and captains, coaches, managers, umpires and referees of both TOBA and TC teams
• St John Ambulance
Brendan Molony (’65) and Giueseppe Leone (’91), for their expertise on the barbecue
Graham ‘Kiwi’ Warner and his team for maintaining impeccable grounds
• The winner’s trophy namesake, Brendan Ryan (’91) and his father, Michael Ryan, for attending on the day and assisting with presentations.
Cross Country
TOBA 19 / TC 38 — winner TOBA
TC winner — Mack Spiers (12.4)
Overall and TOBA winner — Dave Scott (’10)
Thank you to Geoff Jamieson, Tess Warner, Mack Spiers (12.4), Sam O’Connell (’09), Jack Dewsbury (’11) and Phil Jurjevich (’85).
TOBA 43 / TC 58 — Winner TC
TC Best Player – Steele Cahill (12.2)
TOBA Best Player – John Bell (’97)
Thank you to Peter Oliver, Andrew Jenkin, Jarrad Quatermaine, Liam Martin (12.5), Troy Zafer (’91), Tim Fanowrios (’91), Jason O’Malley and Victor Le Tessier.
TOBA 11 / TC 12 — Winner TC
TC Best Player — Ryan Tan (11.8)
TOBA Best Player — Stuart Zekulich (’13)
Thank you to Frank Main, Claire Wilson, Damien Hansen, Harrison Pell (12.3), Andrew Eyres (’13), James McPherson (’06) and Andrew Tucker (’10)
TOBA 45 / TC 44 — Winner TOBA
TC Best Player — Sam Peirce (12.3)
TOBA Best Player — Keenan Meade (’13)
Thank you to Alex Stajka, Tim Carslaw, Candice Brown, Ethan Roux, Damian Pacecca (’03), Will Brock (’04), Bryan Breheny (‘04) and Ollie Milne.
TOBA 8 / TC 2 — Winner TOBA
TC Best Player — Max Thorniley (12.5)
TOBA Best Player — Calum O’Connell (’07)
Thank you to Dan Bateman, Trent Piccicacco (’16), Ben Kriszyk, Tim Ludovico and Joshua Marocchi (’07)

  • Saturday, 28 July (doors open from 6pm)
  • The Camfield, 1 Roger Mckay Drive, Burswood
  • Ticket price $55pp (includes house drink on arrival, musical performances by Trinity student bands & TOBA ALL STARS featuring Mod Squad, Slim Jim & PHATTS Inc and the J Babies)
  • Food vendors available for purchase of food
  • TOBA is hosting this event in support of TC Music
  • Open to the whole TC community

This is not just an 'Old Boy' event and the whole TC community is invited, so feel free to bring partners, family, friends and work colleagues. Come along and remember the glory days of the 80's whilst listening to Mental as Anything, the TOBA All Stars Band (featuring members of the Mod Squad and Slim Jim), and of course a very special appearance by the TC Student Rock Band. 

Booking via: 

Diane Miller | Executive Officer, Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association

Community News 


Trinity Fathers for Others and the Dads of Mercedes are pleased to offer a special spirits tasting night at the Shoe that is managed by one of Trinity fathers Paul Higgins. This event will be a chance to meet with dads from both Trinity College and Mercedes College and to sample several types of spirits that will be available to buy at discounted prices. The cost is $22 and this will cover the cost of the tasty food platters that will be provided. Drinks can be purchased at the bar. 

To purchase tickets, visit: 


Mercedes College is proud to present the hilarious musical production, The Addams Family, featuring Trinity College student, Patrick O’Donoghue (12.6) as Lurch. Wednesday Addams, the ultimate princess of darkness, has grown up and fallen in love with a sweet, smart young man from a respectable family – a man her parents have never met. Find out what happens when the family hosts a dinner for Wednesday’s ‘normal’ boyfriend and his parents. Featuring a cast of over 70, this musical comedy is proudly presented by the students of Mercedes College. Coming to the Regal Theatre in Subiaco for 4 performances only, from Friday 27 July. Tickets are available at

Courage to Care is a free, community outreach initiative that demonstrates to students the importance of standing up to bullying and prejudice wherever it occurs. The exhibition is a celebration of people who chose to stand up and confront injustice - ordinary people who were extraordinary in their bravery. All high schools are invited to bring student groups who will have a guided tour of the exhibition, hear a Holocaust survivor's positive story and take part in a facilitated workshop. 

  • The exhibition is free of charge
  • 21 August to 5 September
  • Venue: The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle Campus

For further information, visit or contact the program manager, Yael Jacobson on 


University Open Days begin this weekend. They are a great opportunity to visit the campus and talk to teachers and students in different faculties. Below are the dates for all upcoming Open Days in 2018. TISC will be presenting to Year 12 students in Week 3 about the process of applying for University study in 2019. 

  • ECU (Joondalup): Sunday, 22 July at 10am-3pm
  • Murdoch University: Saturday, 28 July at 10am-4pm
  • Curtin University: Sunday, 29 July at 10am-4pm
  • UWA: Sunday, 12 August at 10am-4pm
  • ECU (Mount Lawley & WAAPA): Sunday, 12 August at 10am-3pm
  • Notre Dame University: Sunday, 19 August
  • CQ University: Thursday, 23 August at 4-7pm

Mr Russell Hinks | Careers Counsellor


The Academic Group is offering tuition for Years 7 to 12 and ATAR Master classes for students in Years 11 and 12 at various locations in Perth. For more information and to enrol online, visit the website: or call 9314 9500


ATarget is offering ATAR and Middle School Master Classes in Terms 3 and 4. Small groups, individual attention, subject revision and exam preparation. Mock and ATAR exam preparation. Enrol online at or call 9486 1377


This is a course for teachers and others who work with adolescents. To read more information in the flyer, click here

  • Monday, 10 September
  • 9:30am-4:30pm
  • Level 1, 22 Southport St, West Leederville
  • $220, includes a light lunch

Places are limited so please book now, call 6164 0200.


After the school holidays, would you like to spend a weekend away, just for you and your spouse? Then consider attending a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend where you will have the opportunity to reconnect, rekindle and refresh your relationship. Take time out of your busy schedule, to invest in your most precious asset...your Marriage! Attending a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend has now been accredited for 6 hours ongoing formation for staff in Catholic Schools. We invite you to join us at the Atrium Resort, Mandurah on 27-29 July or 12-14 October. For information or booking contact: Valerie & Brendon on 0424 220 625 or email: or vist the website:


Parents and their P Plater child are welcome to attend this night of education and fun, aimed at the first time driver. It is a free session with supper and soft drinks provided, however the number of places are limited. 

  • Learn the basics: changing a tyre, jump start with a flat battery, check under bonnet fluid levels, check tyre pressures.
  • Tuesday, 7 August
  • 6:00-8:00pm
  • RSVP essential to Sophie Mullane: or call 1300 248 986

Any queries, please phone Sophie or Barry on 9221 0888. 


The coach from Let's Run Perth Running Club will teach your child running technique and posture for Sprints & Relays. Suitable for Year 4-9. Payment by bank transfer to Let's Run Perth.

  • Every Thursday, 26 July- 13 September
  • 3:15pm-4.00pm
  • Mann Oval, Trinity College - meet near the cricket cage
  • Early bird registration fee: $84/child (if paid by 25 July)
  • Late registration fee: $94/child (if paid after 26 July)

To register, visit:

For more information, email: or text: 0402 784 225. Facebook:


There are vacancies for Term 3 in Autism West's Awesome Group at Claremont PCYC. The Awesome Group is aimed at children aged 10 to 15 years who are on the spectrum, who are at risk or experiencing social isolation, and who want to come and enjoy a couple of hours in a safe and supported environment, exploring their interests while getting to know each other. Individual interests are encouraged and it is an awesome place to come and have fun, develop new friendships and belong! Kids are welcome to give the group a go and see if it is for them. For more information, please email Mandy Orso: 


The ConocoPhillips Science Experience STEM program is being offered in December 2018 and January 2019. It is a 3 or 4 day program of hands-on science, conducted across 33 universities and tertiary campuses Australia wide and is open to all current Year 9 and 10 students in 2018. The programs include:

  • hands on activities in laboratories
  • short interactive lectures
  • many programs include a visit to a local scientific site.

There is no selection process and all students are welcome to attend. The full cost for a student to participate in a 3 day program is $190 and 4 day program is $260. It is a Rotary supported project and local Rotary clubs are often willing to financially sponsor students. For more information, visit: 


ATI Martial Arts offers Taekwondo for Kids starting from 4 years and up, in two locations: Forster Park Hall, Cloverdale and Woodville Pavilion Hall, North Perth. For a free two week trial, call Anthony on 0402 144 018. Website: 


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