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TC Newsletter:

Volume 21  July 5, 2019

From the Principal 

One of the wonderful things about being a student in a large secondary school is the extraordinary number of opportunities that are presented. As students develop, gain knowledge and skills and demonstrate greater levels of responsibility, they are able to make informed choices about getting involved in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. This is particularly true of Trinity College. Given our wonderful facilities and well-established programs, our boys are presented with many opportunities in which they can participate, learn, compete and extend themselves in aspects of College life beyond the standard curriculum. 

Through the comprehensive PSA Sports program, all of our students are involved in representing the College in their respective summer and winter sports. Many of these teams have enjoyed great success so far and on any given afternoon (and some mornings), students can be seen training in preparation for upcoming fixtures. Likewise, as I move around the campus after school it is very heartening to see students involved in subject tutorials, Homework Club, Christian Service programs and many other specialist groups and activities. Within the Arts, various dance and drama groups and a long list of music groups and ensembles are always busy preparing for respective performance evenings, productions, the upcoming Catholic Performing Arts Festival and the current Music Tour to Europe. 

Student involvement in such extra-curricular activities has obvious benefits and research also points to the strong correlation between school success and student happiness that emerges from being ‘connected to school’. It is timely to acknowledge the effort and dedication of the boys involved and the generosity of the many Staff who direct such activities. It is always pleasing to see the interaction between staff and students and it highlights the importance of building positive relationships when dealing with children. It is often in these extra-curricular settings that such relationships are strengthened, skills are developed and memories are formed. At a time when various media reports and some of societies nay-sayers would like to paint a somewhat bleak picture of our youth, we should rejoice in the wonderful reality that we experience when working with and celebrating the commitment and achievements of our students – Men for Others!

Student Reports

Student Reports for Semester One have been made available via SEQTA to respective year groups over the past week or so. The Reports are an important record of the student’s achievement and progress throughout the semester. I trust that the particular levels of achievement are a true reflection of each student’s effort and application to their studies. I would encourage parents to choose an appropriate time to sit down with their son in order to discuss all aspects of their particular Semester Report. Such a discussion can be used to celebrate those areas in which effort and achievement are positive and likewise, to highlight those areas in which improvements need to be made. The indicators of Work Habits, as recorded on each student’s Report, may be a good starting point for any such discussion as they reflect a student’s attitude and application towards their learning.  

The analysis of reports should be used as the basis for meaningful conversations about application to school, establishing a consistent approach to home studies and identifying areas for improvement in the future. Whilst the College does not expect that all students can attain the highest possible performance or grades, in all areas, across all subjects; it does have clear expectations of all students to apply themselves to their work. Put simply, the College does expect that all students strive to achieve their personal best in all areas across all subjects – personal excellence should be the aim of every student. More specifically, the College has clear expectations on the students:

  • to approach their school work with a positive attitude and genuine effort in all subjects,
  • to be actively involved in their class learning, contributing to class discussions and activities,
  • to complete set tasks, assessments and home studies to the very best of their ability and in a timely manner,
  • to demonstrate courtesy and respect to every person within our College community,
  • to co-operate and behave in all of their classes.

I am sure that as parents, you would have similar expectations of your son. It is vitally important that an organised approach to study, a positive attitude and good behaviour standards are established as the basis for student achievement. Once again, I would encourage parents to use your son’s Semester Report to acknowledge areas of success and achievement while challenging ways in which further improvements can be made.


As is normally the case in a large school such as Trinity College, we will see a number of Staff changes at the end of this term.

A number of College Staff will be enjoying some extended leave commencing in Term 3; Ms Elena Bennet (Music), Ms Alana Brennan (Junior School), Mr Alastair Hay (Science), Mrs Kimberley Lloyd (Music), Mrs Marya Stewart (Christian Service) and Mrs Evelyn Temmen (Junior School).

We wish all those staff taking some leave a wonderful, relaxing and peaceful break.

Other members of staff have now completed their respective short- term positions. We thank Mrs Tara Kelso (Psychologist), Mr Paul Lorenz (D&T), Mrs Fiona May (Science) and Ms Bree Wilkins (HASS) for their wonderful work and generous service, and we wish them well for the future.

We take this opportunity to welcome a number of new Staff members who will be commencing at our College at the start of Term 3; Mr Reid Butler (Religious Education), Mrs Kathryn Gordon (Junior School), Mrs Tatiana Kobets (Music), Mr Joe Nolan (Science), Mr Ray Palermo (Junior School) and Mr Peter Shanhun (Music). 

We also welcome back a number of staff who are returning from extended leave; Jessica Chrystal (Psychologist), Judy Dawson (HASS), Bobby Emmanuel (Science), Petra Spencer (Registrar) and Paul Van Vliet (D&T).

I would also like to wish safe travels to the many students and staff travelling to Europe for their Music Tour. Combining with Mercedes College, our boys will perform in Salzburg, Vienna, Prague and Budapest as part of the International Youth Music Festival. This is a very special opportunity for the boys to showcase their talents and enjoy the culture of such wonderful cities and I thank Dr Rob Braham, Mrs Ann Clarke, Ms Kimberley Lloyd and Mr Paul Presser for their direction on the Tour.

May I take this opportunity to thank the staff, students and their families for their efforts and support during our busy first Semester. The students will commence next term on Tuesday, 23 July and they should be dressed in their full College winter uniform. Please note that Monday, 22 July is a scheduled Staff Professional Development Day.

I hope that everyone is able to enjoy a safe and relaxing holiday break.

Live Jesus in our hearts

Mr Darren O'Neill | Principal

College Events

Parent Council Sundowner 2019

This year we have a number of vacancies to fill on the Parent Council. The College is calling for expressions of interest from parents willing to be involved. Any parent who is interested is asked to submit a very brief (half page maximum) nomination, telling us a little bit about yourself, why you are interested in being involved and any skills, talents or ideas you could bring to the role. Please email these to Mr Peter Norman at by Monday, 5 August.

Parents nominating to be involved in the Parent Council need to be available to attend College functions, including the Parent Sundowner in Term One and the Parent Ball in the Term One holidays. Parent Councillors also need to be available to attend meetings, which are held about eight times a year, usually on Tuesday evenings at 5:30pm. A link to some more information about the Parent Council can be found here.

We hope to welcome our new members at our next meeting on Tuesday, 13 August

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College Calendar


Monday, 22 July

  • Staff PD Day
  • No classes

Tuesday, 23 July

  • Classes commence

Wednesday, 24 July

  • Senior Chamber Music Night

Thursday, 25 July

  • JS General Bye

Friday, 26 July

  • 8:00am Mass
  • TC V CC

Tuesday, 30 July

  • 9:35am Secondary Assembly (Academic)
  • National Chemistry Quiz (Year 11)
  • PSA Cross Country 4:3pm 

Wednesday, 31 July

  • 9:00am-7:00pm Year 7-10 P/T/S Interviews
  • Year 12 Classes as normal
  • Year 11 Study Day

Thursday, 1 August

  • HS v TC
  • Australian Mathematics Competition
  • CPAF Percussion Ensemble

Friday, 2 August

  • 8:00am Mass
  • HS v TC
  • X Country All Schools 3km at WC

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Junior School News


The Semester One reports, which were available through SEQTA on Wednesday have hopefully given you a good indication as to how your boy has progressed this semester. After reading your child’s report, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to clarify these with your son’s teacher by requesting a meeting upon your return to school in Term Three. Please also complete the Parent Response Sheet and return it to your son’s teacher during the first week of next term.


Well done to the Year 4 boys on the way you participated in the soccer carnival yesterday. It was a good opportunity, despite the drenching weather, to see lots of great soccer skills on display. Thank you also to the boys for the way they were wonderful Trinity ambassadors.


I would like to farewell Ms Evelyn Temmen and Miss Alana Brennan who are both taking Long Service Leave. While Evelyn is away for the first 5 weeks of Term 3, Mr Ray Palermo will be teaching 4W and Mrs Joanne du Toit will be the Acting Assistant Head of Junior School. Miss Brennan is taking leave for the whole Term. In her absence, Mrs Kathryn Gordon will be teaching 5B. I would also like to farewell Mrs Tara Kelso, who has been the Junior School Educational Psychologist for this semester. Mrs Kelso has done a wonderful job and I thank her for the positive impact she has made to the Junior School community. Next Term we welcome back Ms Jess Chrystal from maternity leave.


During this year we have included a Resources for Parents page on the College website. This is being added to regularly and I encourage you to have a look at the various articles and videos which can be accessed through this page. The link to the page is


Term 3 commences on Tuesday, 23 July. Training will be held on this day with the ‘A’ teams commencing at 7:30am. Other boys wishing to train at 7:30am are also welcome. The remainder of the teams commence training at 8:00am.

Tuesday, 23 July 
  • Year 5/6 Winter Sports Training 
Friday, 26 July
  •  Assembly at 2:40pm

Mr Martin Tucker ('87) | Head of Junior School    

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Secondary School News


Tuesday night saw the Year 9 cohort of Trinity College host – A Night to Shine Dinner.

This dinner was an opportunity for mothers/significant female others to celebrate the journey of their young man and see how far they have come throughout the Becoming Men Journey. The aim was, as a collective group of young men (the Class of 2022) to recognise and celebrate the many achievements of the women in and around our community - as well as educating and empowering these young men of Trinity College to be respectful.

A large focus of the Empowering Men; Educating Women Program was teaching the boys that gender is in fact a social construct and is not necessarily to do with our biological sex. These conversations gave the boys an opportunity to see things from different perspectives and consider the decisions that they have made and will make in the future. I wanted them to understand that achievements and interests have nothing to do with gender – and that we should be respectful to all.

Another focus point of the program was to do with presentation and grooming. In many cases what we taught in terms of etiquette was not new, most boy just needed some reminders. My aim was for the boys to understand why these little things are important. To understand that all of the little things they do contribute to a much bigger picture. They contribute to showing respect, care and consideration.

The night was a huge success, with both mother/son/significant other taking to the dance floor and enjoying some valuable time together. I would like to thank each one of the attendees for supporting the event and I look forward to this continuing into the future. Thank you to our Principal Mr O’Neill and all our amazing staff for their support during the term but especially on the night, they continue to go above and beyond in developing these fine young men to ensure they are equipped with the skills to succeed in the future.

Ms Amanda Marocchi | Head of Year 9


The Senior Library held a Uno tournament this week – in three fiercely competitive rounds held over three lunchtimes, 70 aspiring champions were narrowed down to just 3 in the final round, with Taj McCartney (9.1), Ethan McMillan (10.5) and Max Beros (9.1) ultimately playing off against each other to decide the final winner. Ethan McMillan made short work of the final round and was declared TC Uno Champion. The tournament was a great success and is sure to become a regular event.


Mr Phil Jurevich (Director of Rowing) joined a Year 8 class for reading this week. Mr Jurevich is a big reader who often talks about books in his lessons so it was great to have him join us for a Guys Read session. He spoke about some of his favourite books from when he was a youngster – which included “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Magician”, his ultimate favourite being “The Secret History” by Donna Tartt. Mr Jurevich also told the boys that if they get into reading, they have the chance to live a thousand lives. During the library session he spent the time reading “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek, a book he has read numerous times, but is one of his go-to books. At home he is reading “Druss the Legend” by David Gemmell. Mr Jurevich puts reading among his Top 5 Favourite Things to do.

Thank you for taking the time to come and read with us.

Ms Alison Mackenzie | Head of Library Services


My name is Saxon Harbrow (9.6) and I am completing the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. For Physical Recreation, I have chosen Tennis and Badminton as my major 26 week activity. Sections of Skill and Service are to be done over 13 weeks. I have taken up junior Tennis coaching at my local Tennis club and Trinity College service hours to complete the service section. For Skill I have chosen to do Chess and an interchange manager for my brothers AFL team. When I heard about this Bronze Award, I found an opportunity to show what I can do when I put my mind to it and contribute to the school. This Bronze Award brings close relationships with people that you may not have known too well and you will, hopefully in the future, be good mates with. This Bronze Award demands a lot of determination, persistence and focus to do the best you can do. You need to go above and beyond to see the effect of this Bronze Award and to show people what you can accomplish. I am on track for finishing soon and I’m enjoying the Award and encourage the current Year 8s to do their Bronze Award next year. 

My name is Luca Bempasciuto (9.6). While doing Duke of Ed this semester I have participated in Basketball and Badminton for my Physical Recreation hours, bass guitar for my Skill section and I have been participated in Manna fundraiser activities such as sandwich making, selling pancakes and milo and helping kids at Swan River View for my Service section. My favourite activity I have experienced during the Duke of Edinburgh program was the camp we went on as it helped my work on my leadership skills and form new relationships. It put me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to adapt to my surroundings using my initiative. The Duke of Edinburgh program has been a unique experience, which I am very grateful to have been a part of. It has taught me to be a better leader, form new relationships and start to help more people in need. I am very grateful for my experience in the program and I recommend for anyone to do it if they have the chance!


As a part of the service program in the Duke of Edinburgh elective, last Friday forty Year 9 Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award participants attended Swan View Primary School. The participants helped the boys and girls in the classrooms by making paper planes, decorating biscuits and building relationships with the students. All items that were provided to the students at Swan View were fundraised by the participants as well. Congratulations to this amazing group of young men!

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College News


Congratulations to Nicholas Moursellas (8.8) and James Mulholland (8.2) who have been selected as finalists for the HyperVision exhibition and competition. Their artworks will be displayed at the Midland Junction Arts Centre from opening night on Friday, 5 July and as part of the HyperVision exhibit from Saturday, 7 July to Friday, 9 August which is open to the public to attend.  


Please save the date - Friday, 16 August for the Annual College Auxiliary Morning Tea. This year's guest speaker is Fiona Bennett. Fiona will be focussing on the importance of women maintaining their friendships and relationships through the years of raising their children. 


Assistance required for set up from 8:30am on Thursday, 15 August and also from 8am onwards for some/or all of the event and afterwards on Friday, 16 August. If you are able to help or would like more information, please contact Beverly Martinez on 


Families are requested to make the once a year contribution as detailed below. Please note all food should be left in the Gibney Hall kitchen from 8:00am on Friday, 16 August. Vegetarian and gluten free options are gladly accepted - please label accordingly. 

  • Year 7: Raffle prize donations. Please leave at Main Reception by Wednesday, 14 August. Goods or services gladly accepted. 
  • Year 9: Loaf of sandwiches (eg; chicken & avocado, smoked salmon, curried eggs etc). Please leave uncut and place whole sandwiches in the bread bag as they will be cut in the morning to maintain freshness
  • Year 10: Homemade slices (slices preferable to whole cakes) please leae uncut and on disposable plates
  • Year 11: Homemade savouries (eg; quiches, savoury tartlets, sausage rolls etc) no frozen or uncooked items, please leave on disposable plates. 


The College Auxiliary are seeking major sponsors for the Morning Tea. Please reply by Wednesday, 7 August to Beverly Martinez via Thank you for your support. 


Please note that the College Reception will be closed during the Term 2 school holidays from Monday, 8 July, reopening on Thursday, 18 July.


Please note that the Uniform Shop is closed for the holidays. Last day is Friday, 5 July and we re-open on Tuesday, 23 July

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Nicholas Butler at the Volleyball Nations League
Nicholas Butler at Trinity in 2012

Congratulations to Nicholas Butler who has recently secured a contract with French Volleyball Pro-A series club TLM Volley. He also represented Australia (Volleyroos) in Brisbane at the Volleyball Nations League last weekend. Nicholas attended Trinity up until Year 11 in 2013 when he moved to attend the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra.    


Click here for last week's results against Aquinas College. 

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Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association

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Community News


WACE Revision and ATAR Exam Preparation tutorials have a history of successfully supporting students to achieve their academic objectives. For students in Year 7-12, there are; subject revision, essay writing tutorials, study skills tutorials and ATAR Exam Prep. For more information please visit or call 9486 1377. 


For more than 60 years Relationships Australia WA has been providing relationship support services for individuals, couples, families and communities. With a wide range of programs and services we can assist with a variety of issues or topics, including: Mums Raising Boys, Fathering after Separation, Dads Raising Girls, Mums Raising Teenage Boys and much more. Places are limited - please contact (08) 6164 0239. For more information about our courses and workshops, please visit 


GuitarWorks is holding “Free School Holiday Guitar Workshops” for anyone interested in learning guitar. These 90min demonstrations cover all aspects of guitar playing and styles. Bookings essential, info & dates found here Guitar Workshop or contact Stefan Cutri via or call 0414 448 907. 


RugbyWA are holding holiday programs both new and existing rugby players

The two programs are:

  • Rugbyroos - 5-8 year old ( new to rugby)
  • RugbyWA Skills – 9-12 year old ( existing rugby players)

2019 Term 2 Running Clinics

Learn to improve your running technique and posture coached by Let’s Run Perth. Suitable for Year 3 to 6. Payment by bank transfer to Let’s Run Perth ( Click here to download the clinic flyer. 

For more details, text the suburb to: 0402 784 225 or email:


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