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Volume 22  July 26, 2019

From the Principal 

A very warm welcome back to all boys and their families as we look forward to a positive and productive second half of the year. Term 3 is a very important time as students make important choices with regard to elective subjects and choose Senior courses for next year. Our leaving class of Year 12 students will be challenged to ‘pick up the pace’ as they move towards completing courses, finalise work projects and portfolios, or begin preparing for important examinations later in the year. Regardless of which pathway they have chosen, this term should be viewed as the culmination of many years of endeavour and application. As they progress towards their graduation, we pray that each of them is able to reflect upon their journey with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Our Senior boys have been wonderful role models this year and I am very confident that they will continue to work hard as they strive to achieve their best in all areas.
Our Year 10 students will also have a special focus during this term as they formally begin the process of career guidance and course selection. The decisions that they make will be important in ensuring that they enjoy a sense of purpose and fulfilment as they prepare to graduate two years from now. We trust that they will reflect on all advice given to them, research all available options, and wish them the gift of discernment at this time. Personalised course counselling appointments for each Year 10 student has now commenced and this process will continue over the next three weeks. This provides an important opportunity for each boy and his parents to meet with a key staff member in order to discuss his future directions in relation to specific aspects of his current progress and likely future success. In a similar way, our Year 6 boys will begin specific work and examine different learning styles that prepares them for the transition into Secondary School. We wish them well at this important stage of their educational journey.
I would also like to take this opportunity to encourage our Years 710 parents to make appointments to meet with respective College staff at the upcoming ParentTeacherStudent Interviews scheduled for next Wednesday, 31 July. These occasions allow for meaningful and constructive conversations about student progress and highlight the importance of positive family/College relationships. Valuable information about your child’s progress can always be obtained through direct communication with respective Teachers. I strongly encourage parents to stay in regular contact with teachers through personal interviews or via the telephone or email.
The start of term usually brings with it some significant changes in staffing. Ms Elena Bennett (Music); Ms Alana Brennan (Junior School); Mr Alastair Hay (Science); Mrs Kimberley Lloyd (Music); Mrs Marya Stewart (Christian Service); and Mrs Evelyn Temmen (Junior School); will all be enjoying periods of leave. We wish them well on their extended break.
We extend a very warm welcome to a number of staff members who have commenced at our College at the start of Term 3; Mr Reid Butler (Religious Education), Mrs Kathryn Gordon (Junior School), Ms Tatiana Kobets (Music), Mr Joe Nolan (Science), Mr Ray Palermo (Junior School) and Mr Peter Shanhun (Music). We also welcome back a number of staff who are returning from extended leave; Ms Jessica Chrystal (Psychologist), Mrs Judy Dawson (HASS), Mr Bobby Emmanuel (Science), Mrs Petra Spencer (Registrar) and Mr Paul Van Vliet (D&T).
I would also like to welcome back, the students and staff who recently returned from the very successful Music Tour of Europe. Combining with Mercedes College, our boys performed in Salzburg, Vienna, Prague and Budapest as part of the International Youth Music Festival. Details of the great success achieved on the Tour will be covered elsewhere in our Trinity Newsletter, but I did want to take this opportunity to congratulate the boys on being wonderful ambassadors for our College. Amongst the array of wonderful experiences and outstanding performances, there was a wonderful acknowledgement and high praise for the manner in which the boys conducted themselves. Feedback about their manners, willingness to support each other, commitment to work hard and general respect for others was consistent. In representing Trinity College, they were truly Men for Others. Thank you to Mr Rob Braham, Mrs Ann Clarke, Mrs Kimberley Lloyd and Mr Paul Presser for their direction on the Tour and ongoing encouragement of the boys.
The annual Catholic Schools Performing Arts Festival (CSPAF) is celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year. It began officially with an Opening Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral on Thursday, 25 July. Archbishop Timothy Costelloe delivered a wonderful message about the creativity and beauty that emerges through the Arts. A particular highlight of the Mass was the wonderful contribution of the combined Trinity/Mercedes Choir. This year, there will be over 22,000 participants, representing over one hundred Primary and Secondary Catholic schools from around the state, participating in the CSPAF. Trinity College has nearly 40 separate entries in the festival including soloists, ensemble groups, bands, choirs and various dance groups. Our talented students are from all year levels within our College. Many of our students, along with their respective teachers and tutors, will be very busy over the next few weeks as they prepare for their particular performances. They have certainly been practicing long and hard for several months and we wish them well as they participate in this year’s Festival.
I wish all of our boys well for a most successful Semester 2, and trust that due reward will follow on from hard work.
Live Jesus in our hearts
Mr Darren O'Neill | Principal

College Events

Parent Council Sundowner 2019

This year we have a number of vacancies to fill on the Parent Council. The College is calling for expressions of interest from parents willing to be involved. Any parent who is interested is asked to submit a very brief (half page maximum) nomination, telling us a little bit about yourself, why you are interested in being involved and any skills, talents or ideas you could bring to the role. Please email these to Mr Peter Norman at by Monday, 5 August.

Parents nominating to be involved in the Parent Council need to be available to attend College functions, including the Parent Sundowner in Term One and the Parent Ball in the Term One holidays. Parent Councillors also need to be available to attend meetings, which are held about eight times a year, usually on Tuesday evenings at 5:30pm. A link to some more information about the Parent Council can be found here.

We hope to welcome our new members at our next meeting on Tuesday, 13 August

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College Calendar


Monday, 29 July

  • Maths Week

Tuesday, 30 July

  • Secondary Assembly (Academic)
  • National Chemistry Quiz (Year 11)
  • PSA X Country 4.30pm  WC

Wednesday, 31 July

  • Year 7–10 P/T/S Interviews
  • Year 12 classes as normal
  • Year 11 Study Day

Thursday, 1 August

  • HS v TC
  • Australian Mathematics Competition
  • CPAF Percussion Ensemble

Friday, 2 August

  • 8:00am Mass
  • HS v TC
  • WA Schools Chess League
  • X Country All Schools 3km at WC

Monday, 5 August

  • 9:00am Auxiliary Meeting
  • Year 9 Bishops’ Religious Literacy Test
  • 3:20pm Pastoral Council
  • 5:00pm Finance Committee
  • 6:30pm Year 8 Parent Information Night
  • Primary Angelico Art Exhibition Commences

Tuesday, 6 August

  • Junior School and Senior School PCG and Individual Photos
  • 9:35am Year 11 Mass

Wednesday, 7 August

  • Year 10 Emmaus Retreat
  • Year 5 Bishops’ Religious Literacy Test
  • Year 9 Fremantle Literature Centre Excursion
  • 6:15pm–7:15pm Keys For Life Workshop 2

Thursday, 8 August

  • TC v GG
  • Junior School Winter Sport Photos
  • Middle School PCG and Individual Photos
  • Year 12 Geography Excursion

Friday, 9 August

  • 8:00am Mass
  • TC v GG
  • Robocup Soccer
  • Middle School Winter Sport Photos
  • X Country All schools
  • 3 x 3km at AC
  • Evening  WA Schools Senior Concert Band Festival
  • 7:00pm–9:00pm Year 9 Social with Perth College

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Junior School News

It was wonderful to see the boys return on Tuesday for the first day of Term 3. Thank you to all boys in Year 5 and 6 who attended training on Tuesday. The Winter Sports fixtures conclude at the end of Week 4. Thankyou also to the boys who attended BIG and the Wind Band Rehearsals.
This term is very busy one. Besides their classwork, there are several incursions and excursions, the Catholic Performing Arts, a chess tournament, book week dress-ups, photos, Year 6 Kalgoorlie Tour and athletics carnivals. The Term 3 Calendar was emailed home yesterday. Please make note of the important dates and events in what will be an action-packed term.
We welcome Miss Elizabeth Kezich, Miss Tessa Di Nunzio, and Miss Jordyn Sheldrick are from the University of Notre Dame, Fremantle, and will be completing their final teaching practicum in Year 4 Blue, Year 5 Green and Year 6 Green.
Parent Response forms were included with the Semester One reports. Please complete and return them to your son’s teacher as soon as possible.
Tuesday, 30 July 
  • Year 5/6 Winter Sports Training at 7:30/8:00am 
Thursday, 1 Aug
  •  Sport v Hale
Friday, 2 Aug 
  • Year 5G Reconciliation
  • School Sport WA Soccer
  • TOBA Assembly at 2:20pm in Gibney Hall 

Mr Martin Tucker ('87) | Head of Junior School    

The boys were excited for the term and that school was back up and running. The start of the week was on a Tuesday and made for a very short exciting week. This term you can expect a variety of performances in the music and art department for the Catholic Performing Arts Festival from weeks 2–7. This term the Year 6s will be working on the Kalgoorlie gold field and gold rush and will be heading there later this term.
A reminder that Mr Brennan is taking Numero Club on Thursday mornings, Coding on Monday afternoons and Engineering Thursday afternoons.
Tuesday: The week started off with training in the morning and the first session of strings for the term in the afternoon. Because there was no Monday there was also a make-up assembly.
Wednesday: In the morning the boys in band got together for another session.
Thursday: In the morning BIG and Numero Club both had their sessions. After lunch the boys went to Waterford to play against Christ Church. After school, the Engineering Club got together for another successful session.
Friday: On Friday, the week was completed by an assembly which all the boys loved! 

Finn Stenning-Alexander (6B) and Louis Burnett  (6G)

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Secondary School News

The Trinity Mercedes Music Tour to Europe was a year of hard work and preparation crammed into an action-packed two weeks, centred around the Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival in Vienna, where Trinity and Mercedes performed alongside music groups from every continent except Antarctica.
The Trinity College Chorale won the Male Choir Section and Mercedes College was awarded second place in the Treble Choir division. The Trinity percussion quartet and Trinity Mercedes Chorale also participated in the celebration part of the festival. All groups performed in five concerts over the tour in Salzburg, Vienna, Prague and Budapest.
The Percussion Quartet are very grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity provided by Dr Braham that allowed us to perform overseas in amazing venues and self-facilitate our own rehearsals and independently organise and prepare for concerts.
The boys would also like to thank their parents for their ongoing support which enabled them to share in an amazing experience. A big thanks is also deserved for all Trinity and Mercedes teachers that were on tour particularly musical directors, Dr Robert Braham, Ms Clare Glendinning and Mr Joel Bass as well as accompanists Mrs Anne Clarke, Mr Harry Olif and Mr Paul Waterhouse. Without support, preparation and organisation from parents and teachers these tours are not possible.

The 2019 Trinity / Mercedes Music Tour to Europe was an incredible two weeks which I will forever treasure. To fit this whole experience into two weeks is an incredible task in which we thank the efforts of Dr Braham and the touring staff at Trinity College, and Ms Glendinning and the touring staff at Mercedes College.
Our five days performing and participating in workshops as part of the festival were both tiring and challenging, however Winning the Male Choir Section and becoming international champions made it all worth it. A highlight of Vienna was meeting the other participating countries (such as Brazil and South Africa) and building relationships with them that we will remember forever.

Declan Allen (12.6)  |  Read Declan's full Music Tour summary here.


On Wednesday evening, students and parents were serenaded by boys from the Senior School in our annual Chamber Music Night. These students have put in many hours of practice and were chosen to perform to showcase their progress and dedication throughout the year. A big thank you to all the tutors and staff involved who helped make the evening such a success.

The latest TCEC initiative is entering the Castaways Sculpture Competition based in Rockingham – a competition where only recycled or repurposed materials may be used. The students have decided to design and build a sculpture of a giant turtle (3m x 1m square) to highlight the impact that plastic pollution is having on marine animals and our oceans in general. The choice of a turtle was based on the footage the students have seen of a plastic straw being extracted from a turtle’s nose. In order to complete this task, the students have decided to use only plastic lids and caps that would normally end up in landfill to construct the turtle.
As you can imagine, they are going to need a huge amount of individual lids and caps to build the sculpture and we are looking for some assistance with this. If you are able to collect any plastic lids and caps at home or at your workplace or at your place of business and give them to TCEC that would be much appreciated. There is a collection point in the Senior Library and in the Junior School STEM Room or please email with any questions.

This week Mr Peter Torre (President, TOBA) took time out of his busy schedule to join a Year 8 reading class. Mr Torre spoke about the fact that all the way through school and university he actually really disliked reading and did all he possibly could to avoid it. He reflected on the fact that this lack of interest in reading meant poor English grades and poor writing skills. It wasn’t until he entered the workforce and one of his mentors / colleagues at work took him aside and highlighted how ‘bad’ his report writing was and encouraged him to start reading, that he actually found a purpose and a passion for reading. He attributes this change in attitude to reading things he was passionate about, and which subsequently improved his writing skills – something which is now  a major strength of his. One of his favourite books is “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R Covey which his mentor / colleague recommended to him. He also spoke about the book called “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin Sharma – a fable about fulfilling your dreams and reaching your destiny. During the Library session, Mr Torre read the follow up book - “The Courage to be Happy” - to another of favourites “The Courage to be Disliked” by Ichiro Kishimi. These are both books about having the courage to make decisions that are best for you.
Thank you Mr Torre for taking the time to come and read with us.

This week Trinity College hosted a visit from Morris Gleitzman –  Australian Children’s Laureate. All of our Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 cohort listened to him talk about the inspiration for his novel “Once” – a book that all of these students have read as part of the English Curriculum at the College. We were also very happy to host a group of students from Mercedes College and a Year 5 / 6 class from Freshwater Bay Primary School as well as our own students.
Due to Parent Teacher Interviews being held on Wednesday 31st July, there will be no Homework Club that afternoon.

Ms Alison Mackenzie | Head of Library Services

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College News


Parents and students are reminded that PCG and Individual Photos for the Junior, Middle and Senior School will be taken next week. Below is the schedule:
Junior & Senior School – Tuesday, 6 August
Middle School – Thursday, 8 August

The schedule for each day is available via Seqta Notices. Please note the time that you are scheduled to have your photograph and ensure that you are punctual. All photos will be taken in Gibney Hall. Boys are reminded of the following Uniform/Presentation Requirements:

  • Full Winter Uniform including Blazer
  • Jumpers are not required
  • Top button must be done up and tie on
  • Grey Trinity socks only are to be worn
  • Black school shoes are to be polished and in good condition
  • Hair must conform with the College policy outlined on Page 18 & 19 of the College Diary
  • Must be cleanly shaven

Mr Julian Fritz | Director of Students


Please save the date – Friday, 16 August at 10:00am to 12:00pm for the Annual College Auxiliary Morning Tea. This year's guest speaker is Fiona Bennett. Fiona will be focussing on the importance of women maintaining their friendships and relationships through the years of raising their children. 

Please start getting your table of family and friends together.
Only tables of 8 can be purchased at
At this stage, any individual seating will be waitlisted after table booking sales.

Assistance required for set up from 8:30am on Thursday, 15 August and also from 8:00am onwards for some/or all of the event and afterwards on Friday, 16 August. If you are able to help or would like more information, please contact Beverly Martinez on 


Families are requested to make the once a year contribution as detailed below. Please note all food should be left in the Gibney Hall kitchen from 8:00am on Friday, 16 August. Vegetarian and gluten free options are gladly accepted - please label accordingly. 

  • Year 7: Raffle prize donations. Please leave at Main Reception by Wednesday, 14 August. Goods or services gladly accepted. 
  • Year 9: Loaf of sandwiches (eg; chicken & avocado, smoked salmon, curried eggs etc). Please leave uncut and place whole sandwiches in the bread bag as they will be cut in the morning to maintain freshness
  • Year 10: Homemade slices (slices preferable to whole cakes) please leae uncut and on disposable plates
  • Year 11: Homemade savouries (eg; quiches, savoury tartlets, sausage rolls etc) no frozen or uncooked items, please leave on disposable plates. 


The College Auxiliary are seeking major sponsors for the Morning Tea. Please reply by Wednesday, 7 August to Beverly Martinez via Thank you for your support. 


Due to the overwhelming popularity of the fee-free cash re-charge option that we offer, we have found that Student Services was being swamped with students waiting to load money on to their cards at both Recess and Lunchtime. To alleviate this problem, we have decided to move this facility back to the Canteen as of next Monday 29 July. To avoid slowing down the Canteen service at Recess and Lunchtime, students are asked to complete their cash re-charge before school where possible.

Students are also able to re-charge their Student Card using an EFTPOS Card at the Canteen or to use their EFTPOS Card for purchases.


Welcome back from the holidays. Uniform Shop hours during the term are: Tuesday 7:30am – 4:30pm; Friday 7:30am – 1:30pm

Jammers have now been reduced to below cost. They will still be uniform for the next 3 years; most sizes are still available. Online orders can be placed at ant time. Students are welcome to call into the shop on any open day and collect their orders.If you have any uniform questions, please call into the Uniform Shop any Tuesday or Friday – Kim and I are happy to see you at any time.


We invite Years 10–12 families from Trinity College and Mercedes College to attend a Careers Expo being held on Wednesday, 14 August in the Trinity College Sports Centre from 6:00pm–7:30pm. All WA universities will be represented along with Chevron, the Australian Defence Force and other organisations to answer any questions students may have about courses or careers. As Year 12 students are shortly selecting university preferences, this is a unique opportunity to be able to access all Universities in one place. 

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Aidan McDonagh (11.4) and Connor Seve (12.8)

During the holidays Aidan McDonagh (11.4) and Connor Seve (12.8) represented the State as members of the WA Under 18s Rugby side. The team played three games against NSW, Victoria and ACT and finished with a 2-1 win, loss record. This is a great achievement from both young men and they represented their State and the College with pride.

Mr Tim Carslaw | Outdoor, Health & Physical Education Teacher



Click here for last week's results against Aquinas College. 

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Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association


With a blustery day forecast, players and supporters were fortunate to escape with just a few minor showers. The TC/TOBA community were as reliable as ever and turned up with enthusiasm and plenty of TC spirit!
TOBA won the day, with wins across all five sports.
We were fortunate to have former West Coast Eagles players, Michael Brennan (’82), Jacob Brennan (’07), and Andrew Embley (’98) playing on the TOBA football team.
Special mention to the Brennan’s, with five family members playing football, including Old Boys; Michael Brennan (’82), Matthew Brennan (’86) and Jacob Brennan (’07), and current students Lachlan Brennan (12.2) and Zach Brennan (10.4). This definitely added to the enthusiasm of the competition.

The medal for TC Spirit was presented to Michael Brennan ('82) by the inaugural winner, Bryan Breheny ('04). Michael won the award for being the oldest Old Boy on the day, and for also having a blow out in his boots, coincidentally just prior to the main downpour of the morning!
A big thank you goes to:

  • TC Director of Sport, Stephen Leahy (’78) and captains, coaches, managers, umpires and referees of both TOBA and TC teams
  • St John Ambulance
  • Brendan Molony (’65) and John Hansen (’58), for their expertise at the barbecue
  • Mr Graham ‘Kiwi’ Warner and Mr Dayne Whalan and their teams for their assistance and maintaining Trinity’s impeccable grounds
  • Brendan Ryan (’91), the name behind the winner’s trophy, and his father, Mr Michael Ryan, for joining us on the day and assisting with presentations.

For those not aware of the history behind the cup, Brendan Ryan was diagnosed in 1989 with leukaemia whilst in Year 10 at Trinity College. He was left with severe physical impairments and confined to a wheelchair following medical treatment during his long battle with the illness. To recognise Brendan’s fighting spirit, the Brendan Ryan Cup began in 2001. Brendan is a remarkable Old Boy who continues to excel in life.
Brendan addressed players and supporters at presentations with these words: "Friendships are developed at Trinity. The current students will realise these friendships will continue for many years, there will be many times in life when you will be able to support and, in turn, be supported by old school friends. This support may take many forms, whether personal needs or professional networking. Just appreciate what the TOBA community has to offer you when you leave the College.
I hope those graduating this year will return next year and show those young whipper-snappers in your place now how it is done.
Congratulations to all who survived the games today!"

Thank you to everyone who attended. A most enjoyable day for our community!

Cross Country
TOBA 22 / TC 49 — winner TOBA
TC winner — Jaycob Kell (12.6)
Overall and TOBA winner — Matt Smith (’13))
Thank you to Mr Geoff Jamieson, Miss Tess Warner, Ben Allen (12.1), Sam O’Connell (’09), Jack Cleary (’12) and Mr Phil Jurjevich (’85).

TOBA 48 / TC 47 — Winner TOBA
TC Best Player – Aidan Austen (12.1)
TOBA Best Player – Chris Jones (’97)
Thank you to Mr Peter Oliver, Mr Andrew Jenkin, Mr Jarrad Quartermaine, Simon Homsany (12.4), Troy Zafer (’91), Tim Fanowrios (’91), Seamus Rafferty (’91) and Victor Le Tessier (12.7).

TOBA 5 / TC 1 — Winner TOBA
TC Best Player — Charlie Gilbert (11.3)
TOBA Best Player — Harrison Pell (’18)
Thank you to Miss Anjelica Mallis, Mr Damien Hansen, Harrison Pell (’18)), Cam Pell (11.5) and Jeremy Mayne (10.3).

TOBA 49 / TC 38 — Winner TOBA
TC Best Player — Damon Winerburn (10.7)
TOBA Best Player — Foggers
Thank you to Mr Alex Stajka, Mr Tim Carslaw, Mrs Candice Brown, JP Starkie (12.8), Keenan Meade (’13) and Bryan Breheny (‘04).

TOBA 7 / TC 2 — Winner TOBA
TC Best Player — Jordan Martelli (10.5)
TOBA Best Player — Jordan De Leo (’12)
Thank you to Mr Dan Bateman, Mr Ben Kriszyk, Alex Moffatt (12.2) and Joshua Marocchi (’07).

Ms Diane Millar | Executive Officer, Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association

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Community News

A coach from Let’s Run Perth (a former TC cross country captain) will teach your child running technique and posture for Sprints & Relays. Payment by bank transfers to Let’s Run Perth.
Every Monday, 5 August 16 September 2019 (7 sessions), 3:15pm4:00pm, Mann Oval (meet at the cricket cage).
Early bird registration fee: $84/child (if paid by 2 Aug)
Normal registration fee: $94/child (if paid after 3 Aug)
For more info, contact or phone 0402 784 225.

For more than 60 years Relationships Australia WA has been providing relationship support services for individuals, couples, families and communities. With a wide range of programs and services we can assist with a variety of issues or topics, including: Mums Raising Boys, Fathering after Separation, Dads Raising Girls, Mums Raising Teenage Boys and much more. Places are limited  please contact (08) 6164 0239. For more information about our courses and workshops, please visit 


Chimera Ensemble's Chamber Music Concert will take place on Sunday, 18 August, 2:30pm in the Braham Auditorium. The ensemble will be performing Messiaen's Quartet for the End of Time, and a new work composed by Dr Emma Jayakumar. As the Messiaen has been added to the ATAR music student's designated works we are offering FREE entry to the concert to Trinity College students.

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