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TC Newsletter:

Volume 22  31 July 2020

From the Principal 

Spirit of Excellence

Over the past few months, the various COVID-19 restrictions have impacted our College in many ways. One important and valued aspect of College life that we have certainly missed has been the ability to present College Assemblies where we acknowledge and celebrate student achievement and endeavour. Whilst the current Phase 4 restrictions still limit the number of parent and family guests, we are able to invite, we are very happy that we have been able to commence these assemblies once again.

At our Secondary Assembly on Tuesday morning (28 July), we gathered as a College community to acknowledge those students who had achieved Academic Excellence in Semester 1, and those students who are involved in the Performing Arts.  It was a wonderful celebration of student achievement and a recognition of the dedication required to hone gifts and share talents.

I also took the opportunity to briefly outline aspects of the new College Strategic Plan, ‘Ambition 2024’. I spoke about our Mission - To offer innovative learning opportunities in a safe and nurturing environment which empowers our young men to realise their potential, and explained that the plan had a very deliberate focus on our TC Spirit and a real belief that the Holy Spirit will be a constant guide on our journey of school improvement. Referring to this ‘Spirit’, I outlined our five Spirit Ambitions – Spirit of Faith, Spirit of Excellence, Spirit of Service, Spirit of Community and Spirit of Stewardship explaining that they are the values by which we are all challenged to behave, interact and relate as members of our school community.

Given the purpose of our Assembly, I particularly focused on the Spirit of Excellence. The Spirit of Excellence challenges us allTo provide engaging teaching and learning practices that support wellbeing and inspire personal excellence amongst students to reach their full potential’. I have included some excerpts below: 

“…This morning we gather as a College community to recognise and celebrate those amongst us who have achieved excellence and are striving to reach their full potential. We acknowledge students who have consistently applied themselves, willingly shared their gifts and achieved personal excellence. In particular, we gather at this assembly, to acknowledge those students who have demonstrated excellence in their Academic studies and those students who have demonstrated excellence in the Performing Arts.

Trinity College is full of many gifted students who consistently excel in all aspects of College life including Service, Sport, the Arts and Academics. As the Principal, I have the great privilege of attending many different and varied student performances and competitions and I get the opportunity to see first-hand, the reward for their efforts. What is common amongst all students achieving such excellence is a real sense of purpose, a commitment to the hard work required to achieve their best and a humble approach that sets an example for others.

As I have said previously, and will continue to emphasise to illustrate our strength as a community:

  • When one person in our College achieves excellence - we all stand taller.
  • When one person in our College strives for their best and shares their gifts with us – we all benefit.
  • When one person models the important lesson that hard work brings reward – we are all a little wiser and, hopefully, all closer to following their example.
  • When one person strives to reach their full potential, we can all reflect on them demonstrating a Spirit of Excellence.

In recognising academic excellence in the students at our Assembly this morning, I trust that the respective recipients feel proud of their efforts. Similarly, I hope that we feel genuinely happy for their success and that we are grateful for the example of hard work, organisation and purpose they bring us.

Similarly, as we congratulate the many talented and committed students in the very diverse area of the Performing Arts - those many students involved in our various Music Groups and Ensembles, Dance Groups and Drama - we thank them for the great success they achieve, for the positive example they set in their practice and rehearsals and for being wonderful ambassadors for our College.

Whether excellence is measured externally and recognised with certificates, medals, awards, grades or scores; or whether our excellence is internally measured in terms of achieving our personal best and the intrinsic satisfaction of knowing that you have truly given your best effort and are an important part of a group or team, the challenge remains for each of us to strive for our personal best and demonstrate the Spirit of Excellence.

Regardless of whether your talents, ideas and pursuit of personal excellence is in the area of your Academic Studies, the Arts,  Sport, Christian Service or other areas of College life, the fact remains that your success will require a commitment, a clear desire to be fully engaged and learn, and it will require hard work. These are all things that each and every one of us is capable of.

So, in gathering today as a College community, let us celebrate those students who generously share their talents with us and, in doing so have demonstrated a Spirit of Excellence in our school. I hope that every student can personally commit to similar…”

Live Jesus in our hearts. 

Mr Darren O’Neill | Principal


Trinity College is hosting a Twilight Tour on Wednesday, 5 August 2020 from 4:00pm. Please inform your friends and family who may be interested in learning more about the unique TC Spirit and the vast curricular and co-curricular opportunities that the College has to offer.

Our Twilight Tour will include an address from the Principal and Junior/Senior Head Prefects, student-led tours (including a sneak peek behind the scenes of the College's production of The Mikado), light refreshments and a Q&A with key staff, teachers and the admissions team. Please register details online at 


Trinity College is proud to present 'The Mikado', a musical comedy written by Gilbert and Sullivan (arranged by David Spicer Productions, Essgee Entertainment) and is set in the fictitious town of Titipu, Japan. Tickets are still available! Purchase yours via

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Junior School News  


After a long absence, it was fantastic to be able to gather in the Chapel as a prayer community and celebrate mass as a Junior School once again. We welcomed Father CJ from St Mary’s Cathedral and we look forward to getting to know Father CJ and the other priests from the Cathedral over the coming weeks. Thanks and congratulations to 5GD and Mr Tony Maxfield ('79) for preparing and leading us in the Mass.


Yesterday, the boys travelled to the College playing fields at Waterford for the annual cross-country carnival. The boys showed great voice in cheering for their teammates and the support was wonderful to see. Congratulations to Xavier for their victory!


Congratulations to the following boys who won the individual awards:

Year 4

  • Champion: Jasper Morris- Luck (4B)
  • Runner Up: Oliver Bowen (4B)
  • Endeavour Award: Daniel Cadogan (6B)

Year 5

  • Champion: Liam Breakingbury (5B)
  • Runner Up: Antony Trinh (5W)
  • Endeavour Award: Owen Harwood (5GD)

Year 6

  • Champion: Axel Walsh (6GD)
  • Runner Up: Max Radica (6GD)
  • Endeavour Award: Luca Travaglini (6W)

Faction Results:

  • 1st:  Xavier  (2225)
  • 2nd Queens (2302)
  • 3rd Campion (2630)
  • 4th Chanel (2716)

Today, Mr Thompson took the Junior School First Soccer Team to compete in the annual School Sports WA regional soccer tournament. This is a great opportunity for the boys to test their skills against students from across a variety of schools. We wish them well.


The Catholic Performing Arts Festival for 2020 will be conducted remotely. Students will be recording their pieces and these recordings will be sent to the Adjudicators. This will occur on Thursday, 6 August and Friday, 7 August will be all boys in small groups or solos. They will need their instruments and be prepared. Music tutors will advise the boys of their allotted time.  


Next week, the boys will be getting their yearly school photos taken. On Tuesday, please ensure that you send your boys to school groomed immaculately with neat hair and in their full Winter uniform including blazers, ties, shirts with top button done up, grey Trinity socks and polished school shoes. Please return the photo form, whether ordering or not, as these are all required by the photographers.

Tuesday, 4 August
  • Junior School Photos
Wednesday, 5 August
  • Mikado - College Production, matinee performance for JS boys
Thursday, 6 August
  • Year 5 Excursion to Herrison Island
  • Sport v Wesley
Friday, 7 August
  • Year 4G Class assembly

Mr Bernard Le Tessier
| Acting Head of Junior School 


On Thursday, 30 July, the whole Junior School had their Cross Country carnival. All the boys tried their best and gave an amazing effort. Congratulations to Xavier for winning the carnival on the day.

By David Shanahan (6G) and Riley Ferguson (6W)

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Secondary School News   


Guys Read

We are very excited to have some fabulous Trinity College Guys back in the Library to promote reading to our Year 7s. The idea behind this is to show the Year 7 cohort that there are many guys around the College who read for pleasure, for relaxation, and for learning. Last Friday Mr Chris Allanson ('91) (Head of Humanities) spoke to a Year 7 English class about his reading experience. He started by reminding the boys how important the skill of reading is for learning and, in particular, to be able to read critically. Mr Allanson reads the newspaper every day when he gets to school, as a way to inform himself about what is going on in the world around him and then of course to formulate his own opinion on matters. However, during school holidays when he has a bit more time he will always choose true crime novels to read as well as listening to true crime podcasts for relaxation. Mr Allanson does enjoy a satire and is currently reading “Warwick Todd Goes the Tonk” by Tom Gleisner, which he brought to the reading session with him. I would like to thank Mr Allanson for agreeing to be a part of this initiative.

We are always very lucky to have Mr Dustin Aylmore (Humanities Teacher and College Chess Coach) join in a different Year 7 class. He told the boys that when he was younger, he didn’t really like reading and it wasn’t until around Year 10 when he found the ‘magic book’ that ignited his love for reading – Dan Brown’s “Da Vinci Code” – and he really started getting into novels. From there he branched out into different crime novels and became a bit of a connoisseur of mystery and crime. During the session, Mr Aylmore read his favourite book “Shutter Island” by Dennis Lehane, telling the boys that he has already read this book but the plot twist is so amazing that he wants to read it again to see if he should have figured it all out earlier! He implored the boys to read as much as they can, especially at bedtime as one of his regrets is not taking more time to read when he was younger. The art of getting caught in the zone and lost in a book is one that Mr Aylmore highly recommends. Thank you to Mr Aylmore for taking time out of his busy schedule to be a Guy Who Reads.

Brother Gerry Faulkner Award for Young Writers and Illustrators 2020

This annual competition is well underway for all students at Trinity College (Year 4 – Year 12) and the opportunities are endless for students to get creative and use their imaginations. Boys can enter written work or illustrated works of their choice. The deadline is Friday of Week 5 this term. Information can be found by clicking on the image or here

Year 8 Genre Challenge Double Winner

Max Germano (8.7) has become the second student to “do the double” with the Year 8 Genre Challenge. Max used the previous school holidays to read enough books to warrant the award of his second Dymocks gift voucher for reading one book from each of the genres specified. Max is determined to make it a triple win by borrowing another selection of books during library this week!


Congratulations to Ben Palmero (10.4) on recently completing his Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. Ben’s activities as part of his Bronze Award included participation in the cricket and football teams at the College for his Physical Recreation component, learning how to speak French for his Skill section and participating in the College Christian Service program as well as acting as a runner for the 10A Football team at the College for his Service component. He was able to be complete his Adventurous Journey component through the Year 9 Duke of Edinburgh Camp (which is now the camp associated with the Year 9 Outdoor Education program). Ben becomes the 48th Trinity participant to complete his Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award and should be very proud of his accomplishments. Congratulations Ben!

If your son is interested in undertaking his Duke of Edinburgh Award at either the Bronze, Silver or Gold level, please do not hesitate in contacting me to receive further information.

Corey Miskiewicz | Duke of Edinburgh Award Coordinator – Trinity College


Thank you to those who attended the Year 9 & 12 lunch last Friday. It was an amazing turnout with over 50 Year 9 and 12 Mums. It was such a great day and beautiful reminder of how blessed we are. 

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College News  


Parents and students are reminded that PCG and Individual Photos for the Junior, Middle and Senior School will be week 3. The following is the schedule:

  • Junior & Senior School – Tuesday, 4 August 
  • Middle School – Thursday, 6 August 

The schedule for each day will be available via Seqta Notices. Please note the time that you are scheduled to have your photograph and ensure that you are punctual. All photos will be taken in the Foley Centre.

Boys are reminded of the following Uniform/Presentation Requirements:

  • Full Winter Uniform including Blazer
  • Jumpers are not required
  • Top button must be done up and tie on
  • Grey Trinity socks only are to be worn
  • Black school shoes are to be polished and in good condition
  • Hair must conform with the College policy outlined on Page 20 of the College Diary
  • Must be cleanly shaven

Mr Julian Fritz | Director of Student Services


The Uniform Shop is open every:

  • Tuesday 7.30am - 4.30pm
  • Friday 7.30am - 1.30pm

We welcome back families and students in the Uniform Shop. Uniform fittings are now available with the change rooms being open again. Payments can be via cash, online, and credit cards. Please note that all online orders need to be collected from the uniform shop, as no orders can be delivered to classrooms.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding over the last term.

Judy Mackintosh | Uniform Shop Coordinator 


Has your Entertainment membership expired? Renew now and support the Trinity College Performing Arts, with 20% of your Membership renewal purchase going directly to Trinity. For more information or to make your purchase, please click here

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There are quite a lot of important information available in regards to early offers, events, and scholarships. I have combined all of these key information in a simple document that you can download here

Russell Hinks | Careers/Transition Coordinator

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Friday 31 July

Ignatius was born in Loyola in the Spanish Basque country. He was a soldier but was wounded in the battle of Pamplona (against the French) at the age of 30. During a long period of convalescence, he read about the life of Christ and a collection of lives of the saints and decided to emulate them. During this time of convalescence, he discovered that his true vocation was to devote his life wholly to God. He was as systematic about this as he had been about his military career: he spent a year’s retreat in a Dominican friary, made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, and then set about learning Latin. Before making his pilgrimage to the Holy Land, he laid his military equipment before a statue of Mary at Montserrat, and spent several months in a cave near Manresa.

After enrolling in the University of Paris, he gathered six companions together, who would become the first members of the Jesuit Order (the Society of Jesus). In 1534 Ignatius and these six companions bound themselves to become missionaries to the Muslims in Palestine. By the time they were ready to set out, war made the journey impossible and so the group (which by this time had increased to ten) offered their services to the Pope in any capacity he might choose. Some of these men were ordained and they were assigned various tasks.

Ignatius was the first Superior General of the Jesuits and held that post until his death. He is known for writing the Spiritual Exercises, a systematic step-by-step retreat that can be followed by anyone.


The ACBC National Catholic Men’s Gathering for 2020 is being offered as a free event for registered participants. This modified program will be delivered in four pre-recorded sessions of approximately 1 hour in length, available from Saturday, 15 August 2020.

Registration will be free and will be available from Monday, 29 June.

Each session will offer input from a variety of speakers and musicians, along with a response and questions for group discussion (link to resource) or individual reflection. The program offers flexibility so that you may participate individually or gather with others from your parish/diocese or men’s ministry group.

As an initiative of the Australian Catholic Bishops, the aim of the ACBC National Men’s Gathering is to inspire and encourage men with a vision for personal discipleship, service, and mission in the family, parish/diocese and the world. The online program hopes to reinforce that it is important to gather as men in the faith environment of the Church and be challenged to ensure the Gospel is alive in our homes, parishes/dioceses, and our communities.

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Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association

  • Wednesday, 5 August:   Class of 1945 and 1950 – 75th 70th Anniversary Reunion
  • Friday, 14 August:           Golden Heritage Club ‘Back to the Classroom’
  • Saturday, 15 August:      Class of 1987 – Celebrating 50th Birthday’s

For information regarding TOBA events, please contact the TOBA office at or 9223 8132


All TOBA members and the Trinity College community are invited to download the ‘COZ App’ (for free) onto smartphones and support TOBA and TC businesses, as well as receive offers from our valued sponsors.

This platform allows you to browse and support businesses that support the College. If you would like to place your business on this Business Directory and be connected to our database of 10,000+ Old Boys, their families, and the TC community, please visit and click ‘Add My Business’.

Please feel free to contact Joe Georgiades on 0407 849 984 or to discuss how COZ APP can help connect you to our community.

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Community News 


Explore the world of science, technology, engineering, and maths through a series of hands-on workshops, laboratory experiments, and interactive presentations. Experience what it’s like to be a university student, and discover the rich variety of careers that can come from having a degree in science or engineering. Interact with our expert staff and student leaders as they help you to develop your passion and explore the amazing possibilities of science at UWA. The full cost per student is $190 for the 3 days and $260 for the 4-day program. The Science Experience is a Rotary supported project and local clubs often provide sponsorship to students, this support may be limited due to the present situation. Enrol online at

Please note: Applications are accepted immediately online at any time if a place is available. Send your application form to a local Rotary Club if you’re seeking Rotary financial support. Your local club may consider full or part sponsorship of the $190/$260 fee. Please follow through with the club to check they have submitted your application.


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