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Volume 23  August 2, 2019


From the Principal 


Once again, at this time of year when NAPLAN results are presented, another round of OLNA testing approaches and WACE examinations loom large, debate often emerges on the merit of such standardised testing and the perceived competition associated with student rankings. Much of the focus centres around the effect such measures may have on the self-esteem and resilience of our children. Many child health experts, sociologists and educational leaders are keen to add their varied ‘expert opinions’ on matters such as, the importance of giving praise to students; establishing clear consequences for given behaviours; and the life lessons that can be learned from occasionally failing and working through some hardship. Within our context at Trinity College, establishing the conditions and encouraging learning environment for our boys to experience opportunities to build resilience is an important aspect of their development as good young men.

It is very important for every person to have a positive mindset and to adopt a view in which we try to remain positive and search for the good in situations and indeed in other people. A focus on the positive rather than the negative is an admirable one. However, it is also important to be a realist. In life, difficult situations will present and at times, negative outcomes will occur. Encountering failure is likely to happen at some point on the journey. The ability of our boys to bounce back from such situations - their resilience - will determine their development as young men and greatly add to their character.

While it is vitally important that children constantly receive praise and affirmations for their efforts, and this is certainly a real aim of Trinity College, such recognition must be genuine and appropriate. It is equally important that we do not set up systems that artificially praise all of the time; or in which competition does not exist; or in which hardship and/or failure never occurs. This is not how life works!

While promoting each and every child’s self-worth is an important role for parents and schools, and we should always seek opportunities to affirm and praise our children, we must equally encourage situations where young people, actually all people, develop a real and genuine sense of resilience. It is impossible to always get what we want; or what we apply for; or to win every time. Experiencing both failure and success helps develop resilience.  Making mistakes or experiencing failure is an important mechanism for our overall development. The well used phrase, ‘if at first you don’t succeed try, try again” may best capture this sentiment.  History is marked with many famous examples of discoveries and triumphs that have succeeded after many failed efforts. Developing determination, perseverance and staying committed to the task are all important aspects of building resilience. It is important that we allow some space for this to occur.

Resilience in children can be enhanced by the approach adopted by the significant adults in their lives – essentially their parents, families, teachers and coaches. Parenting has always required an exceptionally strong set of skills including that of caring, nurturing, encouraging and negotiating. Parenting is also about leading and teaching. The ability to pass on skills, knowledge and attitudes is perhaps the most important parenting skill of all. As parents, we teach by modelling behaviours and attitudes, but we also have wonderful opportunities to teach children explicitly about how to cope with and manage those difficult situations that they may experience. When moments of hardship, failure or disappointment do occur (and life experience would suggest that they probably will), we need to view such situations as ‘teachable moments’ – real opportunities for us to help our children grow and learn from some of these challenges. Recognising and grasping these teachable moments is how parents, indeed all significant adults, can help children become resilient and bounce back from some of the setbacks they will encounter now and into the future.

At Trinity College, an important aspect of our vision is to form goodyoung men for others. Establishing resilience is an ongoing task and a vitally important aspect of such formation.

When children are experiencing hardship, frustration and difficulty, our natural instinct as parents (and as teachers) is to step in to remove their struggle and protect them. However, when we focus solely on making the situation better with a quick fix, we may miss valuable opportunities to help children learn and grow. The big learning opportunities are often found within problems and may present as; change, loss, rejection, failure, conflict or disappointment. Missing out on selection for a particular team; or not being invited to a party; or failing a topic test; or receiving a consequence for consistently being late; are all scenarios that most children are likely to experience at some point in their life. When parents and teachers have mindsets for building resilience then they see such situations as teachable moments. While we never wish these things upon any child, such moments do afford us with a chance to explore lessons about the value of striving for your best, turning difficult situations around and appreciating that hard work and commitment brings reward. While we can enjoy moments of triumph and rightly give out praise when such moments occur, it is equally important to use those occasional moments of hardship as an opportunity to learn and grow. “It is not the amount of times you stumble and fall that matters; rather, it is the number of times you get back up!

We hope, and indeed we pray, that developing resilience is an important aspect of every boys’ journey into manhood.

Live Jesus in our hearts
Mr Darren O'Neill | Principal

College Events

Parent Council Sundowner 2019

This year we have a number of vacancies to fill on the Parent Council. The College is calling for expressions of interest from parents willing to be involved. Any parent who is interested is asked to submit a very brief (half page maximum) nomination, telling us a little bit about yourself, why you are interested in being involved and any skills, talents or ideas you could bring to the role. Please email these to Mr Peter Norman at by Monday, 5 August.

Parents nominating to be involved in the Parent Council need to be available to attend College functions, including the Parent Sundowner in Term One and the Parent Ball in the Term One holidays. Parent Councillors also need to be available to attend meetings, which are held about eight times a year, usually on Tuesday evenings at 5:30pm. A link to some more information about the Parent Council can be found here.

We hope to welcome our new members at our next meeting on Tuesday, 13 August

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College Calendar


Monday, 5 August

  • 9:00am Auxiliary Meeting
  • Year 9 Bishops’ Religious Literacy Test
  • 3:20pm Pastoral Council
  • 5:00pm Finance Committee
  • 6:30pm Year 8 Parent Information Night
  • Primary Angelico Art Exhibition Commences

Tuesday, 6 August

  • Junior School and Senior School PCG and Individual Photos
  • 9:35am Year 11 Mass

Wednesday, 7 August

  • Year 10 Emmaus Retreat
  • Year 5 Bishops’ Religious Literacy Test
  • Year 9 Fremantle Literature Centre Excursion
  • 6:15pm–7:15pm Keys For Life Workshop 2

Thursday, 8 August

  • TC v GG
  • Junior School Winter Sport Photos
  • Middle School PCG and Individual Photos
  • Year 12 Geography Excursion

Friday, 9 August

  • 8:00am Mass
  • TC v GG
  • Robocup Soccer
  • Middle School Winter Sport Photos
  • X Country All schools
  • 3 x 3km at AC
  • Evening  WA Schools Senior Concert Band Festival
  • 7:00pm–9:00pm Year 9 Social with Perth College

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Junior School News

Group submission for the Angelico Art Exhibition

During the next four weeks, the three choirs, string ensemble, junior wind ensemble, instrumental solos, duets and small ensembles, and our dance group BIG are representing Trinity during the Catholic Performing Arts Festival. Next week the Angelico Art exhibition for visual arts commences with several Junior School student entries on display at the Forest Centre in Perth. We have a proud tradition of performing admirably during the festival and I am sure with the ongoing practice and effort the boys and their teachers have put in in preparation, we will again do very well. Good luck to all boys involved.


Next week the boys will be getting their yearly school photos taken. On Tuesday, please ensure that you send your boys to school groomed immaculately with neat hair and in their full Winter Uniform including blazers, ties, shirts with top button done up, grey Trinity socks and polished school shoes. Please also send in the photo form if you wish to order some school photos. There will not be any sports training on Tuesday so all boys can arrive at school in their winter uniform.

On Thursday, the boys will have their Winter Sports teams photos. The boys have their photos taken wearing their winter sports uniform.


In accordance with the Cancer Council WA SunSmart Schools policy guidelines, the boys are not required to wear hats during the months of June and July. As we are now in August, the boys will be required to wear their hats at school from Monday.

Monday, 5 August 
  • CPAF Angelico Art Exhibition commences at the Forrest Centre 
Tuesday, 6 Aug
  •  Junior School Photos
Wednesday, 7 Aug 
  • Bishops' Religious Literacy Testing for Year 5s
Thursday, 8 Aug 
  • Winter Sports photos 
  • Sport vs Guildford
Friday, 9 Aug
  • Year 6W Mass
  • Strings Assembly Gibney Hall 2:20pm 

Mr Martin Tucker ('87) | Head of Junior School     


Wow what a week! It started off all very smoothly with everything the same on Monday. On Tuesday there was sport training as usual, and the Year 5s took the practise test of The Bishops Religious Literacy in preparation for next week’s test. On Thursday the Year 5 and 6 boys had a sport fixture against Hale School. On Friday some of the boys were lucky enough to participate in the School Sport WA, Regional Soccer Tournament. To wrap up the week, on Friday it was all back to normal with 6B having their TOBA Assembly. Congratulations to all boys who received awards on Friday.

Oliver Nguyen (6B) and Michael Hall (6G)

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Secondary School News


Lennox McGrath (8.6) has successfully completed the Genre Super Challenge for Year 8 this week. He is the first student in the cohort to read at least one book from the 16 genres we have available in the Senior School Library. Lennox is the proud winner of a $20 Dymocks voucher for all of his hard work. Well done!


This week Mr Craig Adams (Science Teacher) joined a Year 7 class for their Library Session. He spoke about the fact that he was really happy to come along to this Library session as he really likes reading – commenting that for him it takes different forms. Reading magazines and newspapers for relaxation, reading Science books to keep up date in his field; and reading novels to put everything else aside and just have some down time. He considers himself to be a slow reader who takes his time reading novels and savouring each page. Mr Adams is currently reading “Fatherhood” by William McInnes and whilst he was in the Library, it covered an eclectic range topics such as purple ukuleles, model trains, gemstones and many other stories about Fatherhood.

Thank you Mr Adams for taking time out to join us.

Alison Mackenzie | Head of Library Services


All Year 10 students will participate in the Year 10 Emmaus Retreat on Wednesday, 7 August with their PCG group. They will travel from Trinity by bus to eight venues. Dress for the day is neat casual, with closed in shoes. Lunch and morning tea is provided. Students must bring a pen and a water bottle.

Mrs Rosa West | Director of Campus Ministry

Nicholas Campagna, Jaxon Degebrodt and Ethan Gosatti
A wonderful start to the Catholic Performing Arts Festival, opening with the Bible Reading section last Friday at CEWA, St Michael Chapel. Our students did an excellent job, each receiving perfect scores and an “Outstanding” for their efforts”
Mrs Lisa Laurino | Drama Coordinator
  • Safe Behaviours & Sexuality
  • Monday, 5 August at Gibney Hall 6:30pm. 

Hello, my name is Thomas Williams (9.1). I am currently completing my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. For the Service component of the Bronze Award, I am doing volunteer work at my local tennis club and participating in the various service activities at the College such as sandwich making for the Manna Kids’ program. I was also a part of the fundraising for our day out at Swan View Primary, which was a rewarding and enjoyable experience for all boys involved. For my Physical Recreation component, I am doing Badminton and Tennis. For the Skill component of the Award, I am developing my French Horn skills and playing in the Trinity-Mercedes Wind Ensemble. A highlight of the Bronze Award so far was the Adventurous Journey component, to Trinity’s Camp Kelly in Dwellingup, where we were able to build leadership and teamwork skills.  Participating in the Duke of Edinburgh program has improved my confidence, leadership and ability to communicate with others effectively. I appreciate all the support and guidance from our Award Leader Mr Miskiewicz and encourage younger boys to take the opportunity and give the Bronze Award a go.

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College News


Rory Charles (Year 10) has been working hard on a new and exciting art piece – his first public art mural, featured on Royal Street, East Perth!

This piece is part of East Perth Community Group Inc's activation and reconciliation plans for Royal Street. This project is part of the group's initiative to provide opportunities for residents to engage and see Aboriginal culture present within the community. 

This activation was organised by Old Boy, Matthew McVeigh (’05), Project Management (East Perth Community Group), who met Rory when he exhibited in Australiyaniality, an exhibition at the Holmes à Court Gallery – where Rory expressed he wanted to work at a larger scale and get into murals. When this project came up, Matt thought it would be great for Rory to do as a student in the area but also to reflect the surrounding environment.


On Sunday, 21 Wednesday - 24 July, a number of our Year 12 students experienced the Kairos Retreat. This four day residential retreat was described by many of the boys as the best thing they have experienced at Trinity College. I would like to personally thank the Year 12 retreatants, the five Year 12 student leaders and the adult leaders, who helped make this such a spiritual and meaningful experience for everyone.

Mrs Rosa West  | Director of Campus Ministry


The Library are now accepting entries for this year’s Br Gerry Faulkner Award for Young Writers and Illustrators. Entries may be in any of the following forms: short story, novel chapter, poem or lyrics, comic or illustration... or another idea of your choice. Entries must be your original work, with no ideas copied from television or books, or edited by another person, and may be up to 2000 words max. Prizes will be awarded for the best entries in the Junior, Middle and Senior School categories.

Please submit your entry to Mrs Spencer at the Junior Library or Ms Mackenzie at the Senior Library or by Direqt message, with the entry form (available at the Library) attached.

Entries close Friday, 23 August (Week 5).


We are planning a Cadbury Chocolate Fundraiser for the Northern Thailand / Laos Community Project to help our travelling Year 10 boys raise money to help complete their community projects at this remote and under-privileged location.

We would love as much support as possible and we’re asking that your family commit to selling a box (or two!) to help us. When the chocolates arrive we will arrange pick up from the library (other arrangements can be made if this is inconvenient). 

To keep this as easy as possible we ask that you pay for your chocolates upfront via the TC Store then simply keep the money as they’re sold. This stops us having to chase up money and chocolates after the fundraising event.  Please place your order by Friday, 23 August. Please let people know why you’re selling the chocolates and what a great cause they’re supporting. Please accompany the boys if you decide to sell door to door. Chocolates are not to be sold at school.


Parents and students are reminded that PCG and Individual Photos for the Junior, Middle and Senior School will be taken next week. Below is the schedule:

  • Junior & Senior School – Tuesday, 6 August
  • Middle School – Thursday, 8 August
  • Middle School & 1st Teams Winter Sport Photos - Friday, 9 August

The schedule for each day is available via Seqta Notices. Please note the time that you are scheduled to have your photograph and ensure that you are punctual. All photos will be taken in Gibney Hall. Boys are reminded of the following Uniform/Presentation Requirements:

  • Full Winter Uniform including Blazer
  • Jumpers are not required
  • Top button must be done up and tie on
  • Grey Trinity socks only are to be worn
  • Black school shoes are to be polished and in good condition
  • Hair must conform with the College policy outlined on Page 18 & 19 of the College Diary
  • Must be cleanly shaven

Mr Julian Fritz | Director of Students


The Summer Sports - MS Yearbook Photos are now available to view and purchase on the schools Web Gallery.

To access the gallery, follow the below procedure:

If parents have any queries, please contact Customer Service at


Please save the date – Friday, 16 August at 10:00am to 12:00pm for the Annual College Auxiliary Morning Tea. This year's guest speaker is Fiona Bennett. Fiona will be focussing on the importance of women maintaining their friendships and relationships through the years of raising their children. 

Please start getting your table of family and friends together.
Only tables of 8 can be purchased at
At this stage, any individual seating will be waitlisted after table booking sales.

Assistance required for set up from 8:30am on Thursday, 15 August and also from 8:00am onwards for some/or all of the event and afterwards on Friday, 16 August. If you are able to help or would like more information, please contact Beverly Martinez on 


Families are requested to make the once a year contribution as detailed below. Please note all food should be left in the Gibney Hall kitchen from 8:00am on Friday, 16 August. Vegetarian and gluten free options are gladly accepted - please label accordingly. 

  • Year 7: Raffle prize donations. Please leave at Main Reception by Wednesday, 14 August. Goods or services gladly accepted. 
  • Year 9: Loaf of sandwiches (eg; chicken & avocado, smoked salmon, curried eggs etc). Please leave uncut and place whole sandwiches in the bread bag as they will be cut in the morning to maintain freshness
  • Year 10: Homemade slices (slices preferable to whole cakes) please leae uncut and on disposable plates
  • Year 11: Homemade savouries (eg; quiches, savoury tartlets, sausage rolls etc) no frozen or uncooked items, please leave on disposable plates. 


The College Auxiliary are seeking major sponsors for the Morning Tea. Please reply by Wednesday, 7 August to Beverly Martinez via Thank you for your support. 


We invite Years 10–12 families from Trinity College and Mercedes College to attend a Careers Expo being held on Wednesday, 14 August in the Trinity College Sports Centre from 6:00pm–7:30pm. All WA universities will be represented along with Chevron, the Australian Defence Force and other organisations to answer any questions students may have about courses or careers. As Year 12 students are shortly selecting university preferences, this is a unique opportunity to be able to access all Universities in one place. 

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To celebrate the success of the 2019 PSA Soccer Season we are holding our End of Season Presentation Evening on Friday, 23 August at Trinity College in the Gibney Hall. I would like to take this opportunity to invite all Trinity College soccer players and their families to join us for the evening. As well as enjoying a meal, the evening gives parents the opportunity to support their son’s efforts and also meet and socialise with other members of the Trinity Soccer community.

Details for the evening are below:

  • When: Friday, 23 August 2019 at 6:30pm.
  • Where: Trinity College, Gibney Hall
  • Cost: $25 per person via the Online Store (purchased on/before Sunday 19th August). $30 per person thereafter.
  • Ticket sales close Wednesday, 21 August. Tickets must be purchased for all attendees including players.
  • Food/Drink: Cost includes a buffet meal. Parents please BYO drinks/glassware. Students will be given a can soft drink/water on the evening. Please select any dietary requirements via the online store.

Please note: Strictly no door tickets will be made available as numbers need to be finalised with the caterer prior to the evening. I ask that you please purchase your tickets well in advance.

Raffle Hamper Donations:

On behalf of the Trinity Soccer Club I am requesting suitable items for gift hampers to be raffled on the night. All profits will go to supporting future TC Soccer stars! Please deliver any donations to main reception, or alternatively pass them on to me at your convenience before Friday 16th August. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Ben Kriszyk | Soccer Manager


Click here for last week's results against Christ Church. 

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Community News


ATARget’s Master Classes will deliver a comprehensive exam preparation program that will assist year 11 and 12 students in preparing for their final school examinations. This program will focus on specific exam questions and explain in detail how the syllabus content can be employed to construct successful examination responses. These classes offer students a structured revision program that will add value to the independent study they are doing at home. For more information please visit


aAfter School program held at Murdoch University’s South Street campus, for Secondary school students who wish to further explore and extend their interests in Maths, Physics and Chemistry. For more information, click here to download program flyer. Registrations are open for Term 3.

A coach from Let’s Run Perth (a former TC cross country captain) will teach your child running technique and posture for Sprints & Relays. Payment by bank transfers to Let’s Run Perth.
Every Monday, 5 August 16 September 2019 (7 sessions), 3:15pm4:00pm, Mann Oval (meet at the cricket cage).
Early bird registration fee: $84/child (if paid by 2 Aug)
Normal registration fee: $94/child (if paid after 3 Aug)
For more info, contact or phone 0402 784 225.

Give your child the help they deserve to build their: • CONFIDENCE • SELF ESTEEM • FOCUS • STRENGTH • COORDINATION • BALANCE • LIFE SKILLS in our specially designed programs just for kids. For more information please visit or call Anthony on 0402 144 018. 


For more than 60 years Relationships Australia WA has been providing relationship support services for individuals, couples, families and communities. With a wide range of programs and services we can assist with a variety of issues or topics, including: Mums Raising Boys, Fathering after Separation, Dads Raising Girls, Mums Raising Teenage Boys and much more. Places are limited  please contact (08) 6164 0239. For more information about our courses and workshops, please visit 


Chimera Ensemble's Chamber Music Concert will take place on Sunday, 18 August, 2:30pm in the Braham Auditorium. The ensemble will be performing Messiaen's Quartet for the End of Time, and a new work composed by Dr Emma Jayakumar. As the Messiaen has been added to the ATAR music student's designated works we are offering FREE entry to the concert to Trinity College students.

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