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TC Newsletter:

Volume 24   14 August 2020

From the Principal 

NAIDOC Assembly:

At our College Assembly on Tuesday morning (11 August), we gathered as a College community to acknowledge and enjoy our NAIDOC celebrations. Our assembly provided us with a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within our wider society and more importantly those within our own College community. We enjoyed the chance to hear from our students, past and present, as they shared their culture, traditions, and history through prayer, music, story, and dance.

We were blessed to have some of our own talented Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students present at our Assembly. Student mentor, Ben McGuire (’17) delivered a ‘Welcome to Country’ and then former student and current Staff member, Lachlan Sibosado (’19), gave a wonderfully moving and deeply honest address about his own experiences as a young Aboriginal man. Referring to his own experiences, he emphasised how important it was for every person to determine their own thoughts and their own actions in creating pathways in their life. It was a powerful message about determining your own destiny through the choices you make and the mindset you bring. His address was heartfelt, sincere, and very thought-provoking.

A particular highlight of the Assembly was a presentation of a traditional Aboriginal Painting to Head of Year 10, Ms Amanda Marocchi. Assisted by talented Year 11 student, Rory Charles (11.2), the beautiful and colourful piece incorporated the thumbprints of all of our Year 10 students. Some of our Year 7-10 boys played an original piece on the Didge and Beatbox and talented student, Nehemiah Reuben (11.8) then performed a beautiful song, ‘Never Had it Like This’ supported by Rory Charles on the cajon. To culminate our Assembly, a large group of students performed an Aboriginal cultural dance that was choreographed by former student Ben McGuire with the assistance of Brendan Bin Omar (12.1). In closing, Nehemiah acknowledged the many supporters of our Aboriginal Program and thanked the many people who assisted with our NAIDOC Assembly, making special note of Mr Gary Malarkey ('70) and Ms Karrene McLernon for the wonderful work they do.   

The national NAIDOC theme this year was “Always Was, Always Will Be”. All Australians are invited to walk with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in a movement that seeks a better future. In particular, there exists a clear call to honour and respect the voice of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at all levels of our society and communities. This speaks of good stewardship in respecting the past and being faithful to the future. 

As a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition, Trinity College has at the very core of our mission, a call to be inclusive of every person. Being an Inclusive Community is identified as one of our four Touchstones. Further to this, within our College Strategic Plan, we make clear reference to our Spirit of Community which challenges us to be an inclusive community that supports the wellbeing and learning of every student. Put simply, our Trinity community is challenged to be accepting and welcoming; to foster respectful and right relationships; to seek the good for all; to appreciate and celebrate diversity; to be a safe place where every person is known and belongs; and where voices can be heard.

As the Principal of this College, it is our capacity to be inclusive and welcoming of others that makes me particularly proud.

I am proud of the inclusive nature of our College – the manner in which students of all abilities, beliefs, cultural backgrounds, and diverse needs are very much part of our community - a community that recognises the value and dignity of each and every person, and one that respects their family story and culture. Our wonderful NAIDOC celebrations certainly helps illustrate this point.

I am proud of the well-earned and much-deserved reputation that our College has for the way in which it works, and for, those students with particular learning needs. This is a truly inclusive model that moves beyond just tolerance or acceptance. Rather, this is about being supportive and encouraging and it is about personal achievement and the celebration of those achievements.

I am proud of our high achievers, those boys who strive for and achieve excellence in so many aspects of school life. Importantly, I am equally proud of those students who quietly strive to achieve their own personal best or who overcome their own personal struggles to be valued members of our College community.

I am proud of our staff and their willingness to go ‘above and beyond’ in providing genuine care, guidance, counselling, teaching, coaching, and tutoring for our boys. This is where real relationships are built, where the community grows and where inclusivity and welcome are actually demonstrated and lived.

Over many years, Trinity College has shown a real commitment to providing opportunities for many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. They have proudly taken their place in the wider community due, in some part, to the educational experience and formation that they have received at Trinity. Today, we are still very blessed to have amongst us many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander boys. We thank them for sharing their culture, their talents, their knowledge, their leadership, and their voices. Together we must continue to hear the voices of all people.

Live Jesus in our hearts. 

Mr Darren O’Neill | Principal

Junior School Open Morning

Come and explore the Junior School at our Open Morning on Wednesday, 9 September 2020. Our Junior School Open Morning will include an address from the Principal, Head of Junior School and Junior Head Boy, student-led tours, light refreshments, and a Q&A with key staff, teachers, and the admissions team. The tour will commence at 9:00am from Gibney Hall, Trinity College. Please note, this is an interactive morning and your son is welcome to attend. Register your details here

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Junior School News  


The Year 5 classes completed Part 2 of their Swan River Colony excursion to Peninsula Farm in Maylands. The boys gained knowledge of the original colonists, who they were and learning about History.


The NAIDOC College Assembly is always a highlight for all boys at Trinity. This year was again particularly special for the Junior School as 2 boys took part in the dance. It was a fantastic performance by Juwane Miller (5W) and David Shanahan (6G). The boys were also able to hear an inspirational address from Junior School Rugby coach Lachlan Sibosado ('19).


Winter sport photos will be held this coming week on Thursday, 20 August. This date is the Interschool Cross Country Carnival, so whilst the boys do not have a fixture, all Year 5 and 6 Boys are required to bring their full winter sport uniform for the team photos.


This Term the Year 5s are studying colonisation and the Swan River Colony in HASS. In Italian, the students are complementing their lessons by looking at Italian immigration and the contribution of Italians to WA. Yesterday, 5 had the pleasure of hearing about the immigration experience firsthand from a grandparent and parent who had moved to Australia from Italy. Maria Odorisio moved here in 1959 while Emanuele Colicchio moved here in 2014. The stories they shared were very different and the students had the opportunity to ask many questions about Italy and the migration experience. They all had a better understanding of the migration experience and an appreciation of what a wonderful part of the world we live in.


Mr Brennan has been working hard with an enthusiastic group of Year 4, 5 & 6 runners in preparation for this Thursday’s interschool. This will be an exciting event as for the first time, Junior School boys will compete in the same carnival as the Senior boys. Good luck boys!


On Thursday the Year 4 boys participated in the Rugby carnival held at Waterford. The boys thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to practice their rugby skills, which they have learnt over the last few weeks. The matches were played in excellent spirit and the boys gave their all on the field. The boys were supported by Rugby WA referees and their enthusiastic parents. These carnivals allow Year 4s an experience of each of the regular Year 5 & 6 Winter and Summer sport which assist them in making their choices for next year. 


Congratulations to our Junior School ‘A’ Football Team on their win against Aquinas yesterday. They fought hard and played well as a team in an exciting game, which ended in a thrilling 2 goal margin our way. The game was played in good spirits- thanks to the parents for their support. Well done Mr O’Malley and boys!


Next week is Book Week and the Junior School library will come to life! The theme of Book Week this year is ‘Curious Creature, Wild Minds’. All boys are invited to use this theme as an inspiration for their dress-up.


A parade of all the costumes will take place first thing Friday morning in the Junior School Assembly Area. Boys will parade with their classmates and parents are welcome to attend and appreciate the creativity and effort made by the boys for this day.

Next week, the Junior School will also be hosting a Scholastic Book Fair in the library. The boys will be able to order and purchase books before and after school, commencing on Tuesday, 18 August. We look forward to celebrating Children’s Book Week.


Every year, the Year 6s are visited by the Golden Heritage Club. The Golden Heritage Club are Old Boys of Trinity or CBC Terrace who left the College over 50 years ago. The Year 6s prepare questions for the Old Boys and then interview them. The Golden Heritage members always share wonderful stories of their school life with the boys of their school life. The members of the Golden Heritage are also invited to attend the Junior School TOBA Assembly. It is a fantastic day for all participants.


The Junior School students have taken time out of their daily routine to record their performances for the Catholic Performing Arts Festival over the last week. We have seen more than 60 boys record solo and small group performances. Last Tuesday, a large number of boys were involved in recording with their larger instrumental and vocal groups. These groups were the Junior Concert Band, the Junior String Ensemble, the Year 5/6 Choir, the Year 4 Choir, and the Junior Vocal Ensemble. I was very impressed with the professionalism of the boys as we recorded and greatly appreciated their efforts. We look forward to the adjudicator's feedback. An additional thank you to Dr Melissa Fitzgerald who has co-ordinated the recording process, and to the teaching staff who have changed their plans to support the recordings.

Ann Clarke | Junior School Music Teacher 

Monday, 17 August
  • Incursion - Musica Viva (Gibney Hall)
Tuesday, 18 August 
  • Scholastic Book Fair (JS Library)
Thursday, 20 August
  • Winter Sports Photos - jumpers and team shirts & shorts
  • JPSSA Interschool Cross Country (Waterford) 
Friday, 21 August
  • Book Week dress-up Assembly
  • 5G Class Assembly (Gibney Hall)

Mr Bernard Le Tessier
| Acting Head of Junior School 


This week the Junior School boys joined in with the Senior School boys to watch the NAIDOC assembly. This year’s theme was ‘Always was, Always will be’, and this was reflected in what the guest speaker, Lachlan Sibosado ('19) spoke about.

There were many performances including a dance performance, two musical performances, one by Trinity’s very own band, Diversity! We especially enjoyed the cultural dance performance because 2 Junior School boys were involved, Juwane Miller (5W) and David Shanahan (6G)

The Junior School was also involved in recording their Catholic Performing Arts Festival performances. Many students were involved in individual, duo and group performances including our Wind Ensemble, Band, Year 4 Choir, 5/6 choir, and JVE.    

By Ashton Callus (6GD) & Bowie McCabe (6B) 

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Secondary School News   


The Trinity College Annual Fun Run For India is on this Friday, 21 August. There are two courses, a longer course for runners around the Windan Bridge and Causeway loop and a shorter course for walkers around the Windan Bridge and coming back over the Matagarup Bridge to Trinity College.

Many of the students have been busy securing sponsors and we look forward to everyone bringing in their sponsorship money with them on Friday. If each student was able to bring in $30, we would raise over $30000 for our missions in India who are in desperate need of our support.

A reminder that the Fun Run is a compulsory event and all students should remain at school for the full day and complete the Fun Run. Any student who is injured or unable to walk the course for any reason, is to provide a note to their respective Head of Year. These students will assist with the sausage sizzle and recording of times on Mann Oval.

At the conclusion of the India Fun Run, there will be a concert showcasing the musical talent of our Trinity College students.

Buses will be departing the College on Friday at the regular times of 2:20pm and at 3:15pm on Friday, however students are encouraged to stay for the concert which will conclude at approximately 3pm. Please note there is no Senior School Assessment Period scheduled for Friday afternoon.

Please take note of the following dress rules for your son on the day:


  1. Runners need to wear appropriate clothing for a ‘serious’ run (Trinity PE uniform, Trinity singlet and shorts etc)
  2. All Year 7 – 11 students must wear Trinity PE uniform to school. If they do not have a PE uniform, full winter uniform must be worn to school. Year 12 students are permitted to wear their Leavers jacket over the top of recognised Trinity Sports Uniform to school.
  3. All students must wear PE uniform during the walk OR may wear a recognised Trinity sports uniform, ie blue or white shorts, phys ed, hockey, soccer, rowing, tennis, rugby, football or athletics tops. No other clothing is allowed.
  4. In case of rain, students are encouraged to leave their Trinity Tracksuit in their bag/locker to change into at the completion of the walk. Bring wet weather gear and towel.
  5. Boys should be aware of weather conditions on the day and are encouraged to wear a Trinity hat and sunscreen. Boys should also carry their own water bottle. Plastic water bottles will not be available at the end of the fun run.

All students will receive a free sausage sizzle at the conclusion of the Fun Run. We look forward to a wonderful day on Friday. 

Guys Read

This week Mr Anthony Byrne (Deputy Principal Mission and Engagement) was kind enough to come and spend a Library session with some lucky Year 7s. As a former Head of English in a former life, he is a massive supporter of reading for enjoyment in all of our students. He told the Year 7s that his first recollection of books in his life was the (in)famous ‘Dick and Dora’ books when he was learning to read. He soon moved on to the Famous Five, Secret Seven and Hardy Boys series for quick-paced adventure stories. He then progressed to Fantasy novels by author Susan Cooper, in particular, ‘The Dark is Rising’ series, which turned into his favourite books when he was a teenager. Mr Byrne also told the boys that he always reads the newspaper to keep up to date, however, he likes to start at the back and work forwards. As an English teacher, he spent many hours reading the novels that his students were required to read. Mr Byrne spoke to the boys about the novel he currently reading – “Station Eleven” by Emily St. John Mandel – a novel on the current Year 12 recommended reading list. As a concluding note, he encouraged the boys to keep trying different kinds of books and stretch themselves out of their comfort zone. I would like to thank Mr Byrne for coming along to talk to the boys and reading with them.

Year 8 Genre Challenge

Congratulations to Huey Dixon (8.4) who is the latest recipient of the Year 8 Genre Challenge prize! He has done an amazing job reading the wide variety of books required to win the prize. He is already working on Round 2 and is determined to complete the Super Challenge another time before the end of the year. Well done Huey! 

Alison Mackenzie | Head of Library Services

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College News  


As part of National NAIDOC Week, our Aboriginal students and community members cooked traditional food outside at the College on Tuesday, 11 August. It was wonderful to share their culture in this special way. We thank Jeff Farrell, Laurie Shaw, Rosita Shaw, Rishaye Shaw, Shakara Shaw, Jarnda Councillor-Barns and Shannice Shaw for their assistance. 


The Trinity College Parent Council held their Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, 11 August and after voting, all executive officers were returned to office:

  • Chair & Assistant Ball Coordinator – Nancy Siciliano
  • Deputy Chair & Assistant Ball Coordinator – Caterina Carcich
  • Parent Ball Coordinator – Michelle Rapkoch
  • Treasurer – Tina Wheatley
  • Secretary – Beverly Martinez

Many thanks to outgoing members David Wilkins, Filomena Piffaretti, Andrea Dodo- Balu and Jeremy Nicoletto for their time and efforts in the past few years.

Nancy Siciliano | Parent Council Chair 


The College Auxiliary Annual General Meeting is to be held on Monday, 31 August at 9am in the Board Room.

Parents and Carers, please send in your nominations for the executive roles of:

  • College Auxiliary President
  • Vice President
  • Kitchen Coordinator
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

The nominations would be appreciated by 4pm on Wednesday, 26 August by emailing


The Uniform Shop is open every:

  • Tuesday 7.30am - 4.30pm
  • Friday 7.30am - 1.30pm

Good news - tracksuits in size 10 and 8 are now back in stock. If you are looking for blazer buttons, we sell them in the shop for $3.50 each. If a student is needing a button on his blazer he can bring his blazer to the shop, buy the button and we will attach the button, ready for collection. Most students requiring buttons bring their blazer at recess and collect at lunchtime.

Judy Mackintosh | Uniform Shop Coordinator 

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There are quite a lot of important information available in regards to early offers, events, and scholarships. I have combined all of these key information in a simple document that you can download here

Russell Hinks | Careers/Transition Coordinator

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The Solemnity of the Assumption is one of the great feasts of the Church, so much so that it is one of the few Holy Days of Obligation still in the Australian liturgical calendar.  Like all the Marian feasts scattered throughout the year, this feast is an invitation to all of us to reflect on the person of Mary, the role she played in the coming of Jesus among us, and indeed the role she continues to play as one who in some mysterious fashion continues to bring Jesus to us and to bring us to him.

The Church’s teachings about Mary really rest upon what we find in the Scriptures, especially the gospels, and just how the Holy Spirit has led the Church into a deeper understanding of these scriptures over the centuries. While the specific references to Mary in the New Testament are few, they are rich in significance and have been reflected and meditated upon throughout the Church’s long life. This prayerful reflection has led the Church to a profound certainty, a belief grounded in faith, which comes to expression in four great Church teachings. We are the inheritors, and the custodians, of this treasure.

These things we say about Mary are remarkable things to say about a person: that she was always free from sin, that she gave birth to the one who was and is God among us, that she bore a child and yet remained a virgin, and that she was taken body and soul into the glory of heaven.  They may sound like dry doctrines, teachings that make no sense today or have little to say to us in our daily lives. In fact, of course, they are the exact opposite. They are windows into what can be set free in a person’s life if he or she is willing to believe, willing to take the risk of faith, willing to say “yes” to God.

In celebrating the Assumption of Mary we might say that we are celebrating the confirmation of Mary’s trust. She put her hope in God, and God did not abandon her. And as in the preface of the Mass, she has become for us a sign of hope and comfort as we go on our pilgrim way. As God was faithful to Mary so will God be faithful to us.

We couldn’t do better today than to ask Mary to pray for us, that God will give to all of us, something of her faith, something of her trust, something of her generous spirit and her willingness to say “yes” to all that God asks.


The ACBC National Catholic Men’s Gathering for 2020 is being offered as a free event for registered participants. This modified program will be delivered in four pre-recorded sessions of approximately 1 hour in length, available from Saturday, 15 August 2020.

Registration will be free and will be available from Monday, 29 June.

Each session will offer input from a variety of speakers and musicians, along with a response and questions for group discussion (link to resource) or individual reflection. The program offers flexibility so that you may participate individually or gather with others from your parish/diocese or men’s ministry group.

As an initiative of the Australian Catholic Bishops, the aim of the ACBC National Men’s Gathering is to inspire and encourage men with a vision for personal discipleship, service and mission in the family, parish/diocese and the world. The online program hopes to reinforce that it is important to gather as men in the faith environment of the Church and be challenged to ensure the Gospel is alive in our homes, parishes/dioceses and our communities.

  • Registration: Available from Monday, 29 June.
  • Event Program: Available from Saturday, 15 August

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Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association

  • Saturday, 15 August:      Class of 1987 – Celebrating 50th Birthday’s

For information regarding TOBA events, please contact the TOBA office at or 9223 8132


All TOBA members and the Trinity College community are invited to download the ‘COZ App’ (for free) onto smartphones and support TOBA and TC businesses, as well as receive offers from our valued sponsors.

This platform allows you to browse and support businesses that support the College. If you would like to place your business on this Business Directory and be connected to our database of 10,000+ Old Boys, their families, and the TC community, please visit and click ‘Add My Business’.

Please feel free to contact Joe Georgiades on 0407 849 984 or to discuss how COZ APP can help connect you to our community.

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Community News 


Mercedes College warmly invites you to attend our Open Morning for prospective students on Tuesday, 8 September 2020 for the 8:30am or 11am session. The program includes a welcome by the Principal, a presentation by key staff, and a student-led tour. The 8:30am session will also include a morning tea where you will be able to meet with senior staff and ask any questions that you may have. To register, please visit the College website: 


Master Classes are one hour sessions conducted once a week in term time. Each week they reteach, revise, and reinforce the topics and areas of study that the students are dealing with their classes at school. The Master Class Semester two program is for Year 7-10 and will be held from Saturday, 25 July to Saturday, 19 September (Term 3) and Saturday, 7 October to Saturday, 5 December (Term 4). The ATAR Exam Prep will deliver a comprehensive exam preparation program that will assist Year 11 and 12 students in preparing for their final school examinations. These classes offer students a structured revision program that will add value to the independent study they are doing at home. For more information on both programs please visit or email


Grab your camera or phone and walk the pathways of Jirdarup Bushland, with Kensington Bushland at its heart. Register and submit your best photographs from Jirdarup Bushland for a chance to WIN a share of the $3,000 cash/prize pool! For more information please visit and enter before Sunday, 30 September 2020

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