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Volume 24  August 9, 2019

From the Principal 

Catholic Performing Arts Festival:

The Catholic Performing Arts Festival (CPAF) is now well underway and many of our talented students from across the College are beginning their various performances. Many of our boys perform as individuals and others are part of respective ensemble groups or bands. While it is difficult to see all of our individual students perform, I will have the pleasure of seeing many of our large group performances. Next Monday, our combined String Orchestra will perform here at the College and on Tuesday evening, I look forward to watching our Swing Bands perform. The following week I will join several staff and parents in attending the Angelico Exhibition for visual arts. Held in the City, the Exhibition brings together a collection of stunning art pieces from students from a variety of Catholic schools. Once again, our College has several students selected to show their work. In the weeks that follow, several of our Drama groups will perform respective pieces and our Guys in Groove (GIG) dance group will perform at the Perth Convention Centre. Finally, as we enter September, our very successful College Choir groups are keenly looking forward to their chance to perform as part of the Festival.

To complete a very busy time for our students involved in the Arts, some of our boys are also involved in competitions outside of the CPAF. This week, I was able to watch the boys in our Imperium Dance group perform a very moving piece entitled ‘Gallipoli’ as part of the Wakakirri National Dance Festival. Similarly, the Trinity/Mercedes Combined Wind and String Orchestras will have very busy weekend as they compete in the WA School’s Senior Concert Band Festival. All of this on top of a busy CPAF schedule!  I am sure many families and friends are looking forward to seeing their showcase performance.

All of the boys involved in the Arts have worked very hard for several months and they have certainly learned the valuable lesson that hard work and commitment brings great reward. They are wonderful ambassadors for our College. They have done themselves proud and should be justifiably excited at such opportunities to perform. I commend the many students who involve themselves so enthusiastically in the Arts and wish them well. May I also acknowledge the extraordinary work of the Staff and Tutors in the areas of Music, Drama and Dance. Such dedication to our talented young men is certainly appreciated.

Careers Expo:

This is a particularly important time for boys in our Senior School. The Year 10 boys are making informed decisions about Course selection for next year and our Year 11 and 12 boys are reflecting on their results with a view to pathways beyond school. With this in mind, the Career Expo planned for next week is very important and most timely. As another initiative between Trinity College and Mercedes College, we are combining to host a Careers Expo that will feature all of our Western Australian Universities along with Chevron, the Australian Defence Force and Apprenticeships Australia. The Careers Expo will take place on Wednesday, 14 August; from 6pm-7:30pm in the Trinity Sports Centre. This is a great opportunity for our boys and their families to continue the ongoing discussions about future pathways and careers.

Important Messages for Boys:

On Monday evening of this week, a Year 8 Parent Information session was the forum for some important information to be shared with parents about some sexuality units that will be covered with the Year 8 boys over the next few weeks. Staff member Annika Holland, who has formal training in Sexual Health and Wellbeing, outlined how the boys would be guided through sensitive but important topics such as sexting, pornography, sexuality and right relationships. This will be done in a safe environment where respectful discussion is encouraged, age appropriate content is presented, and due reference is given to our Catholic Teachings. A blog article outlining these units and providing other resource links for parents can be found by clicking here.

As part of the broader Pastoral Program that runs through the school, aspects of sexuality and respectful relationships are covered at every stage as a boy journeys through the College. In our Junior School, the Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum Curriculum emphasises safe behaviours, appropriate boundaries and good friendships. The Year 7 Transition program includes a focus on friendships, mateships and relationships and begins to examine the physical changes of adolescence. As stated previously, the Year 8 Program begins to examine aspects of sexuality, while the Year 9 Becoming Men Program explores aspects of social sexuality, stereotypes and pressure, relationships with women and respect and consent. A very special culmination of the Year 9 program was the recent Night to Shine event. This wonderful evening allowed our young men to spend some quality time with their mothers and share conversation about being respectful to women. Relationship IQ is a particular feature of the Year 10 Personal Development and Wellbeing (PDW), and the Men of Honour Program in Year 11 and 12 dedicates an entire workshop series to the topics of Sex and Relationships.

These are important messages for our boys to hear and we encourage mature, open and respectful discussion on such issues both at school and at home. These programs and the messages within are part of a larger message about developing respectful relationships. This is a vital aspect in the formation of good young men and certainly a growing focus at Trinity College.

Live Jesus in our hearts
Mr Darren O'Neill | Principal

College Events


We celebrate Social Justice Sunday on 29 September. This year, the Australian Bishops' Social Justice Statement is titled: 'Making it Real: Genuine human encounter in our digital world.' It shares Pope Francis' challenge to us to 'boldly become citizens of the digital world.' It points out that we are called not just to be inhabitants of this world, but active citizens shaping it. For further details about the Social Justice Statement, visit the Office for Social Justice website or call (02) 8306 3499. Order the Statement online at: You can also follow them on Facebook or Twitter

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College Calendar


Monday, 12 August

  • CPAF String Ensemble

Tuesday, 13 August

  • 9:35am College Assembly (NAIDOC)
  • 5:30pm Parent Council Meeting

Wednesday, 14 August

  • 6pm Careers Expo

Thursday, 15 August

  • AC v TC
  • 8:40am Feast of the Assumption Whole School Mass

Friday, 16 August

  • 8:00am Mass
  • AC v TC
  • 10:00am Auxiliary Morning Tea - Gibney Hall
  • X Country All Schools 5km at CC
  • Primary Angelico Art Exhibition Concludes

Saturday, 17 August

  • AC v TC
  • X Country Ray Brown 8km at Kings Park 

Parent Calendar

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Junior School News


Congratulations to Ned Sargent (4G) who made his First Holy Communion last Sunday at St Kieran Catholic Church Osborne Park. 


The boys have had the benefit of 3 weeks of coaching from coaches from the Western Force and yesterday were surprised by a visit from Alysia Lefau-Fakaosilea, Grace Hamilton (Captain) and Sera Naiqama all players in the 2019 Australian Buildcorp Wallaroos. The boys enjoyed the opportunity to play rugby with the National team players.  


The final fixture of the winter sports season is next week. Well done to all the boys on the way they have competed for their teams and shown progress in their game play and skill level over the season. Thank you to all coaches involved for your time and dedication in developing the boys through sport, to Mr Thompson, who organises the teams each week and to the parents and grandparents who support the boys each week.


Congratulations to the Trinity Soccer team who played in the School Sport WA regional competition last Friday. They played well as a team throughout the day, making it to the final, only to be narrowly defeated. The boys have qualified for the State Championships, which takes place tonight. Good luck.


On Wednesday, 14 August, the Parent Liaison Meeting will be taking place, commencing at 2:30pm. All parents are invited, and the focus of this meeting will be to provide parents with a forum to ask questions about Secondary School and in particular Year 7. Deputy Principal, Mr Anthony Byrne will be attending to answer any queries parents have in relation to the boys’ transition to Secondary School.


The first stage of a nature play space is currently being built near the Junior School Amphitheatre. It will contain a range of natural obstacles and spaces for the boys to enjoy. 

Monday, 12 August 
  • Junior String Ensemble at CPAF - Trinity College 
Tuesday, 13 August 
  •  Year 5/6 winter sports training
  • NAIDOC Assembly 9:35am
Wednesday, 14 August  
  • Parent Liaison Meeting 2:30pm in the Board Room 
Thursday, 15 August
  • Feast of the Assumption College Mass 8:40am 
  • Year 4 Rugby 
  • Sport v Aquinas
Friday, 16 August
  • Year 4W Mass 8:40am

Mr Martin Tucker ('87) | Head of Junior School     


The JSTCEC boys have been super keen to help keep their College litter free and to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

We have our caped warriors out at recess and lunch times collecting soft plastic for recycling and food waste for our worm farm. In the STEM room we have two zero waste boxes. One for any brand of cosmetic, hair care or skin products- so please send them in with your sons. We also have a box to recycle all pens, pencils and markers and we are collecting the plastic bottle top lids for a sculpture competition. On Fridays the team collects paper and card for recycling from each room and we are about to start making bees wax sandwich wraps.

I would love to hear from any parents who are available to help us out on Fridays at 12:40-1:30pm.

On Thursday, 7 August the students from 6G and 5B were involved in the JS Waste Audit. They collected a days rubbish from the JS and sorted it into different categories, counted and  weighed everything. It was an eye opening activity for all the boys and we will be posting more about that next week. We are well and truly on the way to becoming a Waste Wise school and I'm very proud of the boys efforts.

Stacey Turich | Junior School Science Specialist Teacher


Last Friday the As soccer team jumped on the bus and played in the regional soccer carnival. They played so well that they got invited to play in the State soccer carnival. The Year 5s took part in a big Religion test called BRLA and they did really well. A waste truck to help the environment came to Trinity in a van that was coloured green and they played fun activities with the Year 5s and 4s to help the environment. The boys got their sport photos along with their class photos taken this week. The boys had terrific smiles. We finished of the week with a wonderful perfomance by the string ensemble.

Jack Clarey (6B) and Charlie McDonald (6W)

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Secondary School News


This week brave members of the Senior School TCEC helped conduct a Waste Audit of the College Senior School. Shown above is the amount of landfill collected in the Senior School grounds during just one recess. The students then sorted and counted a fraction of this rubbish to gain an idea of what constitutes our landfill contribution at the College. In the next week or so, we will have the full report from Waste Wise Authority which will help guide our long term Sustainability initiatives here at the College. In addition, by instigating this Waste Audit, we are eligible to apply for a Waste Wise grant and take one more step towards becoming a Waste Wise Accredited School. What struck the students most was the amount of plastic containers, plastic packaging and cling wrap; and snack wrappers that end up in landfill. Well done to all of the TCEC members who were happy to get their hands dirty for this great cause.

Ms Alison Mackenzie | Head of Library Services


On Thursday, Year 12 Trinity Geography students took part in a presentation at the Waterbank Sales and Information centre. The boys enjoyed the presentation on urban renewal projects. 

My name is Beau Allanson (9.3) and I am a part of the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award in Year 9. For Physical Recreation, I have chosen Basketball and Football as my major activity for this elective. For Skill I have taken up coaching for Junior School. Thank you to Mr O’Malley for giving me the chance to coach both his 6A Cricket team in Term 1 and now 6A Football team. For Service I am doing TCEC and Trinity College Service activities through the elective subject. When I heard about this Bronze Award, I felt an opportunity to show my leadership capabilities. I saw a chance to enhance my leadership skills and my communication towards others. This elective has helped us boys as a class to be closer together, we went on camp together and we have learned to trust each other and be friends with people we didn’t think was possible. I would just like to thank all the teachers who have helped out with this Bronze Award, from going on camp with us or being an assessor. And a big thanks has to go to Mr Miskiewicz, none of his could have been possible without him. It has a been a great experience.

Greetings, my name is Christian Marchesani (9.6) and presently, I am undertaking my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. This prestigious youth development program aims to empower young teenagers to explore their full potential, purpose, passion and place in the world. There are four achievement pillars within the Award; Physical Recreation, Skill, Service and Adventurous Journey. I chose Rowing and Soccer as my Physical Recreation component, which encouraged me to set goals, strive to achieve them, and develop new skills. Classical guitar was my primary focus in fulfilling the Skill component of the program, which resulted in the learning of more complex pieces of music that required extensive practice in order to perform in front of others. I am part of the Trinity College Environmental Committee focusing on ways in which we can make the world more sustainable and reduce the amount of plastic we use, satisfying the service component. Furthermore, I have been actively involved in a reading program at the Junior School helping young readers develop their skills. The Duke of Edinburgh camp was the final part, fulfilling the Adventurous Journey requirement. The experience was not only fun, it was also physically, mentally and spiritually challenging and rewarding. It gave me an opportunity to reflect, give thanks and achieve a sense of mindfulness and peace from the day to day commitments. I am grateful for the experiences it has offered and I strongly recommend it to others!

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College News


In 2020 Trinity College will be presenting their next musical and in order to get ahead of the game we are seeking talented parents who can assist with costumes etc. If you are handy with the sewing machine and would be able to assist, please let me know so that I can pass your details on to our Production Director. If you are interested, please email  

Mrs Lisa Laurino | Drama Coordinator 


The Library are now accepting entries for this year’s Br Gerry Faulkner Award for Young Writers and Illustrators. Entries may be in any of the following forms: short story, novel chapter, poem or lyrics, comic or illustration... or another idea of your choice. Entries must be your original work, with no ideas copied from television or books, or edited by another person, and may be up to 2000 words max. Prizes will be awarded for the best entries in the Junior, Middle and Senior School categories.

Please submit your entry to Mrs Spencer at the Junior Library or Ms Mackenzie at the Senior Library or by Direqt message, with the entry form (available at the Library) attached.

Entries close Friday, 23 August (Week 5).


We are planning a Cadbury Chocolate Fundraiser for the Northern Thailand / Laos Community Project to help our travelling Year 10 boys raise money to help complete their community projects at this remote and under-privileged location.

We would love as much support as possible and we’re asking that your family commit to selling a box (or two!) to help us. When the chocolates arrive we will arrange pick up from the library (other arrangements can be made if this is inconvenient). 

To keep this as easy as possible we ask that you pay for your chocolates upfront via the TC Store then simply keep the money as they’re sold. This stops us having to chase up money and chocolates after the fundraising event.  Please place your order by Friday, 23 August. Please let people know why you’re selling the chocolates and what a great cause they’re supporting. Please accompany the boys if you decide to sell door to door. Chocolates are not to be sold at school.

  • Tuesday 7:30am – 4:30pm
  • Every Friday 7:30am – 1:30pm

For any uniform enquiries, new and pre-loved please all into the uniform shop any time on a Tuesday or Friday.

Blazer honours will be done on the last Wednesday of term Wednesday, 25 September, from 7:30am/11:00am

Judy Mackintosh | Uniform Shop Manager 


Please save the date – Friday, 16 August at 10:00am to 12:00pm for the Annual College Auxiliary Morning Tea. This year's guest speaker is Fiona Bennett. Fiona will be focussing on the importance of women maintaining their friendships and relationships through the years of raising their children. 

Tables of 8 can be purchased at and individual tickets are now available to purchase at

Assistance required for set up from 8:30am on Thursday, 15 August and also from 8:00am onwards for some/or all of the event and afterwards on Friday, 16 August. If you are able to help or would like more information, please contact Beverly Martinez on 


Families are requested to make the once a year contribution as detailed below. Please note all food should be left in the Gibney Hall kitchen from 8:00am on Friday, 16 August. Vegetarian and gluten free options are gladly accepted - please label accordingly. 

  • Year 7: Raffle prize donations. Please leave at Main Reception by Wednesday, 14 August. Goods or services gladly accepted. 
  • Year 9: Loaf of sandwiches (eg; chicken & avocado, smoked salmon, curried eggs etc). Please leave uncut and place whole sandwiches in the bread bag as they will be cut in the morning to maintain freshness
  • Year 10: Homemade slices (slices preferable to whole cakes) please leae uncut and on disposable plates
  • Year 11: Homemade savouries (eg; quiches, savoury tartlets, sausage rolls etc) no frozen or uncooked items, please leave on disposable plates. 


The College Auxiliary are seeking major sponsors for the Morning Tea. Please reply by Wednesday, 7 August to Beverly Martinez via Thank you for your support. 


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Find your true calling with the leading global specialist in creative media education. We’re opening the doors to our Perth campus on Sunday, 11 August 2019 from 10am-2pm.

If you are considering studying creative media (Animation, Audio, Design, Film or Games), this event is a great opportunity for them to speak to our experienced team and find out more about this dynamic and expanding industry. 

Students can check out our amazing equipment and facilities, meet their future mentors, talk to current students and discover the career opportunities that await them after graduation. You can also save time on the day by registering your attendance online to receive EXPRESS CHECK-IN! Click here to find out more.  


Year 12 students can now enter preferences for University in 2020. Applications close on Monday, 30 September (11pm). After this a $150 late fee applies. Applications are entered via the TISC website. Students who wish to apply to Notre Dame must do so directly to the university.

All Year 12 students received the 2020 TISC guide this week and personalised letter with instructions. Click here to read instructions on how to apply.


The UWA early offer program has opened and applications are being sought from Year 12 students who wish to study at UWA in 2020.

Early Offer applications can be made for the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences, Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Science degrees with an 80 ATAR. You may also apply for one of UWA’s Direct Pathways listed below.

  • Architecture 92+
  • Landscape Architecture92+
  • Engineering 80+

To be eligible you need to:

  • Have a predicted ATAR of 80 or above (using your Year 12 results to date, numerical value, not grades)
  • Complete and sign a declaration Early Offer form (by you and your principal/principal delegate must sign)
  • Apply before Monday, 30 September 2019

Click here to download form. 


Students wishing to apply to ECU in 2020 can apply for an early offer.

To be eligible, students need to:

  • Know their predicted ATAR
  • Provide a copy of their latest school results

Plesae use this link to access more information about the process and eligible courses.


Applications have no opened for this highly sought-after entry into the oil & gas industry. Students need to submit a resume and cover letter through the Seek website. Click here for application. 


The Australian National University (ANU) runs a special version of its popular Introduction to Actuarial Science course for Year 11/12 students in Australia. The course is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and is FREE for all students.

The purpose of the course is to provide students considering an actuarial career with an interactive introduction to the profession. As such, it is a perfect fit for high school students who are strong in maths to find out if an actuarial degree would be good university program choice for them.  The already-existing online material in the MOOC will be supplemented with additional guidance for teachers and students, along with webinar sessions between students and ANU academic staff.  Furthermore, the ANU offers five scholarships worth $10,000 each to Australian students who complete Introduction to Actuarial Science and enrol in a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies at ANU.

We are building an email list that will be used to communicate supplementary material and other relevant information to those interested the course. Please complete and/or provide the following survey link to those who would like to receive the supplementary material.

Register your interest for Introduction to Actuarial Science

Once you’ve registered you will be provided with further information on the course. This will include the supplementary material described above and webinar times.  

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Alex Rossi in the stroke seat of the Junior Mens Coxed Four - Copyright Rowing Australia
Students watching Alex's race this morning

Alex’s Junior Men’s Coxed Four crew came 2nd in their race today at the World Rowing Junior Championships in Tokyo, Japan, and have secured a spot in finals – to be held on Sunday. We wish Alex all the best in the final, which will take place Sunday morning (weather dependent) and can be viewed via


To celebrate the success of the 2019 PSA Footy Season we are holding our End of Season Presentation Evening on Saturday, 24 August at Trinity College in Gibney Hall. We would like to take this opportunity to invite all Trinity College Footy players and their families to join us for the evening. As well as enjoying a meal, the evening gives parents the opportunity to support their son’s efforts and meet and socialise with other members of the Trinity Footy community.

Details for the evening are below:

  • When: Saturday, 24 August 2019 at 6:15pm.
  • Where: Trinity College, Gibney Hall
  • Cost: $25 per person via the Online Store (purchased by Tuesday 20th August). 
  • Food/Drink: Cost includes a buffet meal. Parents please BYO drinks/glassware. Students will be given a can soft drink/water on the evening.
  • Free Lucky Raffle for Parents and Children

Please note: Strictly no door tickets will be made available as numbers need to be finalised with the caterer prior to the evening. Please purchase your tickets well in advance. Contact email:

Friends of Footy


A reminder our annual Presentation Evening is on Friday, 23 August in Gibney Hall at 6:30pm. Tickets are now available via the Online Store and can be purchased up until Wednesday, 21 August. Tickets purchased before Monday, 19 will cost $25 and $30 thereafter.

Raffle Hamper Donations

I am also seeking donations suitable to raffle during the night. These may be vouchers to your business or items we can use to make up hampers. Proceeds will go to help raising future Trinity College soccer stars. If you have any items you wish to donate please drop them off to Student Services before Wednesday, 21 August. Thank you to the generous parents who have already donated.

Mr Ben Kriszyk | 1st XI Soccer Manager 


As the winter season winds down, it is important to recognise the help our senior teams have received on Saturday mornings from WA SportsMed, a physiotherapy clinic run by three Old Boys of the College, James Grierson, Leon Vogels and Tom Valentine.

WA SportsMed helped provide sports trainers on Saturday morning for our senior rugby, soccer and hockey teams as well as the Year 10 football teams. They recruited and supported sports trainers to assist with the strapping of players before their game and to manage any injuries received during the course of the games. This is the second year this additional support has been made available  and provides a safer environment for the boys. Combined with St John Ambulance who are in attendance at all games at Waterford each Saturday morning, all injuries are able to be treated immediately.

The WA SportsMed clinic is located in North Perth about 5 minutes from Trinity. They have offered a 20% discount on all services to Trinity students just by mentioning that they are students at Trinity. Bookings can be made online or by phone on 0481 059 400. Their email address is

I would like to thank WA SportsMed for their ongoing support of sport here at the College.

Steve Leahy | Director of Sport


Click here for last week's results against Hale School. 

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Community News

Diabetes Research WA’s Ambassador, West Coast Eagles player Jamie Cripps – who has type 1 diabetes – is kicking some diabetes research goals for us. Jamie is spearheading our crowdfunding campaign to raise $60K to fund one of Diabetes Research WA’s annual research grants to support life-changing diabetes research in WA. Dig deep and help Crippa’s dream for a diabetes cure. Donate now at All donations over $10 go into the running to win a signed 2019 West Coast home guernsey. 


Little Athletics season is here again! Come and join your local Little Athletics Club, Vic Park Phoenix, and have a go at running, jumps and throws. For ages 5-17, and all levels of skill. Above all it’s loads of fun! Training starts Tuesday, 17 September at East Victoria Park Primary School from 4:30pm-6pm on Tuesdays (and Thursdays TBA). Competitions are held Saturday mornings at Gerry Archer Athletic Stadium. Contact us at, 0408 424559, or


For all students in Year 11 and 12

The October Holiday Program offers ATAR students comprehensive subject revision and prepares students for their final ATAR Exams. Course will be conducted at:  Week Two - (Monday, 7 October to Friday, 11 October) Hale School *20% school discount per subject* 

For further information contact Dr Robert Hallam at Master Mind Australia on 9486 1377 Or visit


ATARget’s Master Classes will deliver a comprehensive exam preparation program that will assist year 11 and 12 students in preparing for their final school examinations. This program will focus on specific exam questions and explain in detail how the syllabus content can be employed to construct successful examination responses. These classes offer students a structured revision program that will add value to the independent study they are doing at home. For more information please visit


Chimera Ensemble's Chamber Music Concert will take place on Sunday, 18 August, 2:30pm in the Braham Auditorium. The ensemble will be performing Messiaen's Quartet for the End of Time, and a new work composed by Dr Emma Jayakumar. As the Messiaen has been added to the ATAR music student's designated works we are offering FREE entry to the concert to Trinity College students.


The Council for Australian Catholic Women (Perth) invite women to join us and Rabbi Sheryl Nosan to “re-view” women and the Bible.The roles of women in the scriptures are varied and complex and include women as challengers, change agents, and as inspiration for those working towards greater understanding and equality of ministry.  

  • Wednesday, 21 August 2019, 6-9pm in the Staff Room Trinity College, 2 Trinity Ave, Perth.
  • Light refreshments will be served from 6:00-6:30pm.
  • Parking is available and the Red & Yellow CAT buses travel to Hale Street.
  • RSVP by Sunday, 18 August:Email phone 08 9397 5988 SMS 0400 886 835

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