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TC Newsletter:

Volume 27  August 30, 2019

From the Principal 

Junior School Father's Day Breakfast
Father’s Day

With Father’s Day upon us this Sunday, once again our attention will turn to the important role that Fathers, Grandfathers and other significant male figures play within families and our wider community. I trust that we will all make some time to make a fuss of the Fathers in our lives.  In our fast-paced world, where being time-poor seems to be the norm, the traditional role of the Father is increasingly contextualised amidst the busy ways of modern life. However, the important relationships that Fathers form with their children has not changed and remains most valuable. Father’s Day is a timely reminder for us all to focus on the special and unique relationship that Fathers have with their children – both sons and daughters. 

While not intending to generalise, Developmental Specialists and Child Psychologists state that the language of Fatherhood is about activity and memorable moments. Particularly when children are younger, Dads are often viewed as the ‘doing guy’ – the ‘action man’ that tends to relate to their children through activity and by doing things.Put simply,Dads teach many important lessons through being actively involved with their children, particularly their sons. Learning to be a ‘good sport’, to share, to be fair, to plan things out and to enjoy participation and teamwork are lessons that Fathers tend to teach their children in very hands-on ways. Research suggests that playing sport, wrestling, tinkering and ‘fixing things’ are the means through which such life lessons often emerge, and it is through such activities that children form relationships with their Fathers. The same research goes on to suggest that Mothers tend to interact with their children a little differently. They communicate more verbally, are more astute at developing interpersonal skills and are more likely to relate emotionally with their children. Mothers are good at being Mums and we should all be grateful for that! Fathers are good at being Dads and we should be equally grateful for that!

This does not change in adolescence. Teenage children, both sons and daughters still value time and activities with their Fathers. Once again, established research suggests that the effectiveness of a Father’s relationship with their adolescent children is dependent on the quality (not necessarily the quantity) of their first-hand interactions with their children. It is important that Fathers maintain an emotional attachment to their children; do their best to know what’s going on in their children’s lives; and respond appropriately to the developmental needs of their children. Michael Grose, a leading parenting educator and author of the highly respected Parenting Ideas series, says that for Fathers “… it is more about their presence (being around) and less about their presents (gifts)”. He suggests that it is through shared activity and direct involvement in their children’s lives, that fathers create important relationships and build up Frequent Father Points. The challenge that we have as Fathers in our busy world is creating such opportunities to bank some of these ‘Points’.  

The unique nature of the father/daughter relationship is equally important. The notion of a Father who is present, available and attentive affords a sense of security to a young girl. Numerous studies have linked Fathers with the healthy development of girls, particularly with regard to their self-esteem and confidence during the adolescent years. It is very important for Fathers to complement their daughters genuinely and consistently in adolescence when body image doubts are very common. Encouraging words and praise from a Father have great currency in a girl’s world. Fathers are also the first introduction to the world of men for girls, so it is important that Fathers treat their daughters with gentleness and respect, but also encourage them to be assertive and aspirational. In a sense, Fathers teach their daughters how they should expect to be treated and respected as they develop and get older. What a wonderful privilege and an important responsibility.

In more recent times, celebrated authors such as Steve Biddulph and Tim Hawkes have emphasised the important role of Fathers in being an example and ‘voice of reason’ in the technological and social media world of youth today. Growing up in a reality TV culture where everything is critiqued and scored, it is little wonder that today’s adolescents are perhaps the most critical generation that have ever lived. Michael Grose suggests that the current generation of young people are in dire need of some old-fashioned, very grounded fathering advice such as; ‘Don’t get ahead of yourself’, ‘Treat others with respect at all times’ and ‘Think before you speak/tweet/post/snapchat anything …about anyone’. While such important messages can be delivered with equal effect by Mothers, much research suggests that they can land with more potency when they come from the traditionally more reserved parent – their Father.  Fathers have a very important role in both showing the way and in correcting the way. It is an important reminder that children, particularly boys, need good men around them to model how to relate, how to behave and how to live a good life. Raimond Gaita author of the wonderful book Romulus, My Father, articulated this notion beautifully when he wrote, “I know what a good man is, because I’ve seen it in my father.”

As Father’s Day is celebrated on Sunday, and Fathers and Grandfathers are ‘spoiled’ for the day, it may be a timely reminder for all the Dads to look for ways to spoil ourselves (and our children more often) by spending regular and quality time with them – and by just being Dad.

Happy Father’s Day.

Live Jesus in our Hearts 

Mr Darren O'Neill | Principal

College Events


No parking is available on the school grounds on the night of the football final between the Eagles and Essendon. There is a large Performing Arts Festival event on in Gibney Hall that night involving up to 500 students from Trinity, Mercedes, Sacred Heart and Busselton. The Trinity gate will be manned and only those going to the performance will be allowed entry. Thank you for your cooperation. 


We invite Trinity College and Mercedes College Parents and Carers to join us for a presentation by Paul Dillon, founder and Director of Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA) and author of the book Teenagers, Alcohol and Drugs.

Paul is passionate about ensuring that the community has access to accurate and up-to-date alcohol and other drug information. He will be presenting on the topic ‘Teenagers, alcohol and other drugs 2019: What’s happening, what’s out there and how much influence do parents really have?’.

Event details:
Tuesday, 3 September 2019
6:30 PM for a 7PM start
Trinity College Sports Centre
Admission is free.

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College Calendar


Monday, 2 September

  • Chess WA State Finals
  • CPAF Choral Singing - Gibney Hall 

Tuesday, 3 September 

  • 9:35am Year 9 Mass
  • Paul Dillon visit to Year 10-12
  • 6:00-8:00pm Year 8 Quiz Night with Mercedes at TC
  • 7:00pm Paul Dillon parent session
  • CPAF Choral singing - Gibney Hall 

Wednesday, 4 September

  • Year 11 Politics and Law Excursion
  • CPAF Choral singing - Gibney Hall 

Thursday, 5 September

  • Year 9&10 Zero 2 Hero Mental Health forum
  • Tri athletes meet - AK Reserve
  • CPAF Choral singing - Gibney Hall

Friday, 6 September

  • 8:00am Mass
  • CPAF Shield Playoffs 4:00pm-8:30pm Braham Auditorium
  • CPAF concludes

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Junior School News


This week, the last of our groups, the Year 4 Choir, Year 5/6 Choir, Junior Vocal Ensemble and Junior Concert Band all performed.  The boys were simply awesome, and were a credit to themselves, the College and their families. Thank you to Mrs Ann Clarke, Mrs Paula Nicoletto, Mrs Ventia Webber, Mr Steve Harmer, Mr Richard Braham, Mrs Helen Milner, Ms Tracey Harris and Mrs Lena Bennett for the time and effort they have put in to preparing the boys for their respective performances for the Catholic Arts Festival.


Congratulations to all boys who participated in the Junior School House Athletics Carnival on Wednesday and Thursday. Thank you also to Mr Thompson who organised the event, Mrs Spencer, who assisted in the preparation and the staff and parents who helped and supported their boys. Thanks also to the Year 6 parents who donated morning tea and the group of Year 4 parents who cooked the Sausage Sizzle lunch. It was a very successful event, even with the inclement weather on Thursday. Congratulations to the boys in light blue. 

The final placings were:

1.        Xavier

2.        Chanel

3.        Campion

4.        Queens

Congratulations also to the medal winners (photos can be found on our Facebook page)

Year 4:

  • Champion Boy – Samuel Keys (4B) and Liam Breakingbury (4G)
  • Runner up – Finlay Jennings (4G)
  • Endeavour – Rohan Richards (4G)

Year 5:

  • Champion Boy – Axel Walsh (5GD)
  • Runner Up – Max Rees (5G)
  • Endeavour – Tom Quartermain (5G)

Year 6:

  • Champion Boy – Felix Cooper (6W)
  • Runner Up – Ben Muller (6W)
  • Endeavour – Zach Gosatti (6B)


Thank you to everyone who was involved in the Father's Day Breakfast. It is always a highlight each year and it is wonderful that so many Dads, Grandads and Uncles were able to attend. Particular thanks to the staff, co-ordinated by Mr Bernard Le Tessier who were on deck very early to prepare for the event, Tim McDonald ('81) who spoke to the boys and their Dads about his experience as a Dad, and the Year 5 Parents who were so generous in their donations for the raffle. You can view more photos on our Facebook page


Exciting times ahead for our Junior School students – next week, the first stage of the Nature Play Space will be opened! There has been a lot of interest in the last few weeks as the area has been slowly transformed. Over the last 10 years there has been much information regarding the benefits of Nature Play. If you wish to find out more in regards to what is available in your area, please click on this link

Wednesday, 4 September 
  • Year 5 excursion to Tranby House
  • Year 5 excursion to Literature event with Morris
Thursday, 5 September
  • Year 5/6 Spikeball Competition v Aquinas
Friday, 6 September
  • Year 6G Mass 8:40am
  • Year 5GD Assembly 2:20pm in Gibney Hall  

Mr Martin Tucker ('87) | Head of Junior School 


This week the Junior School had lots of exciting events on. Monday started with Junior Vocal and Year 4 Choir going to Performing Arts at the Vasto Club in Balcatta. They performed very well and got an outstanding score. An author named Cristy Burne came to visit and gave the boys advice about writing. She also told them about her life as an author. The following day, the Year 5/6 choir performed at the Vasto Club for the Performing Arts Festival. The choir’s results were exemplary and got all ‘Excellent’ grades. On Wednesday some boys had their jump trials and 800m trials. Thursday was a big day for all as it was the Athletics Carnival. Every boy tried hard and gave their best effort. We should all thank Mr Thompson and all the staff for making the day possible. In the end, Xavier came out on top. The weather on the day was good and bad as we had to stop the hurdles event because of rain and wind, but we got it done and the sun came through! On Friday, we held our annual Father’s Day Breakfast. The boys and their Fathers got to spend some quality time together. We had a guest speaker who was Mr McDonald, who gave everyone some great advice. This week was a pretty great one and we can't wait for many more awesome weeks.

Zach Gosatti (6B) and Ziggy Kaeser (6B)

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Secondary School News

2019 India Pilgrims

Last Friday we continued the Trinity College tradition with the India Fun Run. Even the tumultuous weather couldn’t stop the day. Our two tracks, walking and running, suited each participant’s needs. Year 12 student, Alex Rossi was the first to cross the finish line. A big thank you must go to our 2019 India Pilgrims who cooked and served the sausage sizzle for all our staff and students. Many would have met the Pilgrims at our Academic College Assembly this term. The much-needed funds will assist our various orphanages and schools in India. Our 2019 India Pilgrims and staff are: 

  • Mrs Marya Stewart
  • Mrs Rosa West
  • Mr Sam O’Connell
  • Matthew Bottega (11.2)
  • Alex Bradley (11.1)
  • Josh Crevola (11.3)
  • Sri Dharmapuri (11.4)
  • Ethan Hardy (11.5)
  • Luke Kelly (11.5)
  • Libero Piffaretti (11.3)
  • Kinta Pinchin-Yamada (11.2)
  • Daniel Rees (11.4)


On Wednesday, 28 August, seven of the 2019 India Pilgrims, Mr O’Connell and Mrs West visited Aquinas College to participate in the Youth Conference, Raising our Voices – Advocacy for Justice. The boys were able to meet like-minded students from Aquinas College, Iona Presentation College, Santa Maria College and CBC Fremantle. Presenter Br Steve Rocha was inspirational in helping the students find their voices to speak out on various justice issues. Our TC students were confident, articulate and conducted themselves in a positive and authentic manner. 

Rosa West | Director of Campus Ministry


The Men of Honour program is the vehicle for the delivery of our pastoral care and personal development programs in Year 11 and 12 and consists of a series of workshops from Glen Gerreyn and The Hopeful Institute. These workshops highlight the power of being intentional in the way we approach the transition to manhood, as well as the importance of an individual’s choice within that journey. The program aims to;

  • Explore the portrayal of men in society, perpetuated by the media, and the subsequent effects on male identity and behaviour.
  • Exercise core skills and cultivates characteristics that are proven to strengthen resilience and good mental health
  • Emphasise the power of mentorship from honorable men that young boys need and should seek out.

Each workshop our Year 11 students have brought their dad, mentor or significant life person. We have provided time for catching up / getting to know each other with some light refreshments and then go through a combination of content delivery/presentations, activities to explore the theme of the module and time given in structured discussion.

This week during Wellness week we held the third Men of Honour workshop this year, which was the ‘Online Presence’ module. Our aim is to have one module covered each term for Years 11 and 12. We have had very positive feedback from both parents and students and look forward to seeing how the program continues to build capacity in our young men and strengthen the relationships they have with the significant people in their lives.

Glenn Gerreyn, creator of the program and founder of The Hopeful Institute, will be coming back to Trinity in Term 4 to present a ‘Positive Parenting’ seminar on Wednesday, 16 October at 6pm. We would encourage all Year 10 and Year 11 parents to attend this seminar.

Mr Joel Shinkfield | Head of Year 11 


This Semester in Becoming Men, the Year 9 cohort have been learning about leadership. They have covered topics such as; Defining Leadership, Attributes of Effective Leaders, Types of Leaders and Role Modelling Behaviour. The past two weeks students have been given their first opportunity to lead small groups by teaching them a new skill or topic. The boys did a fantastic job with an array of topics being covered and fantastic leadership shown!


This week a Year 8 class had the pleasure of Mr Cyrus Naseri (Head of Science) joining them for a reading session. Mr Naseri spoke to the students about the books he likes to read and that he tries to set aside at least three to four hours a week purely for reading (this increases during the holidays when he has a bit more time on his hands). As a Science teacher he is keen on Science Fiction novels and Science non-fiction as well as ‘space odyssey’ type novels. He is also a keen reader of Biographies – Winston Churchill, Tito and Fidel Castro being amongst his favourites, alluding to his interest in world leaders and politics. His favourite books include “Journey to the Centre of the Earth” by Jules Verne and “A Brief History of Time” by Stephen Hawking – and anything with a scientific essence. Whilst he was in the library, Mr Naseri spent time reading a biography of famous soccer player – Cristiano Ronaldo – one of his favourite soccer players. Thanks to Mr Naseri for taking the time out to read with us.


As part of the inaugural Wellness Week at the College, the Library has had Mindful Colouring In happening every recess and lunchtime this week. It has been a great success with a large number of boys giving it a go and getting involved. There has also been a number of staff join in as well – enjoying a break from their busy schedules. The students have enjoyed the opportunity to just sit, switch off and colour in and enjoy a bit of chat with other students from different year groups as well. The result has been relaxation combined and beautiful creations. 


With the TCEC Turtle being almost complete, the Committee has decided to use the leftover plastic lids and caps collected to make a mural of the TCEC logo. This mural will hopefully be attached to a new recycling station we are applying for with a Waste Wise Grant. The fist step in this process is sorting the lids into the appropriate shades of blue and green in the logo. Work started on the sorting this week in the library thanks to the dedicated and committed TCEC members. 


On Monday Mr Tim Blake's Year 9 physical science class took part in an eye dissection. The boys dissected carefully looking at the various parts to learn more about the actual structures involved. Mr Blake's class are currently studying light as part of the Year 9 Physical sciences topic. They study vison and eye defects as part of the topic and an eye dissection is included to show what the eye actually looks like.


Last Friday, 23 August was the last day at Trinity for out latest Italian exchange student, Marco Serapiglia. Marco has spent the last two months with Year 9 student, Joseph Milner, and his family enjoying all that Perth has to offer. Marco enjoyed getting to know the differences between Italian and Australian life and was impressed with all that Trinity had to offer. He has now returned to Abruzzo with much improved English and many memories of his time here in Perth. Marco’s exchange was organised by a joint venture between the West Australian Association of Teachers of Italian (WAATI) and AFS-Intercultura in Italy. This partnership has been running for 41 years and is a very successful program. Noah Foti, George Hatton and Cameron Pell in Year 11 and Angus McDonald in Year 10 will be our first students to take part in this exchange and all of the wonderful opportunities it presents to them. If you would like more information on this wonderful program please contact Eliza Knapman via

College News


Months of planning paid off this week with the Cert IV Business class holding a successful expo in Gibney Hall. As part of the course students must research, plan and present a business idea. Students showcased some great business ideas and marketing tactics to fellow students. The lecturers were impressed with the quality of work and commented how professional the students were. A big thanks to the staff and students who visited the expo in support of the Year 12s.


Declan Allen (12.6) has been highlighted in various media channels the past few weeks, including WA Today and 6PR. Our dance group Imperium were also featured in a local community paper. If you would like to read these read articles, please click the links below. 


Every Tuesday 7:30am – 4:30pm
Every Friday 7:30am – 1:30pm

  • Athletics is coming up. Call into the uniform shop for our very special and favourite Trinity Track and Field shirt. Only limited size left at a reduced price.
  • Students also need the trinity athletics shirts and athletics singlet. The uniform shop has a few athletic singlets for hire.
  • Please call into the uniform shop for any uniform enquiries.

Mrs Judy Mackintosh | Uniform Shop Manager



University Preferences

University preferences are now due for courses commencing in 2020. All preferences must be entered via the TISC website. You must be registered with TISC to be able to log in. Year 12 students have been given a copy of the 2020 TISC guide which outlines the process and contains essential information from each University. Students completing the Cert IV and Curtin Uni-Ready at the College follow the same process and enter preferences via the TISC website. A copy of the 2020 TISC guide can be downloaded here

Important Dates

  • Monday, 30 September 11pm: Late fee of $165 applies after this time
  • Thursday, 19 December: WACE results released online
  • Friday, 20 December: Final closing date to re-arrange preferences for the December round offers
  • Monday, 23 December: December round offers online and emailed

Amended Course/Code Information

TISC has released a list of new and amended course codes that have changed since the 2020 TISC Guide has been released.

Notre Dame

Students wishing to apply to Notre Dame must do so directly to the University. Applications can be made via this link and close on Friday, 27 September.

Students will need the following with their applications:

  • Personal statement – 300 words see our tips here
  • Any other supporting documentation including CV, references (optional)
  • Certified copies of your academic basis for entry
  • Certified copy of your proof of citizenship/residency

Early Offers

Early offers allow students who have demonstrated academic achievement the possibility of securing an offer in a course before the ATAR exams. These programs have a minimum predicted ATAR and close on the 30th September. Students must have the course they are applying for as their first preference with TISC by the 30th September. Links to information for each University are below.




It's been a busy few weeks for our Outdoor Ed students! Our Year 12s had an exciting three days on their mountain biking camp on the Munda Biddi Trail in and around Dwellingup.The Year 11s have recently completed their Recreational Skippers Tickets. The course comprises of a theory exam and practical skills assessment and is a prerequisite for boys who will be attending the six-day expedition in the Dampier Archipelago. Thank you to the instructors from the State Sailing Centre of WA and Yachting Association of WA for their assistance.

Ticket sales will be open until Friday, 6 September via the Online Store

Sheep Manure $15 per 70L Bag Cow Manure $15 per 70L Bag

To Buy Click on this link:

  • ORDERS BY Tuesday, 10 September
  • PICK UP / DELIVERY DATE: Saturday, 14 September
  • 1-2 Bags - Direct pick-up from Trinity College
  • 3-9 Bags - Includes delivery within a 10km distance from Trinity)
  • 10+ Bags - Includes delivery in Metro Area 

For more information, please download the flyer by clicking here

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Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association


Last Friday, Golden Heritage Club members (past students that left the College 50+ years ago), were invited 'Back to the Classroom' to be interviewed by Year 6 students. Old Boys enjoyed sharing their knowledge and stories of what school was like ‘back in the day’. After the interviews, the conversation continued over afternoon tea where students looked after their new buddies before everyone took their seats for the Junior School assembly. After the announcement of awards, TOBA President, Peter Torre (’89) spoke about the history of our crests that hang on the walls in Gibney Hall, their meaning and how they have evolved. He then presented the TOBA President’s Award for TC spirit to Michael Hall (6G) before leading the Junior School students in a war cry, much to the delight of everyone in attendance. 

HUGE thanks to Head of Junior School, Martin Tucker ('87) and Year 6 Teachers, James Quinn, Reuben Brennan and Jason O'Malley for embracing this event. Thanks also to our wonderful Year 6 students, Golden Heritage Club attendees and the TC Canteen for providing a delicious afternoon tea.

Tuesday, 1 October  Class of ’44 and ’49 – 75th and 70th Anniversary Reunion
Wednesday, 2 October     CBC Reunion
Monday, 7 October   PSA Golf Day
Saturday, 12 October     Class of ’09 – 10th Anniversary Reunion
Saturday, 19 October   Class of ’79 – 40th Anniversary Reunion
Thursday, 24 October  TOBA Yr 12 Graduation Breakfast
Friday, 1 November   Summer Sports Day
Saturday, 2 November Class of ’69 – 50th Anniversary Reunion
Friday, 8 November Melbourne Reunion
Saturday, 9 November Class of ’79 – PSA Reunion

For information regarding TOBA events, please contact the TOBA office on 9223 8132.

Ms Diane Millar | TOBA Executive

Community News


Give your child a kickstart in life. Starting from 4 yrs and up in our specially designed programs just for kids. For more information please visit or contact Anthony Dokas via 0402 144 018. 


Upcoming courses include Fathering after separation, emotion coaching your child and how to develop qualities in our children. For more information or to book in one of these courses please visit or email 

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