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TC Newsletter:
Volume 28 - September 7, 2018

Our Junior School won the JPSSA Interschool Athletics this week

From the Headmaster 


In last week’s newsletter, I wrote about the significance of the father-son relationship in the context of Father's Day. This week I would like to expand upon some of those thoughts.

A popular saying in some quarters is that if you want to know what a school values, look at where it spends its money. The belief underpinning this statement is clearly that whilst talk is cheap, a more accurate determination of an institution’s values can be derived from examining what choices it makes when there is a cost involved. Similarly, if you ever want to know what someone really cares about, ask them how they spend their time. 

The understanding inherent in this challenge has obvious ramifications for the decisions that parents make in relation to the time they allocate to their children. In the particular context of fathers and their sons, the task for dads is to ensure that priority is given to assigning the time and creating the opportunities needed to ensure that they are a strong influence in their son’s development. It is only with this consistent intervention that young men are guided towards living a life centred on serving others.

One of the difficulties for many men is that we have not developed good listening skills. The male instinct is often to listen for a short time, quickly assess the trouble and then set about problem solving. While this solution-focused approach has some advantages, it is rarely the best model for relationship building with our sons (or with anyone else for that matter). A further complication lies in the difficulty many males have with communicating feelings. This often compounds the situation as both father and son want a better relationship but neither quite knows how to go about it.

In our modern world, families are almost always complex and dynamic entities. This is often the case whether they have a traditional, nuclear structure or take any one of the many other configurations which form our contemporary society. What remains consistent is the pivotal role that is played by significant adult males, usually fathers, in the full and healthy development of boys. –

Whether we like it or not, our sons learn much about being a man from watching their fathers. A father may not always be fully aware of the influence he is exerting on his son's personal development but this does not make it any less real. As a young man watches his father interact with his mother, he learns about respect and about how men and women properly interrelate. As he watches his dad interact with other men, he learns how men talk and how they relate with one another. In both cases, he sometimes learns how to appropriately deal with conflict and difference.

Another aspect of this relationship which should never be underestimated is a son’s innate need to be affirmed by his dad. A boy needs to know that the way he is leading his life is pleasing to his father. A simple acknowledgement of his achievements in sport, music, schoolwork or any other activity serves to remind sons of their importance to their dads. Regular acts of affirmation, big and small, tell our sons that our love is unconditional and that they are valued for who they are.

Bringing our sons into focus and spending positive time with them, accompanied by a concerted effort to provide engaged listening, will help fathers and sons develop nurturing and meaningful relationships. It will also help our sons form attitudes and behaviours which allow them to develop into men in the richest sense of the word. We want our boys to become confident, assured and gentle men, and we should never underestimate the value of each minute we devote to this cause.

Mr Shaun Kenny | Acting Headmaster 

College Events

2018 Athletics Team

As this newsletter goes online the PSA Athletics Carnival is being held at AK Reserve and I thank the large number of staff and parents who have put in many hours of work to prepare the students for this event. A full set of results will be published in next week’s newsletter.

At Tuesday’s assembly, Thomas Throssell (12.4) was announced as the 2018 Athletics Captain, with Michael Le (12.7) and Nicholas Deleonardis (12.3) as his Vice-captains. At the assembly we also presented the entire 2018 Athletics Team to the College community.

2018 is a very significant year for Trinity College Athletics, as it is 50 years since the College team participated in their first PSA Athletics Carnival at Perry Lakes in 1968. Trinity finished in a very creditable second place on that day. To commemorate the achievements of our past College sportsmen, at the assembly we unveiled a banner of our 1972 Inaugural winning PSA Athletics team. In addition, a banner of our first winning PSA swimming team from 2007 was also unveiled. These banners will adorn the walls of the foyer of the Foley Centre, to hopefully inspire future generations of Trinity athletes and swimmers.

Yesterday was the Junior School Interschool Athletics Carnival. Our students performed exceptionally well, finishing in first place. Thank you to all of the staff and coaches who assisted in the preparation of the students.

All Year 9 students are attending the annual PSA Athletics Inters today at AK Reserve, Mt Claremont, to support the Trinity team from the end of Period 2 onwards. A group of Year 12 students also have the opportunity to attend as a cheer squad for the team. There are no Year 12 classes today. Year 12 students not involved in the Athletics Squad or the Cheer Squad have a study day at home. As we have over 30 staff out for the PSA Athletics, there is no Friday afternoon sport for Years 7 and 8 students. Years 7 and 8 students will be dismissed at lunchtime. We wish the Athletics Squad all the very best in their quest to bring home the Alcock Shield.

  • On Tuesday, 11 September at 9:35am, the Year 8 students will gather together for their Term 3 Mass.
  • On Tuesday, 18 September at 9:35am, the Year 7 students will gather together for their Term 3 Mass. 

Parents are most welcome to join us for Mass and to stay for a cup of tea or coffee afterwards. RSVPs to Mrs Beverly Martinez on or call 9223 8106.


With the 2018 academic year drawing to a close for our Year 12s, preparations are already underway for their end of year celebrations. One of the most important activities on their calendar is the Graduation Breakfast for Year 12 students and their parents. Traditionally, this has been hosted by the Year 11 parents and to make this a successful morning we need a maximum of 15 helpers. I ask that you give this event some serious thought and consider giving up a couple of hours of your time to ensure that our Year 12 students and their parents have a truly memorable occasion; remember that the current Year 10 parents will be asked to spoil you in 12 months’ time. Help is needed from 6:00am through to 8:30am on Thursday, 18 October.

Please contact Mrs Beverly Martinez at or 9223 8106 to confirm your availability by 4:00pm, Friday, 12 October.

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College Calendar


Monday, 10 September

  • Year 12 PE Studies Practical Exams 1pm-5pm
  • 7:00pm CPAF Winners Concert Perth Concert Hall
  • Year 6 Kalgoorlie Camp
  • Year 11 Outdoor Ed Camp 2

Tuesday, 11 September

  • 9:35am Year 8 Mass
  • 5:30pm Parent Council Meeting
  • 6:00pm-8:30pm Year 7 Bush Dance with Mercedes at TC 
  • Year 6 Kalgoorlie Camp
  • Year 11 Outdoor Ed Camp 2

Thursday, 13 September

  • Year 12 Drama Practical Exams 
  • Catholic Arts Carnevale Perth Cultural Centre
  • Year 7 Humanities Excursion
  • Year 6 Kalgoorlie Camp
  • WA Schools Volleyball Cup Years 7-10
  • Year 11 Outdoor Ed Camp 2

Friday, 14 September

  • 8:00am Mass
  • Year 11 Religion and Life Incursion
  • Year 6 Kalgoorlie Camp
  • WA Schools Volleyball Cup Years 7-10
  • Year 11 Outdoor Ed Camp 2

Saturday, 15 September

  • Mercedes Showcase Concert 
  • WA Schools Volleyball Cup Years 7-10

Sunday, 16 September

  • Chimera Ensemble Concert
  • WA Schools Volleyball Cup Years 7-10

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Junior School News


Well done to all the boys involved in the Interschool Athletics carnival yesterday. You represented Trinity fantastically in the way you competed, the way you supported each other and in the great sportsmanship you showed. An awesome result by the boys to win their second JPSSA Athletics carnival in three years. Many boys rose to the occasion to record personal bests. Thank you boys for the effort you all put in by attending many training sessions before school over the last two weeks, it certainly paid off. Thank you also to Mr Thompson for the co-ordination of all that is involved in preparing for the competition and to the many parents who supported the boys throughout the day.

Henry Gebauer (5G), Luca Fowler (5G), Luke Chapman (5W) and Oliver Jamieson (5W)

This term, 24 boys from Years 5 and 6 entered the Maths Association of Western Australia's Have Sum Fun Online maths competition, solving maths problems in groups of four. One of the Year 5 teams, made up of Henry Gebauer (5G), Luca Fowler (5G), Luke Chapman (5W) and Oliver Jamieson (5W), was placed second out of 76 teams. An awesome effort! This is the first time that the Junior School has competed in Have Sum Fun. The competition not only extends our talented mathematicians in the area of maths but helps them to develop communication and leadership skills. They were given 10 questions to answer per round and the aim was to answer the questions correctly and submit the answers quickly online, before other teams.


Early Monday morning, 78 Year 6 boys, 5 teachers and 28 parents leave for Kalgoorlie. The Kalgoorlie Tour is a wonderful opportunity for the boys to learn first-hand about the historical and economic significance of the Goldfield region to Western Australia. The camp is also providing a unique set of challenges to the boys in a safe environment and they have the opportunity to make and develop new and stronger friendships. Whilst I am at Kalgoorlie next week, Ms Temmen and Mr Le Tessier will be looking after the Junior School.


On Monday, the International Centennial Pilgrim Image of Our Lady of Fatima for the Perth Pilgrimage visited Trinity College. Last year celebrated 100 years since the image of Our Lady was seen in Fatima. To commemorate this, Pope Francis Blessed 6 statues of Our Lady of Fatima and then sent them to tour the 6 continents. The statues have visited many countries, bringing a message of peace. The Junior School honoured this visit with a liturgy in the Chapel. 


Last Friday morning, Year 4 Blue students participated in the immersive games platform called BreakoutEDU. The boys had to work collaboratively to solve the critical thinking puzzles in order to open the locked box. The game focused on fractions, which is directly linked to the unit of work being taught during mathematics lessons. They managed to solve the problem and unlock all four of the padlocks to reveal the treasure. They also discovered that it is essential to work as a team and listen to others in the group to find a solution. Well done boys! 

Monday, 10 September
  • Year 6s leave for their Kalgoorlie Tour

Friday, 14 September
  • Year 4 White Reconciliation

  • Year 5 White Assembly in Gibney Hall 2:20pm 

  • Year 6s return from Kalgoorlie


Mr Martin Tucker ('87) | Head of Junior School    


This week has been busy for the students in the classroom. The Year 6 classes have been preparing and studying for their big adventure to Kalgoorlie. The Junior School might be a bit quiet next week while the Year 6s are away. The Year 6 parents came in on Wednesday for a meeting about the camp. The students and teachers are very excited.

On Thursday, we had our Inter-school Athletics Carnival for the students who have performed highly in our school carnival. There were many parents to support their son, no matter what. There was running, high jump and many more events that a few students represented the school in. Yesterday, we did class sport as there is no fixture, because summer sports are starting next term. Still students are ready for tennis, water polo, basketball, cricket or volleyball next term on Thursday afternoon. Finally, the Year 5 classes are doing a practice Naplan on their devices to see if it is a good idea. Eight weeks of hard work for the students and only two more to go until the school holidays. 

By Isaac Adamos (6W) and Robby Moschilla (6G)

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Secondary School News


The Year 8 students hosted the Mercedes girls on Tuesday night for the second social event of the year, a QUIRKY HAT Quiz Night! It was an idyllic evening full of laughs, some creative and impressionistic headpieces, as well as some thought-provoking questions and old school tunes. In groups, the students put their knowledge of obscure facts, music and sport to the test which in turn created an evening full of laughter, fun and lots of sugary sweets. A special thank you to our very own Quiz Master extraordinaire Mr Ben Mitchell, for offering up his time to take control of the evening and ensure everyone had a great time. Thank you to all the Year 8 PCG staff and Ms Tess Warner, for their assistance in the lead up and during the evening and a special thank you and congratulations to the Year 8 boys for being awesome and embracing such an event.

Ms Amanda Marocchi | Head of Year 8


Year 11 Politics and Law students, Joseph Dawson (11.1), Dimitri Tsagaris (11.7), James Della Gatta (11.7), Jonathan Cooke (11.5), Jean-Paul Starkie (11.8), Fynnigan Langer (11.2) and James Breust (11.5) attended the convention at the Constitutional Centre of WA on Wednesday, 5 September. Guest speakers from the State Solicitor’s Office and our very own Mr Chris Allanson, presented on Human Rights Protections in Australia. The students participated in a variety of activities whilst interacting with like-minded students from other schools.

Ms Sonia Scordo | Humanities Teacher


The Year 12 Drama Showcase was held on Monday and was a fantastic evening of entertainment! The students involved have been working extremely hard and rehearsing for their upcoming WACE practical exams. The performances for the evening included each student's scripted monologue and original solo performance. Congratulations to the Year 12 Drama class!

At Tuesday's Athletics assembly, we acknowledged and congratulated our 2018 Athletics team, and also celebrated the 50 year anniversary of Trinity's entry into the PSA. To read more about this, click here

In Term One, a number of students in Years 7–10 were selected to sit the Australian Geography Competition. Congratulations must go to Year 7 boy Sebastian Herrington (7.1) who achieved an outstanding result finishing in the top 1% in Australia for his year level. Congratulations also must go to the following students who were awarded a High Distinction: Alvarez Dharma (7.3), Patrick Croll (10.3), William Rowney (10.6), Declan Ryan (10.1) and Daniel MacRae (9.6). The following boys were awarded a Distinction: Izak Margaretic (7.5), Declan Armour (7.1), Biork Alia (8.7), Branson May (7.7), Connor Wilson (8.6), Jett O’Rourke (8.2), Benjamin Jasper (10.5), Willem Lamers (10.6) and Dante Holdsworth (9.8).

Mr Chris Allanson | Head of Humanities


Last Thursday, the newly formed Year 9 Well Being Committee along with Mr Jenkin attended an all-day learning conference called ‘In Your Head’ - a youth ‘Mental Health’ Forum. It was coordinated by Zero2Hero at the Perth Convention Centre. The Wellbeing Committee’s main aim is to have representatives within the cohort to assist students in finding sustained contentment which can improve their overall outlook on life.

The primary focus of the event was to promote awareness, how mental health issues can come to be and most importantly how to help yourself and your peers face these challenges. The event had a significant impact on the group as it opened our eyes to how easily problems arise but also how easily they can be to solved. One of the highlights were activities called ‘Breakout Sessions’ which allowed us to attend presentations on certain aspects of Mental Health.

The three sessions most boys attended included ‘Social Media meets Mental Health’, ‘Posture and mental health’ and ‘Mindfulness’. These sessions in general focused on how we can get caught up in negativity when using social media, how a good posture increases your physical wellbeing / physical appearance and the importance in developing the ability to stay calm, clear minded, connected and innovative.

Two sessions that other committee members gained a lot from were Urban Yoga and Slam Poetry, both of which allowed an improved clarity of mind. A clear sentiment echoed throughout the event was ‘how will you control what’s in your head and what are you going to do to help others?’ The main part of the event had speeches from well-known Australians who had overcome adversity / huge challenges and how they beat them. Some of their key messages included:
- Focus on what makes you unique
- Demonstrate gratitude as much as possible
- Helping others makes you feel more alive and necessary
- Bullying can only occur when good people do nothing, so make a stand!
- In tough situations, always follow your gut, not what’s in your head
- The culture of the world is like one huge and complex spider web, but we must remember that we are the spiders that spin the thread. You are what you make yourself to be!

Overall, the excursion was a brilliant event and I thank the College and Mr Jenkin (Head of Year 9) for allowing the committee to gain a strong grasp on the key components in developing long-term well-being. We now look forward to sharing these important messages with our peers in the term ahead.

Lachlan Moroney (9.8) 

Cooper Paul West (9.3)

My name is Cooper Paul West and I was chosen for the Semester Two intake of the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. I have really enjoyed the experience so far and it has really taught me some great and important things needed throughout life. In Week 7 of this term, we were able to participate in our Adventurous Journey as a part of our Award. I was able to build some great connections with other kids. Camp started off on Monday afternoon. We got our camp bags ready to drive down to Camp Kelly in Dwellingup where would be staying for the next two days. On the Monday night, we unpacked our bags and cooked ourselves our own dinner, making up some tasty burritos from scratch with some nice, spicy chicken and a vast variety of toppings to have along with it. For our night activity, we were shown how to navigate using a map and compass. We did a treasure hunt for our hike the next day, with each group given riddles to solve. If solved, it would lead us to a piece of a map. If everyone solved their riddle, we would get all the pieces to the map. This turned out to be the map we needed to walk from Camp Kelly to Dwellingup the next day. 

The next morning, we made our breakfast and packed our lunch/snacks for the day ahead. My group headed off on the bus to Dwellingup to do our bike ride, while the other group navigated their way there. Once we arrived, we got our bikes and rode off onto the track, with Mr Oliver leading the way. On the ride, we faced a few challenges like getting around corners and communicating as a group to keep safe. This was a great key point on the camp, as we learnt that without things like communication and leadership between each other, we wouldn’t be able to stay together, and you wouldn’t be able to get through hard times that would be faced.

After lunch, we swapped roles with the other group and navigated our way back to Camp Kelly. Fraser and I were the first to navigate the group, which was an easy task as our planning was very efficient, however the countless rain showers made it very cold. The rest of the day involved us learning how to use our trangias to cook omelettes (with no recipes, they didn’t turn out that well) and our dinner which was fettucine carbonara (with a recipe thankfully!). For our night activities, one of the activities was run by Mr Jenkin where we talked about the use of trust in one another and that trust is something that is needed to create a healthy relationship. The other activity was run by the Semester One Duke of Edinburgh Year 9 Leaders, where we had to use each other to climb through a spider web of ropes. Then we all joined together and reflected on the camp as a whole, which was one of the biggest eye openers of the camp for me, as I became aware of the little things that we normally forget to do as we are too caught up in doing our own thing.

Then in the morning we got up nice and early to start packing up for our trip back, which would take a few hours. We made our lunch for the day, where we packed some wraps and chips and we headed off to Lane Poole Tree Top Adventures in Dwellingup. This activity was one of the highlights of the camp providing a real shot of adrenaline with things like ziplines and very hard rope courses placed around the trees. We then made our way back to Trinity to pack up all the equipment and clean up. On our way back to the College, we had music playing once again, letting us sing as a group and providing a fun time to end the once in a lifetime camp.

Camp will serve to me as one of my greatest moments of the Duke of Edinburgh Award and really was an enjoyable and cold time (to tell the truth). It has really provided me with a greater knowledge of what is needed to make a great leader. Throughout this camp, we were faced with many challenges but we faced them as a team and without that we would never have overcome those challenges. We created such a tight bond between us all and created friendships to last to the end of school and onwards. 

Cooper Paul West (9.3)

Joshua Horgan (9.6)

My name is Joshua Horgan. I’m in 9.6 and I am participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. I applied for the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award at the start of this semester in the hope that it would challenge me and help me to become a better person. For me, a week of Duke of Edinburgh involves water polo, which I am using as my physical recreation, with the goal of improving my general gameplay and skills such as passing and shooting. I have not yet started my service and skill components of the Bronze Award however, I am planning on reading at church for service and learning how to cook for my skill. I have really enjoyed doing the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award so far and I recommend it to anyone who hopes to take up a challenge and perhaps make a change in themselves.

Joshua Horgan (9.6) 

We are excited to announce that the TC Class of 2022 is one of the successful applicants for the PROJECT ROCKIT Schools Grant! PROJECT ROCKIT is Australia's youth-driven movement against (cyber)bullying. Founded on the dream of a world where kindness and respect thrive over bullying, hate and prejudice, we are empowering students to challenge hate instead of standing by watching. The grant provides Year 8 students with access to PROJECT ROCKIT Online for 12 months.  

Trinity College was pleased to host author A.J. Betts last week. A.J. is the author of four published novels to date with another ready to be released in 2019. She is most well known for her Young Adult novel, Zac and Mia, which as well as being a bestseller across the world, has recently been turned into a TV series in the United States. This novel is a firm favourite at the College with our copies being heavily borrowed. Her most recent novel, Hive, is a dystopian text set in Australia with the follow up, Rogue, set to be released next year. Already popular beforehand, Hive is now heavily in demand from students who were inspired by the presentations at school. 

A.J. spoke to all secondary school year groups on a variety of topics, including  ‘Meet the Author’ sessions; creativity in writing; how being an author can change your life; and for our senior students, Creativity and Composition in Exam situations. She also spent time in the library talking to some of our budding writers and prolific readers. We thank A.J. Betts for her time at the College and look forward to the latest release hitting our shelves. 

Ms Alison Mackenzie | Head of Library Services


The Foundation for International Space Education (FISE) invites students from over 23 countries to Houston, Texas each summer to participate in United Space School. Participating countries and their respective schools are recommended by individuals associated with NASA JSC, as well as various international aerospace and education entities. Many of the countries selecting students for Space School are currently partners in development and operation of the International Space Station.

Applications are now open for the Space School Scholarship for 2019 for current Year 10 students going into Year 11 at Trinity College next year. In the first instance, students should contact the Head of Science Mr Naseri or Mr Cooper for the scholarship criteria. Interviews will take place in the first two weeks of Term 4.

Mr Bill Cooper | Observatory Administrator 

Portrait artist demonstrating his drawing techniques to staff and students this week in preparation for the Art Competition

Entries are open for the Art Department portraiture prize; this competition will be open to all secondary students and staff. 

  • Prizes will be awarded for the best portrait (it can be a self-portrait or a portrait of a person of your choice)
  • Entries may be completed on canvas, paper or alternative no larger than A4 size (ONE FREE canvas will be supplied by the Art Department – come to the senior art room to collect your canvas)
  • Entries must be a painting, drawing or mixed media artwork completed in any medium (including oil, acrylic, watercolour, pencil, mixed media etc)
  • For students: portraits completed during art courses will NOT be eligible 
  • Prizes will be awarded for best student and staff entries. 
  • Student prizes: First Prize - $100, Second Prize - $50, Third Prize - $25 
  • Entries due: Term 4, Week 3 (Monday, 22 October 2018)

Ms Rita Basilio | Art Coordinator 


Year 7 parents are invited to join us on Tuesday, 11 September from 6pm for a bite to eat while the boys are at their Trinity College and Mercedes Barn Dance Social. Food and drinks can be purchased at The Royal. Simply roll up, grab yourself a table or join a table. An indication of attendees would be appreciated so we can inform the venue. Please email:  


The P.L. Duffy Library has taken delivery of a giant chess set. Chess is incredibly popular across the College and to top up our supply of regular chess sets, we have invested in a giant set for the library. This has proved to be a success with students settling down for a game as soon as we unpacked it. A great sign for the future of chess at Trinity College!

Ms Alison Mackenzie | Head of Library Services


The Year 11 students are fundraising for the Edmund Rice Camps for Kids this term and you could have the chance to win an original signed Eagles jersey. The students from 11.7 will be outside the Uniform Shop every Friday until the end of term selling raffle tickets. You have to be in it to win it! 

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College News


The 2018 Festival Concert, on Monday, 10 September, showcases some of the outstanding performances from the 29th Annual Performing Arts Festival. Featuring an array of entertainment by primary and secondary students who will be performing a wide range of items. Enjoy an evening of vibrant acts and excellence in the Arts. To book tickets, visit the Perth Concert Hall website at this link: or call 9231 9999. 


In the move towards a more sustainable College community, we are very excited to offer Trinity College 340ml / 12oz Keep Cups for sale in the Uniform Shop and the Senior School College Library. These Keep Cups are non-toxic, BPA / BPS free and dishwasher safe. They are sustainably manufactured in Australia and go towards reducing disposable coffee cup use. They are on sale for: 1 for $15; 2 for $25 (a saving of $5!). 


All students need to be in summer uniform on the first day of Term 4, Tuesday, 9 October.

Blazer honours is Wednesday, 19 September. Dry-cleaned blazers, honour letters and money for honours need to be brought to the shop between 7:30am and 11:00am on 19 September

The Uniform Shop open hours during term are: 

  • Every Tuesday 7:30am to 4:30pm
  • Every Friday 7:30am to 1:30pm

Please call into the Uniform Shop for any uniform requirements. 

During the school holidays, the Uniform Shop will be closed with the exception of one day; on Wednesday, 26 September we will be open from 7:30am-1:30pm. 

Judy Mackintosh | Uniform Shop Manager   


With the opening of Optus Stadium and Matagarup Pedestrian Bridge, we have created a page on the Trinity College website under Current Students to notify the College community of any road closures. Click here to go to the Road Closures page, which currently details road closures on Saturday, 8 September

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Congratulations to the following boys who were the top performers in each age group at the Trinity College Athletics Age Championships: 

Under 13 Name Points
1st Dan Lutula (7.7) 68
Runner Up Caden Barnett (7.3) 67
3rd place Harrison Rogers (7.2) 59
Under 14    
1st Kerry Barney (8.4) 75.5
Runner Up Adam Pearce (8.4) 57
3rd place Lachlan Spencer (8.5) 54
Under 15    
1st Jeffery Farrell (9.4) 78.5
Runner Up Thomas Tranter (9.8) 77
3rd place Rory Charles (9.2) 71
Under 16    
1st Jojo Parise (10.7) 77
Runner Up Ethan Regan (10.4) 74
3rd place Brendan Bin Omar (10.2) 71
Under 17    
1st Victor Le Tessier (11.7) 74
Runner Up Eric Bonney (10.5) 71
3rd place Alex Rossi (11.7) 71
1st Thomas Throssell (12.4) 80
Runner Up Nick Deleonardis (12.3) 74
3rd place Michael Le (12.7) 68



Congratulations to the following boys who set new College records at the Age Championships:

  • Thomas Throssell (12.4) – Open 100m – 10.8 seconds
  • Kerry Barney (8.4) and Peter Karageorgiou (8.2) – U/14 100m – 11.70 seconds
  • Caden Barnett (7.3) – U/13 1500m – 4 minutes 34 seconds

Celebrating 125 Years

In 2019, Trinity College, formerly CBC Perth, will be celebrating our 125th anniversary. We are excited to share some of the highlights from the last 125 years. 

In keeping with the Athletics theme this week, today we're going back 8 years, to 2010, when the Trinity Athletics team won the Alcock Challenge Shield. We are wishing our boys the best of luck tomorrow at the PSA Athletics as they give their all to bring the shield back to Trinity!

Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association



Just a reminder that applications for the John Curtin Scholarship close at 4:30pm on 19th September. This prestigious scholarship is aimed at students achieving at least 95+ ATAR and have contributed to the College and community in a variety of ways. Part of the process requires the College to complete a signficant document for each applicant. This is typically done by either your Head of Year or Deputy. You must give them notice so they have time to fill out your application. Each applicant completes a nomination which can be found here. To assist in the process, Curtin has produced a nomination and application guide which can be found here


The College will nominate two worthy students to receive the Curtin principal's recommendation. There is no ATAR requirement for this scholarship. The criteria for nomination is: 

  • Academic merit or improvement over time at high school
  • Potential to achieve at university
  • Adverse personal circumstances or financial difficulties that may affect their chances at university

If you wish to be considered for this scholarship, please forward your name to me including which criteria you would like to be considered under. 


Applications for entry to university courses for 2019 have opened. Students can now go online and enter preferences. The TISC website can be accessed here:


A complete copy of the 2019 TISC Guide can be found here: 

To avoid a $160 late fee applications needed to be submitted online by no later than 11pm Sunday, 28 September. Preferences can be changed after payment has been made. Year 12 results will be available from Monday, 17 December. First round offers will be available from Friday, 21 December. More important dates in the process can be viewed here:


All universities require English competency before universities will enrol students. More information on this process can be found here:

ATAR results will be released earlier this year on 17 December. If your son receives a scaled score lower than 50 in ATAR English they should call TISC on 9318 8000 and advise them. TISC will then provide details of how you can register for the STAT test which is an alternative method of achieving English competency.
* If you think you may be at risk of not achieving 50 in ATAR English after scaling, make sure you list one of the enabling/prep courses below your main preferences.


Cert IV students go through the same process as students who will generate an ATAR when entering University preferences. Log onto the TISC website and follow the prompts: A guide has been created here.  


This year Certificate IV students will need to upload two documents to the TISC website. Once you have paid and have a live application you will need to upload the following two documents:

  1. Cert IV Certificate
  2. Cert IV Transcript

These documents must be a clear original colour scan. The details can be found on the Application Document Page under Application Enter/Update. Students will not be able to upload these until Term Four. If you have paid and your application is live you will be able to change/upload documents after 28 September.


Murdoch University is offering students in Years 9 and 10 an opportunity to visit the campus in the upcoming school holidays. Students create their own customised university timetable of activities with hands-on workshops in subject areas that interest them. There are a wide variety of workshops on offer, including forensics, games art & design, engineering, law, biological sciences, physics and many, many more. To book a place at this event, students can go to and click on ‘A Day in the Life'. For more information, click here. 


UWA has simplified their TISC codes for the Doctor of Medicine (MD) and the Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) Direct Pathways. Year 12 students who receive a Direct Pathway offer for Medicine or Dentistry will be automatically enrolled in the Bachelor of Biomedical Science before heading into their postgraduate course offer. If students decide to complete a Bachelor of Arts, Commerce or Science instead, students are required to notify Admissions on immediately after they have accepted their offer. 

Mr Russell Hinks | Careers Counsellor

Community News


Support Diabetes Research WA, celebrate grand final week and enjoy an exclusive dinner with Dennis Cometti on Tuesday, 25 September at 6pm at the UWA Club, Perth. Click here to read the flyer with more information or call 9224 1066 or email  


Click here to read the flyer about Code Camp, taking place at Trinity College during the school holidays. Details:

  • 25-27 September
  • 8:30am - 4:00pm
  • Trinity College

For more information, visit:


The Kodaly Music Education Insitute of Australia is holding a national conference with many world-renowned music educators visiting Perth and sharing their expertise. This is an exciting opportunity taking place in the October school holidays. A 4-day singing program, including a concert on the final day. 

  • 1–4 October
  • Monday-Wednesday: 8:30am – 12pm (half day) and Thursday: 8:30am-3:30pm with Showcase Concert at 6pm
  • The Children's Choir Program has two choirs: Children's Choir – treble voice, 9-12 years and Youth Chorus – mixed voices, 13–17 years
  • Venue: Presbyterian Ladies' College

For more information, read the flyer here or visit the website: If any students or parents would like more information, you can also contact Kimberely Lloyd at Trinity College. 

Ms Kimberely Lloyd | Music Teacher


Little Athletics season is here again! Come and join the Vic Park Little Athletics Club, Vic Park Phoenix, and have a go at running, jumps and throws. For ages 5–17, and all levels of skill. Above all, it's loads of fun! Training starts 11 September at East Victoria Park Primary School from 4:30pm–6pm on Tuesdays (all athletes) and/or Thursdays (Under 9 and above). Competition Saturday mornings at Gerry Archer Athletic Stadium. Contact us at or call 0408 424 559 or visit

  • Application Workshop for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Students: 5:30pm, Tuesday 11 September
  • One-on-One Advice Sessions: By appointment, 17-26 September
  • Extended Hours @ Notre Dame - Prospective Students and Admissions Office will be open from 10am-2pm on Saturday 22 September

Find out more and register now at


Enrolments are currently open for ATAR one day Exam Boost Seminars and Term 3 school holiday ATAR Revision Courses with Academic Task Force at Perth Modern School, Churchlands Senior High School or Rossmoyne Senior High School or Academic Associates' ATAR Enrichment program at UWA. ATAR subject specialist teachers will help students revise course content and prepare for exams. Courses give fresh insights into course concepts and tips on how to answer questions and maximise marks in exams. For Years 7–10, skills development programs equip students with the skills for ongoing academic success, taking place in the second week of the school holidays at Perth Modern School. Early bird discounts are available. 

For more information and to enrol online, visit the website: or call 9314 9500


ATarget is offering ATAR and Middle School Master Classes in Terms 3 and 4. Small groups, individual attention, subject revision and exam preparation. Mock and ATAR exam preparation. Enrol online at or call 9486 1377.  


Wace+ Education will be conducting Revision and ATAR Exam Preparation classes for Year 11 and 12 students in the second week of the upcoming school holidays.  

  • Venue: Hale School
  • Monday, 1 October to Friday, 5 October
  • All Year 11 and 12 students 

Enrol online: or call 9486 1377. 


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